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The Cocktails + Details Holiday Gift Giving Guide

The holidays are fast approaching– which means delicious martinis, delectable foods, festive parties and gift giving!  If you still need help selecting the perfect present for that special someone in your life, we are here to the rescue!

For Him

luxury skin care for men

One gift that I personally gave to Captain America (for new readers, that’s my amazing husband) was the Organic Male OM4 Collection.  In just 4 simple steps, your guy will be pampered and on his way to perfect skin.  Filled with rejuvenating vitamin and antioxidant rich extracts that actively defer the onset of premature aging is his best offense to maintaining his ultra good looks.  OM4 comes in 5 sets for specific skin types:  Sensitive, Oily, Normal, Dry and Anti-Aging. Each set retails for $170, but the products are sold separately at  My man adores it! Yours will, too!

buddy lee jump rope fitness holiday christmas gift

For the fitness enthusiast in your life, the Buddy Lee Jump Rope will be happy addition in the gym bag.  Unlike traditional jump ropes that can be too short or too stiff, these special calorie burners come with a swivel bearing for easy movement and are speed length adjustable. Get yours for $45 at

Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

Have a beer enthusiast in your life?  Check out Brooklyn Brew Shop‘s many beer making kits with favorites like Rye and Smoked Wheat to gourmet favorites like Jalapeno Saison, Chocolate Maple Porter and Chestnut Ale, there is absolutely something for every one.  Can’t choose?  Gift cards are also available.  Kits start at $40.

For Her

Sephora Give Me Some Lip Gift Sampler

No one pampers your pucker like Sephora‘s Give Me Some Lip Sampler featuring some of the best brands such as Tarte, Laura Mercier, Sugar, and more. From stains to glosses, tints to treatments, it’s the perfect for the beauty queen in your life for only $25.

Herve Leger Lilac Infused Body Con Cocktail DressWhat about the fashionista on your Christmas list?  With bodycons still being huge in the fashion world (curvy girls of the world are genuine ecstatic about this!), you can find your perfect dress for that special occasion, like this Hervé Leger cocktail dress from Rent the Runway.  Here, you can rent some of the hottest designers dresses and gowns for a fraction of the price.  Have a shoe freak in your midst? Online boutiques like Kimora Lee Simmons’ JustFab and Kim Kardashian’s ShoeDazzle allow you to pick out your favorite pair of shoes, jewelry or handbags based on your personal style handpicked by today’s hottest stylists.

Horchow Python Travel AccessoriesHave a beautiful Jetsetter in your life?  These gorgeous Python Travel Accessories from Horchow will be right up her alley. Consisting of designer luggage tags and passport covers, they are the perfect way to personalize her travel experience.  They would also make a welcome addition to the Crown D Elite Luggage Collection that make traveling a breeze.

Have you scored the perfect gift for someone in your life?  Share the joy! Tell us all about it! 

Hot enough? The New Brangelina? You Decide!

mr and mrs smith inspired shoot by brooke roberts

Terrica and her husband up for Munaluchi Bridal Magazine’s Hot Couple Contest with this shot from their Mr. and Mrs. Smith Inspired Shoot with Brooke Roberts.  Here are a few iconic shots from the session:

mr and mrs smith inspired shoot by brooke roberts

mr and mrs smith inspired shoot by brooke roberts

If their photo wins, they win a trip to Nevis and Brooke receives a full feature in the magazine!  Think the pic is swoon worthy? Please take a second to vote— you can vote every day until May 20th!

How to Vote:

1. Click this link 
2. Like the Munaluchi Bridal Page
3. Click VOTE for the “New Mr. and Mrs. Smith” entry
4.) SMILE  and have a martini 🙂

Good luck, Terrica and Brooke– and thanks for your support!

Real Wedding Advice: “Stop Being Cheap”

…I said to myself.

Here’s a little background:  I have ceramic tile floors throughout my entire house.  With three kids, a dog and a cat, the floor cleaning is an every day job.  Cue my ecstatic elation over purchasing a Mint Floor Cleaner.  This is similar to the Roomba, only instead of vacuuming floors, it sweeps and mops on its own.  It has replaced the broom and Swiffer for me (unless I want to double team the house and have the Mint do one room and I do another at the same time).  What makes the Mint awesome is that in addition to using the microfiber cloths that come with the cleaner, you can also use the Swiffer disposable dry and wet cloth refills…

…which brings us to our real wedding advice lesson for the day.

I bought a generic, cheaper brand of disposable refills for my Mint.  BIG mistake. These things did a better job of moving and repelling the dust rather than capturing it in the cloth to clean the floor.  I remembered that I had a box of the actual Swiffer brand of cloths and went to replace the travesty I was using previously. The difference was startling and immediately noticeable in the texture, quality, and performance.

So what does this have to do with your wedding?

Do not make your final decision solely on price.  You cannot assume because two people are in the same service category that you are comparing apples to apples.  You really need to look at why Wedding Coordinator A’s fees are $1800 and Wedding Coordinator B’s are $400.  The same thing goes for photographers, caterers, DJs and other wedding vendors.   While you may think a DJ is a DJ or a caterer is a caterer,  the differences and qualities of their services could shock you.  Make the best decision on service first, then price.  There’s no need in going for something cheaper, if you have to go behind a professional and do the job all over again or fill-in gaps.  You not only pay with your wallet, but also your time, which is far more precious.  For example, I’ve seen some brides who will go with a rental company because they offer less expensive rentals, but opt not to get the setup.   What is the purpose of getting a deal on the rentals if you are stuck setting everything up yourself on your wedding day and breaking everything down afterwards?

Just remember the great words of Sasha Souza:

“While you can find something cheaper, it won’t be the wedding you want, it will only be the price you like.”

It’s your wedding. Plan responsibly, my friends.

We Likey: CBTL Espresso Machine


There are a few things I need in life to start my day off right:

Smiles and hugs from kids.

A thankful prayer to the Lord for seeing another day.

A kiss from the love of my life.

And coffee.

Please note, all of these are non-negotiables!


After running the kids to school, I could typically cajole myself in to believing how much I deserved that caramel macchiato or a vanilla latte to start my day with busy details, interviews, meetings, sketches and more.  I’d get that 2:30 feeling that they rave about on the 5 Hour Energy commercials and say, “Go on to Starbucks”.  I’m the mayor of my Starbucks on Foursquare. It’s that serious.

I was then introduced to the CBTL machine, The Coffee Bean + Tea Life machine and my life has been glorious ever since.  Less cost intensive than other one-cup machines with a compact and sleek design, the gorgeous Americano rests sweetly on my counter waiting for me to pop in an one of the delicious flavor espresso or tea cups into its holder and LIFE BEGINS!

This is the perfect item to add to your registry or even give as a gift to your honey.  Simple to use, compact, and a myriad of flavors to suit your tastes of the day.  They find  highest quality coffee and tea from around the world, use a freshness seal on their single serve capsules to lock in exquisite taste and aroma. What I also love are the powder and sauce sachets which give me that coffeehouse decadence in the comfort of my own home.  My kids even love it because it makes hot chocolate! This is a definite must have in your home.

Help Us Win Our Christmas Party!



We would love to have our next company Christmas party at Latitude 31, but we need YOUR help!  We’re in a contest to win a Christmas party from the scenic waterfront restaurant and are asking all of our friends, families, fans, readers, pets and ten people that look like them to vote!

Our Entry:

Each and every year, many of us in the event industry make dreams come true with weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries and more. From running around with food, arranging linens on the table, making sure the roses have opened up in the centerpieces, we all play very vital roles in a singular event. This year— I would love to have a Christmas party dedicated to the party people who make the parties happen; give them an opportunity to relax, be grateful for the successful year we’ve had, hopeful for the one that’s to come and for once be a guest at their own party. Well, that, and because I’m really dying to belt out “Santa, Baby”.

So, please– if you have ever loved your wedding planner, wedding photographer, florist, DJ, Band, Cinematographer, Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist, Caterer or any wedding professional you enlisted to help you on your wedding day, you know exactly how hard they work and everything they do to pull off a great event for two special people bringing together two special families. Here is an opportunity to give a party to those who make it happen!

Thanks for your vote!

P.S.– you can vote once a day until Friday!

Martinis with Terrica: David Tutera of My Fair Wedding

terrica skaggs of cocktails details with party planner david tutera

Prior to the VIP Cocktail Party for the Tybee Wedding Chapel, I was able to take a moment to sit down with party planner extraordinaire, David Tutera of My Fair Wedding who was there to cut the ribbon (and the cake) for the grand opening. It was really wonderful to sit and pick his brain, hear his thoughts on this area and as well as how he uses his talents to translate his client’s passions and personalities in their events. David is extremely warm and talented– and so gracious with his thoughts and time.

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : What is your name?

: Terrica.

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Spell it.
: T-E-R-R-I-C-A

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : T-E-R-R-I-C-A. I like that!
: Thank you! Me too. It’s French for “fabulous”.

: I’m just kidding. I’m really excited to have a chance to talk with you!

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Well, thank you! It’s been fun.
: Tell me, David. What do you find most romantic about a Southern Wedding?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Oh my gosh! How they embrace families and food. It is so serious, it’s not even funny.
: It’s not a game, is it?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Not at all! I used to do a lot of work in Atlanta years ago, and I’ll never forget the first time I did a wedding down in Atlanta to meet the family. And I met them, the hospitality– the Southern hospitality, was so odd to me, that when I went back to New York and I’m like, “The people down here are so strange”. And then when I went back for another meeting, I was thinking “I like this!” Because it’s real.
: Well, see you had a totally different experience. I’m a Northern transplant, too. So it totally caught me off guard. My husband would be out mowing the lawn and people would ride by and honk the horn or wave. I remember thinking, “Oohhhhh no no no no no. Who is THAT waving at you?!” But the Southern hospitality is awesome.


27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg  It is. It’s very endearing. And the weddings– there are no walls, and there are no pretenses. I think, and I don’t live here, but what I’ve experienced with the weddings I do in the South, you get what you see.
: Absolutely. Absolutely. So with the return of glamour in weddings and events, how do you think that can be incorporated with a Southern wedding? You know, meshing the homespun with a little bit of the glam. Can it be done?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : I’ll give you a perfect example: here we are sitting in the Tybee Wedding Chapel. Someone just asked me earlier, “Can you embrace uniqueness to this space?” And I say, yes! You know what, just because you are in this space, you don’t have to have a Southern style wedding. Can you imagine a wedding with two long tables in here– done up in high glam?
: Oh, gosh that would be awesome. Estate tables…that would be fabulous!

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Yeah! But you wouldn’t expect that in here. And then if you came to that and left here, you’d think, “Oh my God”…
: “What just happened!?”


27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : That, to me, is what makes great celebrations.
: Well, I know you are all about “Dreaming Bigger”…

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Thank you…
: and brides going for the absolute best, and I really appreciate that. So if a bride had to splurge on one thing– what should it be?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : Well. It’s going to be one of three things…


27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : It’s gonna be either food, music or decor.
: Oh my gosh, yes!

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg:  And since none of those things can happen all at once, so if we had to splurge on one of them…Just because I am a designer I would say decor. I’d have to say that–because that’s my roots. It would have to make sense to who you are and what the bride wishes for the most. You can always make the energy happen with music, and not spend a lot of money. That’s not necessarily true with decor.
: That’s true. Really create the experience. Now, I have to ask this– are you finding that you are drawing a lot from what you learned from your grandfather into what you do?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg: I come from [pause]… You’re the first person to ask me these questions. I come from a very close family. My grandfather had no money. My parents had no money. I learned everything I could with the simplest of things. I’m grateful for that because it gave me such a strong ability to put up with people that have a lot of money. I don’t find myself of that class to fit in, I found myself comfortable enough to step into it to execute a wedding and then go back into the life that I am comfortable in. And it really make me appreciate the simple things.

: That is awesome. I think any client would really appreciate that… That you bring something different to the table.

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg: I’m not sure that clients knew that as much. It came more focused in my world when I began hosting “My Fair Wedding”. Because the brides on My Fair Wedding are really just like people I grew up with. And I thought, “Oh, full circle”. 25 years later, but…

: *Laughter* It happens! It happens! Ok. Another real talk moment. What wedding trend would you absolutely see die? I mean like right now..I’ll get the crime scene tape out of my truck…


27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg: The.freaking.garter.belt! As far as I am concerned, it is dead.

: I don’t even see the point anymore.

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg: It’s not the time or place to do that in front of a bunch of people. So that’s what I’m hoping disappears.

: I know from the Grammys to the parties that you do for social clients…how do you bring out an event’s personality? How do you make it different?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg: Listen. You listen. People can’t actually explain what they want. And you ask questions that are non-related to the ceremony or to the event. Like I would ask you– you told me you were from Baltimore, you told me a couple of things. From the sense of what I see– I would do something high glam and you probably like a little sparkle. I have a really great knack of getting to know someone fast and getting into their heads.

: Are you finding it’s more of what people “don’t” say, too– and you learn from that too?

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg: Or it’s what they say that they think that they’re understanding that they’re not. I like to ask a lot of important fact finding– just like you are with me. I do the same in return.

: Well, thank you so much for spending time with me, David!

27526_110011899029859_5329_q.jpg : You are very, very, very, very welcome! Thanks, sweetie!


David was so gracious and warm! Everything that you see on TV– he truly is in real life!  Be sure to check out his show, My Fair Wedding, on the We Channel each week and also get his MUST HAVE book for wedding planning, The Big White Book of Weddings: A How-to Guide for the Savvy, Stylish Bride
available in Hardcover and for the Kindle!

Party with Me: The Tybee Wedding Chapel Grand Opening


Last week, I had the great opportunity to visit Tybee Island, Georgia and participate in the Tybee Wedding Chapel Grand Opening. It was a wonderful experience to visit this seaside town, especially to see the opening of this gorgeous little chapel! Originally built by prized artisans to reflect the look of a turn-of-the-century Baptist chapel for the Miley Cyrus movie, “The Last Song”, it was slated for demolition after filming wrapped. At the last minute, the new owner Stayce Jarrell, saved the Chapel and lovingly repurposed it as a unique, beautiful wedding venue. The renewed Chapel has elevated Tybee Island to a premiere wedding destination where brides and grooms from across the country come to take their vows.

Tybee Wedding Chapel for weddings and events

The Tybee Chapel is absolutely STUNNING! Stayce has taken every care into all the details, creating a unique space filled with romance, history and timeless beauty. As part of the Grand Opening, she invited us to join her and Party Planner David Tutera as they “Cut the Ribbon and Cut the Cake” to celebrate the opening of the Chapel. What made the event extraordinary is that it was something that could appeal to all of the senses– David conceptualized different vignette motifs, which the members of the special event trade translated into flowers, food, and decor. It was completely amazing to see how their creativity interpreted his vision.

Paris Market


Antique Garden


Tuscan Bounty


Posh Picnic


Other vignettes:


But it wasn’t all work and no play– there was great food, music and laughter as at any event industry event! It was great to meet with so many talented vendors, some of my twitter followers and great innovators in the industry. I had a chance to hug and chat with Matt and Ginny— the AWESOME couple who raised the bar with Matt’s wedding proposal which was a movie trailer. They are SO much fun and I cannot wait for their wedding!

Youtube wedding proposal sensation matt and ginni

The food was absolutely DIVINE! Everyone knows my adoration of cakes and cocktails, so I made it a point to try the “Chapeltini”, which was a melange of Peach Schnapps, rum, strawberries, and peach nectar. It took everything in me not to just scoot out with the punch bowl! Not to mention, Gigi’s Cupcakes were there with adorable mini smoothie shaped cupcakes and other confections! I loved this peacock cake as well as some of the passed hors d’oeuvres like bacon wrapped dates, seared ahi tuna, duck confi and SO much more. I was in foodie heaven!

peacock wedding cake, chapeltini signature drink, cupcakes

I also had a chance to meet Carlie of TravelPod an her mom, Chris who were my housemates (Top left). They were absolutely hysterical! I loved hearing all about Carlie’s travels, so be sure to check out her blog! The Tybee Chapel owner Stayce Jarrell (Top right) is an absolute visionary with everything she has done to transform the chapel and create a blank canvas of a space that can welcome any event and be a beautiful backdrop. Additionally, she is beautiful, dresses divinely and is a gracious host! I look forward to working with her in the future. It was so very nice also to chat with Diann Valentine, the celebrity event planner and host of the new wedding show “I Do Over” (Bottom left) as well as FINALLY meet the man simply known as “Big George” on Tybee Island of North Beach Grill (Bottom right). Not only is George a ridiculously terrific cook, but he is an artistic genius! I loved his low country vignette above that was laced with antique mason jars, hydrangeas and candles!

celebrity event planner behind the scenes party
And I must give a shout out to my date, Nicole who helped me capture some awesome images to bring back and was the perfect company! We had so much fun and I cannot wait to do it again!
wedding planner terrica skaggs cocktails and details
The next day after the VIP cocktail party, we arrived back to the gorgeous chapel for the ribbon cutting with David Tutera:
Tybee wedding chapel opening with David Tutera
Diann Valentine with Terrica Skaggs Wedding Planner
Tybee Wedding Chapel Grand Opening with David Tutera and Stayce Jarrell
The Tybee Wedding Chapel is a beautiful venue– if you are ever in the area, be sure to check it out.  It would be the perfect backdrop to your destination wedding in Coastal Georgia while keeping the beach town feel and ambience.  You’ll fall in love with the flooring, architecture and spacious grounds!

Taking Over Wedding Wednesdays at Jekyll Island!

Oh, yes.  It’s happening.

As we’ve mentioned– we are the coordinator of fabulous for the Jekyll Dream Wedding, and now we are taking over Jekyll Island’s Facebook Page on Wedding Wednesdays!  Each week, we’ll share behind the scenes interviews and showcases of the Dream Makers of the Say “I Do” Like a Millionaire Giveaway, gorgeous looks into the island and so much more!  Additionally, you’ll have a chance to have ‘Tinis with Terrica!  That’s right– I’ll be doing live Q+A each week with brides, grooms, mothers and more, each week!


So happy and blessed to have this opportunity and also to share our gorgeous home with everyone!  Journey on over to Facebook and “Like” Jekyll Island to join the fun!


P.S.– want the real behind the scenes looks, check out our photo album 🙂  Shout out to iMint Media for this awesome video!

Happy Hour For Your Lips Giveaway



If there is one thing I am absolutely crazy about, it is makeup and cocktails. Lip Elixirs has combined my love of both!


Lip Elixirs ( are the total balm forneglected and abused lips everywhere. Created for both men and women, Lip Elixirs is an all-natural line of lip balms in a variety of mouthwatering cocktail flavors including Mimosa, Mojito, Vanilla Bourbon, Sassafras and Chocolate Martini.


They are created with an infusion of essential oils and kukui nut oil, aloe and cocoa butters. I thought this would be like any other lip balm, but when I put it on….DIVINITY!


It’s smooth and literally melts into your lips, but is not greasy and heavy. I’m now never without my tin of Lip Elixirs (I have Mimosa). Since I’ve used it, I’ve noticed a big difference in the texture and softness of my lips. This is perfect for getting your lips soft and perfect for kissing and pictures, as well as protecting them from the sun, cold and/or stress of biting or hot drinks.

I’m sharing the wealth! I’ve got a delicious tin of Chocolate Martini Lip Elixir that I am giving away to a special luxeling. Leave a comment below with your favorite lip gloss/glass/stick color for a chance to win. I’ll announce the winner next Monday, April 11th!


PS– you’ll thank me for it!