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Ultimate Guide to Mix and Match Bridesmaid Dresses

We can all agree to the fact that style has hugely evolved! The evolution has not only focused on streetwear or red carpet styles, but rather, even wedding styles have improved, and we are here for it. Unlike before, where bridesmaids could only wear a particular style, color, or dress design, there are now more options. Well, thanks to some reputable brands like Cicinia brands, now brides and bridesmaids have plenty of dress options to choose from. Well, one specific style of bridesmaid dresses that is taking over is mix and match bridesmaid dresses. You can play around with so much when mix-matching your girls’ dresses and still look like a bomb when they walk down the aisle.

In this article, we give a detailed guide on how you can incorporate this style into your wedding.

The guide to mix and match bridesmaid dresses

Same dress and color but different styles

As much as mix-matching is suitable for bridesmaid dresses, you should choose styles or colors that will not make the entire group look disorganized. Therefore, going for simple options like having similar colors and dresses but different types is excellent. It is like your girls are showcasing different ways to rock the same dress but with varying silhouettes. 

Also, I believe this is an excellent choice for brides whose bridesmaids can’t seem to agree on a style that their dresses should be tailored in. I mean, every girl has their style, and since their inputs when choosing their dresses are essential, let them explore their styles without affecting your wedding theme. 

So, be the one to choose a color and the dresses, but let them come up with two or three styles of how their dresses will be tailored. They could go for strapless, a single strap dress, and a high V neck style.

wine colored bridesmaids dress for fall weddings


Same dress style but two or three different blending colors

Weddings are meant to be colorful, and this can extend to the kind of bridesmaid dresses that the girls will be wearing. Again, this is an excellent choice for bold people who are not afraid to play around with different colors to create a colorful wedding theme. 

But, the critical factor here is choosing colors that coordinate and look fantastic together. You need your girls to look the same but vibrantly. If you want to for toned colors, choose all toned colors. If you’re going to go bold, bright colors, choose all bright colors. 

For the style, you can choose your girls to wear short bridesmaid dresses as they are killer for summer and beach weddings, or opt for floor or above floor-length dresses, which work great for outdoor and indoor weddings.

Same fabric texture with different styled dresses and colors

Some fabrics cannot blend with others as they work perfectly alone. We are talking of bold textures like sequins, lace, and silk, to name a few. If you are planning for your bridesmaids to wear dresses made with any of these textures, avoid mixing the fabric with another but allow them to explore different styles of dresses. 

For example, if you want your bridesmaid dresses to be made of silk, let the texture be silk, but each girl can rock their favorite style ranging from low neck, strapless, V- neck, and so on. 

Choosing varying colors is also excellent here. For example, the silk dresses could be in sky blue, ocean blue, denim blue, or instead incorporate other colors like silver, grey, peach, and many others. If you have problems choosing styles and colors to include with a single texture, check out Cicinia bridesmaid dresses for a guide.

Wedding party and bridesmaids dress coral


Same dress but different colors and patterns

If you do not have many girls on the lineup, this is a recommendable option. It is easy to play around with different silhouettes, colors, and styles that will make the bridesmaid look awesome when walking down the aisle. 

You can choose a color, pattern, and style for each one of the bridesmaids, or choose the styles yourself and allow them to select which one they would want their dress in. Remember your bridesmaids’ have different body types, and some styles may not fit some of the girls. So, allow them to choose one that flatters their body.




If you plan for a mix and match bridesmaid dresses-themed wedding, the above is a guide to help you choose and work out with different dresses, colors, textures and even patterns. It is always good to involve your bridesmaid to help select a style that will flatter their bodies. 








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