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Enamorada: Sherrisse + Sheldon

When I saw this beautiful couple shot by Joshua Dwain, I just knew I had to have them for Enamorada.  I absolutely adore the way Sheldon looks at Sherrisse—and the way she seems to melt when under his gaze.  There is something so magical and romantic about their authenticity, touch, and levity.  I really cant wait to see what Sherrisse pulls off for her wedding. 

soho engagement shoot new york city by joshua dwain

soho engagement photographer in new york city joshua dwain

soho engagement pictures by joshua dwain in new york city

soho engagement shoot by joshua dwain

This is definitely my favorite shot:

new york city engagement and wedding photographer joshua dwain


You can see more of these fantastic images on Joshua Dwain’s Blog.

Stay in love!

Enamorada: Nicole-Lynn & Daniel

I am so excited to debut Enamorada on the blog today!

Enamorada means “in love” or “a woman in love”,  and that is the entire premise of marriage:  to be and stay in love.  I believe this is such a personal, emotional and joyous stage of the planning process– one I truly try to capitalize on when planning a couple’s event, but can be sometimes lost during the stress of planning.  Enamorada will feature engagement pictures of some of my favorite photographers to show case the love and emotion  between a couple as they plan the union of their lives.

This week, I’m showcasing the engagement pictures of Nicole-Lynn and Daniel by Shannon Nicole Smith .  As a matter of fact, they were the inspiration for this series, because I was so inspired by their pictures.  Nicole offered me some link love and I traveled to her blog and fell in love with her e*pics.  (Thank you Nicole-Lynn for allowing me to share your pictures!)

Stay in love…

We Likey: The Wedding Cake Martini



wedding cake martini


You’ve been reading this blog for how long, now?  So you should know me, right?  There are a few things in life that capture my heart.  One of course, is a gorgeous man dutifully known as Captain America…the others are wedding cake and martinis (yes, you can factor my children in there somewhere, too).  Imagine my excitement when I found this recipe for a wedding cake martini.


Let’s let that linger.


YES! Moving on….

Here is the recipe for it that I found over at Italian Dessert Recipes:


Wedding Cake Martini

YIELD: 1 Serving
* 3 ounces amaretto
* 1/2 ounce vodka
* 1 ounce fresh squeezed orange juice (or pineapple juice)
* Uh, shake, shake, shake, and then serve!
* OPTIONAL: Float a little cream on top if you wish! (I prefer this – really tastes like a cake)


If it is too sweet for you or you would like some alternatives, they offer some really great substitutions…. So who’s up for a little cake in a glass with me?

Take Me Away: Peter Island Resort

peter island resort british virgin islands


Color me enamored!  This is the perfect site for a secluded event on an exotic private island. The combination of verdant mountains, white beaches and crystalline waters present the opportunity for a dream-come-true, ocean-side wedding. And with a guest to staff ratio of 3:1 and the newly initiated Island Host program, which offers each guest a personal host throughout their stay, the happy couple will find all of their other desires fulfilled as well. The online resort brochure is absolutely breathtaking as are the other images of the resort:

peter island resort british virgin islands beach spa

  Here are some of their fabulous packages available for destination weddings:

peter island destination weddings british virgin islands peter island destination wedding packages british virgin islands

peter island destination weddings british virgin islands image

Surf & Soul Ceremony – A beach, guest choice of course, will be sprinkled with luminaries, a tropical floral archway, and chairs dressed in white linen decorate this beachside wedding. A Caribbean cocktail party compete with canapés is held as the bride and groom step away for an hour photo shoot. The island chef tends to an oil-drum grill to get it primed and ready it for a succulent surf’n’turf seafood feast; think fresh shrimp, lobster, steaks and more. A towering tropical cake is also on the menu with layers of Caribbean inspired flavors – pineapple, rum, coconut and more.

Serene Sailing – The British Virgin Islands are renowned for boating, and Peter Island Resort & Spa, a favorite among yachties, is now offering what else but a yacht-inspired wedding ceremony, Serene Sailing. The ceremony takes place on the high seas aboard the 41’ Silmaril, where an intimate wedding ceremony is performed. The reception continues on island as the bride and groom enjoy a one-hour sunset photography session and an evening dinner party in Peter Island private wine room. The chef prepares a personalized five-course meal, complete with wine pairing and of course, a lavish cake-cutting ceremony.  The evening culminates with dancing under the starts to a Caribbean trio.


Cocktails & Details’ luxury travel department awaits an opportunity to serve you and your guests. If you are drawn to these packages, feel free to contact us!

We Likey: Christiane King






How can you look at the lines and textures of these designs and not fall in love?



Christiane King Fashion Spring 2010 Collection


Christiane King 2010 Spring Collection short ruffled one shoulder dress with pearl belt

blue and purple cutout dress Christiane King Spring 2010

red one shoulder draped dress by Christiane King Spring 2010



Christiane has dressed celebrities from LisaRaye to Pussycat Doll Jessica Sutta and has produced many other red carpet designs.  I love how innovative her designs are—and could be perfect for the stylish bride or the uber fashionable bridesmaids.  Check out more of Christiane’s designs at Christiane King.

Take Me Away: Couples Sans Souci

couples sans souci resort in ocho rios jamaica


I must say that I am completely biased with this week’s selection.  It is where Captain America and I renewed our vows and was our first of many trips to the beautiful country that is Jamaica. As a matter of fact—see that little gazebo?  That’s where our ceremony was!

Originally operating as its own resort, Sans Souci in Ocho Rios was purchased by Couples Resorts and added to their collection of beautiful Jamaican resorts.  Everything from their delectable restaurants such as the Casanova (our favorite) to romantic and eclectic lounges like the Balloon Bar, there are so many hidden treasures and fun experiences lying within the gorgeous resort.  Everything is very slow paced, comforting and visually stimulating—perfect for your honeymoon, destination wedding or getaway.


couples resort sans souci ocho rios jamaica

couple sesorts sans souci jamaica spa hut

couples sans souci welcome party ocho rios jamaica

Couples Sans Souci by

Couples Sans Souci by


I love and miss you Sans Souci!  (You too, Captain America 🙂 )

We Likey: Nesting Newbies

Online magazine Nesting Newbies Issue  Winter 2010


Looking for inspiration and ideas for your home registry?  You will absolutely love Nesting Newbies.  Not only is the magazine fabulous, but their website is equally fabulous being full of great pictures, articles and more.  The magazine’s issue features delicious recipes such as the Pineapple Teriyaki Meatballs and the Smoky Sweet Jalapeno Pork….

Nesting for Newbies


I think what I fell in love with the most are the tablescaping ideas.  Sitting down?  Good.

tablescaping for newbies nesting for newbies

modern vintage nesting for newbies tablescaping winter 2010

urban femme decor inspiration idea nesting newbies winter 2010

nesting for newbies tablescaping

If you are looking for more ideas, check out some past issues (here is Fall 2009…the garage transformation is amazing!)

Getting Your Bridesmaids Acquainted



Part of the fun in choosing your bridal party (and sometimes much to your chagrin of having to decide who makes the cut) is mixing some of the most important people in your life.  You have people who love you and have been with you at various stages in your life.  Even though their common thread is you, you just know they would love each other once they get together.  Here are some innovative ways to do something special for your friends to create a welcoming, fun atmosphere:



Spa Picture with candles Spa Parties:  Spa parties allow everyone to take a break from their busy lives,  relax and make new friends.  You can book something at a local salon or spa or have a licensed masseuse come in to your own location.  Plan to have your infused waters, teas, robes, and candles to create an atmosphere of relaxation, peace and fun.  Add some light foods and music and you have a special time on your hands!

Photo by :: Dominik Gwarek







image spaceball[1]

Swap Party:  These can be exciting and a great way to get rid of clothes that fill your closet that you have never worn (or will never wear again!).  Your friends can bring everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry to swap with other participants at your party.  Paired with great hors d’oeuvres and wine, you’ve got some of the best staples in life:  good friends, good food and clothes!


Photo by :: definatalie












mixed drinks cocktails umbrella drinks alpha du centaure

Spirits Tasting Party:  Nothing is more fun than getting your girlfriends together for great food and drinks.  At your spirits tasting party, you can pick out some of your favorite ideas for your signature drink at your wedding reception and get feed back from your girls.  Have them bring some of their favorite recipes or check for some of our favorite cocktail recipes, because you know we’d never steer you wrong. 

Photo by :: alpha du centaure








These are just a few ideas to get you started on bringing some of your favorite people together.  Do you have something special planned?  Tell us about it!

We Likey: Mochatini

Mochatini decor style photography and travel blog



I am simply enamored by the Mochatini blog!  All of the posts are invigorating when it comes to style and culture and are infused with chic concepts and composition.  Don’t believe me?  Look…


From the tropical bliss guest post by Charlotta at Space for Inspiration


tropical bliss inspiration guest post by Charlotta at Space for Inspiration


Or the gorgeous shades in this strawberry lemonade post:



I and absolutely adore the nautical lines and shades here:




If you are looking for depth and inspiration, definitely check out Mochatini!