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Fashion Monday: Beau Ties

bow tie options for weddings and special events

This week’s Fashion Monday is for the guys!

Bow ties are still all the rage for the gents, and Beau Ties offers various styles, colors and themes that make the perfect inclusion to your wedding.  And not to leave any fashion stone unturned, the boutique shop also offers neckties, men’s attire and accessories, as well as some treats for the ladies in the form of tote bags and scarves.

Neckwear is not a game, ladies.  Most aficionados feel about their ties the same way we feel about our shoes.  See? It just got real.  Bill Kenerson has created the ultimate neckwear resource with stylish and classic options.  Prints, colors, and textures truly run abound.  These would make great gift for groomsmen, a chic ring bearer or father of the bride/groom!


Bow ties for weddings and special events from Beau Ties

What makes Beau Ties so unique is that they offer several types of bow ties. That’s right– you’ve got Butterfly Jumbo, Slim Line, Slim Diamond Line, Very Slim Line and Very Slim Diamond Point.  So just think everything from Pee Wee Herman, Karl Lagerfeld and James Bond, with a lot in between. In other words, if you want a bow tie, Beau Ties has got you covered.


Fab Finds Friday: Erica Koesler Accessories

Erica Koesler Accesories

Erica Koesler and her gorgeous accoutrements were shared with us recently and naturally, we fell in love!

There is something so feminine and demure about her collections that make it appeal to every bride.  Whether you are looking for a modern, edgy look, something classic and romantic, or even something a bit whimsical, you will find it in Erica Koesler Accessories.  Moreover, her creativity flourishes in her expansions to headbands, jewelry and bridal sashes.

erica koesler wedding veils bridal headpieces headbands for wedding bridal headband headpiece bridal sash wedding dress

We Likey: Cîroc Amaretto

 Ciroc Amaretto Drink Recipes

Diddy has done it again with his new Cîroc flavor, Amaretto.  This is the fifth flavor in the ultra premium vodka brand, joining Grape, Red Berry, Coconut and Peach flavors.  Amaretto picks up where the other flavors left off– bringing in an infused almond taste with a strong, sweet body, yet not too overpowering.   And of course, to celebrate the birth of the newest vodka juggernaut, Diddy paired up with Kris Jenner to create a new signature drink– The Glama (Glamour + Grandma= Glama…my grandkids are so calling me that in the very distant future!).

They sent over the recipe and I can already tell that is going to be a hit for fall weddings!

ciroc vodka signature drink cocktail


1.5 Cîroc Amaretto
1.5 Lemon Sour (lemon:simple)
Shake/Strain into rocks glass/tall Collins glass (depending on pic)
Top with 2oz Champagne

Garnish with lemon wedge/peel

Paris Pullen of Higher Calling also has a favorite that is going to, along with football season, make autumn worth living. It consists of an ounce and a half of Cîroc Amaertto and four ounces of apple juice.  Bring. It.On. 

British Inspired Cocktails from Hooray Henry’s

Hollywood nightclub Hooray Henry's

Hollywood’s newest hot spot, Hooray Henry’s had their soft opening recently, and in addition to creating a stunning all-five-senses experience, the has created an awesome concept lounge.  Imagine an aristocratic manner in London being taken over with the parents aren’t home, described as “an across-the-pond manner soiree gone gloriously off the rails“.

Hollywood Nightclub Hooray Henry's

hollywood nightclub hooray henry's

And it is.  I’m talking about booths inspired by the Rolls Royce Silver Shadow, a handmade 3-D projection wall above the DJ booth, and carefully chosen decor as a throw back to the 1960’s underground Mod Scene in London.  To complement the unique details at Hooray Henry’s some fabulous themed cocktails to enhance the experience.  Their master mixologist, Curtis of The Blacklab Ventures shared them with us!

British Cocktails Signature DrinkTHE EAST END

2oz Corzo Silver Tequila
1oz lime juice
1oz pineapple juice
.75oz habanero syrup
house made chili salt rim

shake/strain into a rocks glass

British Cocktails Signature Drink


2oz Hendricks gin
.75oz lemon juice
.75oz Honey syrup

shake/strain into a rocks glass


2oz Bulleit Bourbon
Brown sugar cube
angostura bitters
orange zest

build in glass



2oz Akvinta Vodka
1oz lime juice
.75oz Canton’s ginger liqueur

top with soda water
shake/strain inoto a rocks glass

If you are in the LA area and lucky/swank enough to get in, have one for us too!  Not one of the beautiful people or too far away, live vicariously through their cheeky, hilarious facebook page!

Photo credit / Brian Lindensmith / All Access Photo

Fashion Monday: Rania Hatoum Collection

Glamorous Wedding Dresses Rania Hatoum

So in love with Rania Hatoum!

With something from everyone– a stunning  Great Gatsby wedding dress, a short tea-length wedding dress  (which would look great as a “reception dress”), and a reminiscent classic Old Hollywood wedding dress to name a few, I’m convinced that Rania will be a household name with upcoming collections.  Both the 2012 and 2013 Collections are so stunning– I was truly enamored by the detailed bodices and trims.

Rania Hatoum Wedding Dress

In addition to the beautiful gowns, there is also an online collection of handmade bridal sashes that can transform any wedding dress or bridesmaid’s dress in an instant!
Rania Hatoum Wedding Dress sashRania Hatoum Wedding Dress sash

This is definitely a designer to keep your eye on!

Fab Finds Friday: Wedding Mad Libs Download

rustic design wedding madlibs

Wedding Mad Libs are so much fun!  In addition to fun guestbook alternatives, mad libs give your guests a chance to share quirky wedding advice or stories about you as a couple.  They keep your guests entertained during your cocktail hour or wedding reception.  Our friends at Love vs Design have offered this adorable wedding mad libs download for your wedding!

Download the 5×7 wedding mad libs template and print!
[ddownload id=10181]

Pick Your Signature Drink Like a Pro

Pink Grapefruit MartiniPink Grapefruit Cocktail via the Cake blog

One of our favorite parts of wedding planning (as you can probably can tell from our company name: Cocktails & Details) is choosing the menu and signature drink.

Much like the menu, the signature drink is very reflective of the couple’s personality, theme or menu. Composition and color are very important.  You want to choose something that is fun, but is also going to appeal to your guest list. We had the opportunity to chat with Brian Van Flandern, master mixologist and author of the books, Craft Cocktails and Vintage Cocktails about choosing the perfect signature drink for your wedding. I think Brian and his work is utterly amazing, he’s the Daddy of the signature drink– being a Michelin three star mixologist being known all around the world.  So yes– I worship in the house of Brian Van Flandern!

Craft Cockatils Book by Brian Van Flandern

C&D:  Which is your favorite from Craft Cocktails?

Brian: I am often asked what is my favorite cocktail to drink, to which I usually reply “ the one in my hand”.  There are so many delicious and fun recipes in CRAFT COCKTAILS, I encourage readers to work their way through the book and find the ones that really appeal to them.  There is something for everyone in this book.  For me, I am partial to my house made Tonic with Gin.  It is the cocktail that I created for PER SE in 2004 and it kick started the global artisanal tonic water fad.  Today dozens of bars all around the world are making their own tonic water from scratch.

C&D:  Which would you suggest for a wedding?

Brian:  The Tiffany & Co. cocktails is ideal for a wedding.  Served in a champagne flute with a little effervescence, it is sophisticated, elegant, taste sublime and is the perfect shade of Tiffany blue (not to mention the white ribbon tied around the base of the flute).

C&D:  What are the keys to picking a great signature cocktail for an event that everyone will love?

Brian:  There are several factors to consider.  You definitely want to have a cocktail that will appeal to the majority of your guests, but playing it safe with a vodka cocktail will very likely make your special drink unmemorable.  In the hands of a professional mixologist, a great gin based, or even tequila based cocktail with fresh juices and herbs will be a smash hit that people will be talking about for years.  Fresh ingredients, balanced flavors with an unusual twist often wins the day.  For the home bartender, just remember to follow the recipe, TASTE the cocktail (before serving) and balance the acidity, sugar or alcohol.  You can’t go wrong.

C&D: How can garnishes, sugars, salts, etc. enhance a cocktail?

Brian:  Garnishes serve three purposes, first they should be functional, second they should be relevant to the other ingredients in the cocktail and third they should look consistently beautiful on each cocktail served.  Sadly, many bartenders only take into consideration the visual.  The right garnish can greatly enhance the flavors or aromas of a well made cocktail and contribute to all the senses, not just taste.

Mango Jalapeno CocktailMango Jalapeno Cocktail via How Sweet It Is

We also caught up with award winning libationist, Joyce Garrison who is the head of the W Austin’s popular cocktail program.  Joyce is a strong believer of incorporating unique and local flavors for a memorable signature cocktail.  She even uses honey cultivated from her rooftop apiary above the hotel!  Here are Joyce’s tips for creating a unique and delicious cocktail sure to wow wedding guests.

1. Make it personal – Cocktails can be very personal. Think about selecting flavors and special touches that highlight both the bride and groom’s personalities. For example, a drink that incorporates both sweet and spicy flavors (like W Austin’s Jalapeño & Cucumber Lemonade’s recipe below) is a great way to symbolize a bride with southern charm and a groom who loves spicy food.

2. Think outside the glass – Dating back to the pre-bar days, punch bowls were an important part of the community and a great way for everyone to socialize. Create a special punch to serve during cocktail hour as a way for guests to mingle or try a masculine punch to place near the Groom’s cake. For another personal touch, freeze water in a letter jello mold and have your own floating initial ice cube.

3. Keep it local & seasonal – Using seasonal, local ingredients can help integrate the wedding location and any regional features, while also keeping costs down. Check out local farmers markets to see what is in season and available near your venue. There’s no need to pair the cocktails with the food, as your signature cocktail can be an experience on its own.

4. Parting is such sweet sorrow – Receptions are usually a little crazy towards the end. Create personalized bottles of a cool-down drink for the road, such as a coconut water spritzer with a sprig of mint. This amazing parting gift is refreshing and will help guests recover from the evening’s festivities.

Berry Merry Christmas CocktailBerry Merry Christmas Cocktail via Single Minded Women

For more  inspiration ideas, follow our signature drink board on Pinterest and check out our favorite red, green and purple signature drinks!

Jet Set in Style: Destination Weddings!

Destination Wedding Fashion


Planning a destination wedding can be both exciting and stressful! Whether you are traveling for your wedding in Saint Simons or away to the Caribbean, traveling in style and with ease is a must.  Make things easier on yourselves by packing light and bringing along the essentials: floppy hat, no-frill dress, stylish flats, sunscreen, headphones, carry-on bag and warm pull-over to wear during your flight.


Where to Buy

1. Element Eden:

2.Element Eden:

3. Element Eden:

4. HoodieBuddie




8. Skullcandy


Remember– ship your dress ahead of time or sweetly ask the flight attendants if you can hang your wedding dress in their closets. They may even be able to help you find an empty overhead bin to store it.

Safe travels!

Jul 19 2013

Fab Finds Friday: Wedding Infographic Invitation

Super in love with this fun wedding infographic invitation! Created by Abby Ryan Design for her very own wedding, it includes the wedding invitation, the rehearsal dinner invitation, the program and the menu. The bottom 5 inches or so that is the rehearsal dinner invite was cut off for those only invited to the wedding. The save the date and wedding website are also pictured at the link above– all on a 18×24 poster! With infographics becoming more popular, we thought this was absolutely fab!

We caught up with Abby to ask her what she thinks other couples should include on their wedding infographic invitation:

Wedding Invitation Infographic

What was your inspiration for the infographic?

The concept started with my save the date. I wanted to design something that celebrates our relationship and I thought it would be really fun to focus on all of the memorable events we’ve experienced together, I quickly figured out the best way to visually show this was to create an infographic.

When it came time to start designing the invitation I knew I wanted the tone to match the save the date. I considered doing something more typographic but it didn’t feel like it fit us or our wedding. Our wedding is a bit more casual then the typical wedding, all open communal seating, for dinner we are having 3 food trucks in the courtyard behind the venue, so we needed the invitation to reflect this. Also, being a graphic design myself, I knew that my friends and family invited were expecting something big. The final product is a 18×24 screen printed poster that lays out all of the days events and all of the details, from the drink specials, to the food truck offerings.

The poster was quite pricey to mail so to save some money we printed the rehearsal dinner invitation at the bottom of the poster. For those guests only invited to the wedding we simply trimmed them off!


Wedding Invitation Infographic

How was it received by guests– did they enjoy it, find it useful, etc.?

All of the guests loved the invitations. First, it came in a huge tube, and who doesn’t like to receive packages in the mail. Most of our friends and family have already picked out which truck they are going to eat from first! It covers your entire fridge, but I have already seen it on a few!

Wedding Invitation Infographic

What tips do you have for other couples looking to have a wedding infographic for their wedding invitation?

The most important part is to have all of the details decided early enough to include them! We had to pick out our signature cocktails way before you’d normally have to so we could include them. But there were a few things we missed since we had to design it so early before hand, for example we decided we would book a shuttle from the hotel to the venue for the wedding night, had we planned that earlier I would have threw that in too!

To see more of Abby’s beautiful graphic design work, check out her site at Abby Ryan Design.