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Playing Dress Up with Your Cake

We have talked about diva-fying your flowers.  Yes, darling, you’re welcome.  Let’s not stop there, shall we!?  What about the cake?  While you are typically the focal point of the ceremony (and rightfully so!), the cake is the focal point (at times) of the reception.  This is definitely true when there is a cocktail hour and your guests are roaming around your venue. 

Now, let’s divafy that cake!  The obvious:  The cake topper.  Some people have forgone the traditional “Man and Wife” cake topper (you know, the kind that looks like melted crayons?)  and opted for more visual representations of their love and personalities:  monograms, logos, themed objects, etc.   That’s My Topper has some of the best cake toppers I have seen in a long time. 

cascadingvinescakejewelry.jpgLet’s say you opt out of the cake topper, but still want some drama for your cake. No problem!  How about cake jewelry?   Coming in all types of alluring and romantic designs, cake jewelry is a fantastic way to play up an simple cake or enhance the confectionary production of your wedding reception. 

High Maintenance Bouquets

It has been the year of the Bling with weddings!  Everything has been “flossed” (are you writing down all of this lingo?)– flowers are no exception.   As you can see, these stephanotis receive the royal treatment (Jessica Simpson’s floral designer started this trend).  These are the Her Royal Highness Collection from Bouquet Jewels, on sale now at $29.99 for 25.

If you are more of a traditionalist, but still want to “diva-fy” (I heart that word) your bouquet, look into the gorgeous The High Society Buckle Collection.  These are the perfect touch if you added rhinestone buckles to your invites! These retail for $3.99 an come in a myriad of shapes. 

As we have said previously, personalizing your wedding is still the “in thing”.  Your flowers should be not left out of all the fun.  Check out the Monogram Collection.  The font is already sweet, but to set it in rhinestones make it uber-sweet.  These will cost you $12.99 per letter. 

Of course I cannot forget my local Golden Isles brides!  If you are shooting for a beach theme, Bouquet Jewels can still help. I personally love this starfish, which comes in three different colors.  It really does look great against that Stargazer. I can only imagine in a set of lush roses or callas!  *Swoon*  There is also a flip-flop (too cute) and a palm tree (very classy).  These range from $11.99-$14.99 each. 

Spencerian For Hire

Are you looking for the perfect look for your wedding invitations, programs, menus and placecards? 

 Spencerian Penmanship, or American Cursive, the writing that inspired the USPS’ wedding stamps, is making its way into weddings way beyond the stamp.  Spencerian is an elegant mid-19th century form of cursive penmanship that is growing popular again with commercial artists. Believe it or not, in the years between 1850 and 1925, “the most graceful forms of handwriting ever developed by Western civilization” were formed in what is known as America’s Golden Age of Penmanship, according to the official website.   

Strokes are graceful and rhythmic, and letterforms are characterized by flowing loops and flourishes.  Some examples are:  Gravura, Keunstler, Young Baroque, Palace Script, Snell Roundhand, Flemish Script, Citadel and Edwardian.  I find a majority of my free fonts at or

Trash that dress, girl!

I know you are looking at me and saying, “Terrica, you are completely NUTS”.  Really, I’m not…and I’m not talking about what you think I am either!

 “Trashing” your dress just means that you have a bridal photo session post-wedding.  It consists of you coming back home from your wedding/honeymoon, completely EXHILARATED that all that planning is over and TOTALLY in love….then, getting dolled up and gorgeous in your dress and letting a photogrpaher make you uber-fabulous….

 It’s not your grandmother’s bridal portrait session that happens days before the wedding (risking tearing, sullying or some other horrid act to your gown).  Instead, this happens after– letting you fully explore great poses and shots in your gown since you probably won’t be wearing it again. However, if you’re like me and my vow renewal gown that I have my eye on, you’ll be wearing it to all of your kids’ recitals, husband’s awards ceremonies, etc.

 Kevin Jairaj

Isn’t that gorgeous?  It’s by Kevin Jairaj

 Tim Co

Drooooolll!  By Tim Co

 One of our preferred vendors, Scarlett of Captivating Studios, takes GORGEOUS gown trash shots.  LOL that sounds like an oxymoron, but truly it’s wonderful– straight from the pages of Vogue or Bazaar.  Others are wonderful too– just check out

 While it does make me miss my days in front of the camera, you don’t have to worry about seeing this super-sized pregnant wedding planner trashing anything any time soon, except the jeans I can no longer fit in. 

Golden Isles Trends for 2007

Text Box: Once Upon Your WeddingIn an area filled with high-end resorts along the beach or historic hotels that were once the playground for millionaires, The Golden Isles is no different when it comes to wedding trends.  Three beautiful islands tucked away into the coast of Georgia have trends of their own that are popular in the sweet low-country. Sometimes it takes a while for trends to get to us, or we just create our own.

Attending bridal shows gives the bride so much more perspective beyond the typical wooing of wedding vendors.  Wedding vendors are smart—they know that in order to stand out, they have to be the best, have the best or do the best, in order to attract the bride.  This means staying on top of what is hot in their area or observing what has been most popular in their area.  If a bride pays attention closely, she can witness the current trends all in one place.

What’s hot this bridal season in the Golden Isles for 2007:

It’s Hip to Be Square

Square cakes are a big hit here in the area and are becoming the must have.  In addition, having each tier flavored with varying flavors are popular, only with richer tastes. Gone are the simple fruit fillings—instead, white chocolate, caramel, lemon curd, Irish Cream, canoli or Bavarian cream will be a big hit.  Cake flavors, too, are getting an extreme makeover.  Spice, champagne, citrus butter and tiramisu are very rich flavors that complement and excite any menu.  Also new is “cake splashing”.  I haven’t seen much of it here, and am not sure if I will.  Splashing is the concept where a flavor is literally splashed over the cake.??  This works well with complementing flavors. The beach themed cakes we have loved and see constantly are still around.  They have truly become a staple here!

It is easy being green. 

I’m not too sure what Kermit’s beef was, but he would fit in perfectly here!  When chocolate was big last year, we saw a lot of brides pairing it with the turquoises, baby blues and pinks.  Sage green began to work itself in, slowly but surely.  Soon after, the chocolate began phasing out, and the shades of green became lighter.  Now, Golden Isles’ brides are exploring apples and mints in varying textures and fabrics.

Good things.  Small packages.

Caterers are doing their menus in miniature scale. Foods are becoming smaller, but are not losing their quality or taste.  We saw a lot of tiny foods done with huge presentation.  If brides decide to go that route, they should take care to find a culinary designer who can follow through with a “knock ‘em dead” presentation.  Otherwise, you risk having your food display look like it was made for munchkins.

Less Pose. More Action and Motion.

More of our brides are steering completely away from the archaic posed photography and opting only for photojournalism.  I think this is primarily because brides want to remember their special day as it happened—not as it was posed or manipulated.  Additionally, some photojournalists opt for only 15-30 minutes of standard photos: family, bridal party, etc., which frees up more time for the cocktail hour.  Likewise, brides are opting for more dynamic and stimulating videography.  Wanting to relive every moment, it is important that the video does not have the “Uncle Fred’s Camcorder” look. Instead, it should unobtrusively tell the story, while also add a little bit of movie-star flair (titles, transitions, editing, etc.).

Ivory Is the New Black

Several of the bridal boutiques showcased their fabulous dresses, a majority of which were in the ivory family.  Seeing all the models of different complexions and body types, I am convinced that ivory looks good on everyone.  Not only is ivory popular, but dresses with intricate designs and lush fabrics are big here too. These give the gowns a very couture look.  A majority of the dresses were not very “big”—instead, they were form fitting with embellishment. Some had form fitting bodices that extended to the hips that billowed out into mounds of luxurious satins in bustles.  Designer bustle clips are becoming popular as well. We see a lot of Reem Acra and Monique L’huillier here, too.

These are just a few of the hot things that have made an appearance in the Golden Isles.  How long they will be here to stay? Who knows.  All the more reason why it’s important to plan your wedding around you and what you love, than to keep up with trends!


Victor & Rolf’s New Line at H&M includes $350 Wedding Dress–  Buying your wedding dress at H&M, the celebrated cheap clothing store, might sound strange. But thousands will be lining up this morning to do just that, when Dutch designer duo Victor & Rolf present their new H&M line, which includes a $350 silk duchesse wedding dress. H&M previously partnered with such designers as Stella McCartney and Karl Lagerfeld – both of their lines sold out within days. Since Victor & Rolf aren’t as well known, you might have more time, but with celebrities like Chloe Sevigny, Carmen Electra, and Kanye West as fans, the buzz about this brand is growing.

The dress isn’t exactly my cup of tea, but I think it could look phenomenal on the right woman. If you’re thinking of checking out this dress today, be sure to factor in the cost of alterations. Getting a wedding dress tailored often means the difference between looking good and looking phenomenal on your wedding day.

See more pictures of the Launch Party.

Monique Lhuillier Branches Out: Lhuillier to Design Shoes, Handbags, and China

Monique Lhuillier has long been a celebrated wedding dress designer, and her work is often compared and contrasted to that of legendary wedding dress designer Vera Wang. So it makes sense that Lhuiller would follow in Wang’s footsteps in expanding her brand to include shoes, handbags, and china. While the china will be available in spring 2007, we’ll have to wait a bit longer for the rest of her homewear line. Monique Lhuillier groupies will finally have something to use when they’re not attending a red carpet event!

Brown is the new black

If you have been loving the pink and chocolate, turquoise and chocolate or robin’s egg blue and chocolate, you already know about this trend. It’s been around for a “minute”, but it’s still making statements in weddings around the world. I love it so much I have it in my house! 

When I was looking for inspiration for the wonderful colors, I looked to Chiasso.  Chiasso has some of the BEST modern decor I have seen in a long time.  If you need color ideas or even some unique pieces for your centerpieces, you will really like Chiasso.

 The “chocolate” craze has been all the rage, especially in cakes:

 st simons and jekyll island wedding cakes    



 (by Bespoke Cards)

 (by Then Comes Marriage)

 (by Dorianns)


 (by StarShaped)

If the Shoe Fits…





From fashionable New York to historical Philadelphia to glamorous Washington, DC., this week’s article was fun, exciting and insightful to research.

Shoes are the fashion acecssory which draws attention whether they are paired with formal attire or are making a statement with your favorite pair of jeans.

From flats to arch defying stilettos, the encasement of a woman’s foot is a window into her lifestyle.

So, as I journeyed between New York and Washington DC, shopping and, occasionally resting my feet 🙂, I discovered one thing – some women will wear shoes with total disregard to the fitting, height, support and (gasp) comfort!

The unspoken motto: “I’ll sacrifice comfort for fashion!”.

I’ll be the first to confess that I too am guilty of the same behavior,
so that brings us to the article for the week:  
If the Shoe Fits… 

On your wedding day, you are going to do a lot of walking, dancing, posing and standing in your bridal shoes. 

From heights of 1” to 5.5″ stilettos, your shoes must be selected for endurance AND comfort.

You want the shoe you fall in love with now to still be your favorite shoe at the end of your wedding night. 

I spoke with several shoe designers and read many publications and the advice was unanimous…every shoe selection should follow the (4) Comfort Tips rules:

–have your feet measured so that you are sure to order the right size
(It is normal for one foot to be slightly larger or wider than the other)
–always measure at the end of the day since feet will swell throughout the day

–a couple of weeks before the wedding, start wearing your shoes around the house.
–this will allow your shoes to stretch and conform to your foot’s natural form.

Use Foot Pads: 
–a well-placed footpad can help prevent slipping of the heels, shifting, rubbing and chafing.
–ask your salesperson for the appropriate pads when you purchase the shoes

Consider Quality
–the construction, material quality and design of the shoe may raise the shoe budget but it will also increase the chances of a more comfortable shoe.

According to current trend analysis, there is one other way to give your feet a break on your wedding day…

Pack a pair of ballerina slippers!  🙂


The Quest for Wedding Favors

Hello, Brides!

The weather is spectacular and I’m on a quest to find (or create) captivating guest favors – without breaking the bank  :)!  Favors are a personal “Thank you” from the newly married couple to all the guests for sharing their day. In choosing, you will find a vast array of candies, trinkets, chocolates and candles    to fit all budgets.  

Today, I’ll share some unique finds and ideas that your guests will treasure for months after your wedding day!

         It doesn’t feel like work when your friends help!

  • The Cookie Jar: 
    Layer dry ingredients for sugar or butter cookies in a jar or container (w/ lid) and tie with an organza ribbon. Create labels to include your names and wedding date.
  • Alpha Cookies:
    Purchase alphabet cookie cutters, 4” – 5” in height for the couple’s initials. Roll dough to desired thickness, and cut an equal number of initials. Bake and cool the cookies. You can decorate with icing and, using a pastry bag/tip, outline the cookie in your wedding colors. Insert 2-initials in a cellophane bag, cinch with coordinating tulle or ribbon.
  • Mugs with Tea or Coffee
    Purchase glass or plastic (microwaveable) mugs. Fill ½ the mug with      “frou-frou” paper. Top off with a few tea and/or coffee sachets, biscotti      or flavored swirl spoons, insert cup into cellophane bag and tie with ribbon.  
  • Godiva:Â??
    This crème de la crème of chocolate retailers create a wonderful selection of wedding favors, pre-boxed, with your choice of box and ribbon colors.
  • Glass Table Coasters:
    On-line merchants offer tremendous discounts on large orders (100+) of coasters or similar items. The coaster sets are pre-wrapped and worded with a wedding theme, such as “LOVE” or “Fall in Love”.
  • Flowers Seeds:
    With every marriage, a seed is planted that, when given kindness and understanding, will grow and blossom into enduring love. Give your guests a commemorative symbol of how “Love Grows” with a collection of blossoming wild flowers or herbs.

These are just a few examples, but my quest is endless as I search, find, create and taste test 🙂 wedding favors.

That’s my post for today but please submit your questions regarding favors or any aspect of your wedding plans. 

We promise to respond within 24-hours.