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Bridal Beauty: Sensai

sensai cellular performance hydrachange tinted gel cream

Houston: we have zero problems.


For the past week, I’ve been on a new regimen from Sensai, which is sure to get you HD camera ready for your wedding day!  I received samples of the SENSAI Hydrachange TInted Gel Cream ($78) which is DIVINE.  I have always been a fan of tinted moisturizers for their lightweight, dewy finish that they produce.  This is especially perfect for destination weddings in our area (especially St. Simons Island and Jekyll Island), where there is a tremendous amount of humidity.  It balances the skin’s natural hydration levels and color without streaking, melting or crumbling while providing the coverage you need.  I had been working on my complexion for a while and had a few breakouts, but I think this is perfect for clear complexions or those with minor imperfections that can be camoflauged with light applications of concealer.  I have yellow undertones, so the Almond shade was absolutely perfect when it blended in.  It will be available in April 2011, so that is right around the corner.


sensai-lifting-radiance-3d-maskFor an extra pamper treatment or a gift for your bridesmaids, try the SENSAI Lifting Radiance 3D Mask ($165). I’ve been to many spas and enjoyed many treatments.  I could not believe I was in my own house when I spread this luxurious mask across my face.  First, it was heavenly scented and drenched in emollients.  For 20 minutes I was transported and forgot that I was in my bedroom with the fabutots playing at my feet.  When my time was up, my face was soft, supple and glowing.  I’m a definite fan.  I thought that the mask would tear and would be really fragile since it is fairly thin and soaked in the moisturizers.  However, it was surprisingly tear resistant and strong!


The guys aren’t left out either;   to get your groom ready for the wedding day or even as a

hommage preshave oil groom groomsmen gift for wedding

gift during the honeymoon:  select the Hommage Pre-Shave Oil ($60) for a nick-free, perfectly smooth shave which is made from a patented formula blend of rare white truffle extract.  A new innovation are the Styptic Match Books ($50)– a touch of the match tip will immediately stop any shaving mishaps, especially if he didn’t use the Pre-Shave Oil.



Sophisticated Swimwear for the Honeymoon


Just when you thought all the fashion insanity would end with your wedding, you may find yourself (pleasantly) surprised that you will still pull off your glamorous style during your honeymoon.  You’ll take a ton of pictures, so why not look fabulous in each one?


If you and your honey are retreating to sandy beaches,  you will love these delicious swimwear selections from Aquarella, Crystal Jin, & Teeny B. Delicate.


bridal swimsuits for honeymoon


These ultra feminine and elegant designs are beautiful and make you look and feel it, too!  Check out more designs (from the Curve Expo):

Pushing the envelope with regards to the merging of high fashion and swim,CRYSTAL JIN designer swimwear brand has created a collection, which celebrates the high style and fashion forwardness that are symbolic of NYC.  CRYSTAL JIN’s trademark modern elegant aesthetic is ever present while the collection maintains it’s signature minimalist edge.

CRYSTAL JIN is set to reveal the 2011 Collection!

Styles in the 2011 collection transition seamlessly from lounging at the most exclusive beaches around the world to partying the night away at the trendiest clubs.  Crystal Jin has prepared a perfect selection of casual-glam, jet-set dressing re-interpreted as swimwear.  The 2011 collection consists of more than a dozen silhouettes including triangles, U-rings, bandeaus and halter tops paired with figure enhancing bottoms as well as an extended collection of monokinis and one-pieces.  The offering is finished off with ultra lux-cover ups and understated yet eye catching embellishments and details.


Book an appointment with Crystal Jin

Aquarella Swimwear is a Costa Rican based couture
company that develops high end fashion swimsuit for
today’s women.

From Fashion to Wedding: The Minimalist

This week we are taking a look of converting a fashion trend into an event vision for a wedding.  One of the big things in fashion right now is “minimalism”.  Of course, we can expect to see this spill over lusciously into weddings—be it decor, paper design or even food.  While being minimal may mimic monochromatic, it embraces and celebrates simplicity.  The look is very chic and contemporary, and done correctly it can create a timeless look.  The key is to find the correct balance between all of the elements involved so that your décor does not look sparse.  Here are just a few concepts to inspire you.

Wedding Reception Centerpieces:

white phalaenopsis rochid in blue vases with blue linens White orchids in square vase art contemporary centerpiecs

Meg Perotti Photography

Branch Tree centerpiece with small green poms pomanders hanging Submerged white Orchids with black river rocks stones and floating candles  Trailing centerpiece of purple phalaenopsis orchids on top of cylinders with blue glasses

(last picture of purple orchids by Greg Bumatay)


Drinkware by Crate and Barrel

image image image image image image


Summer Verrinea verrine of White Peach and Honey Mousse.






White Chocolate Cardamom Mousse white Chocolate Cardamom Mousse with Spekulatius Crumbs






White Tea Mousse & Apricot Puree White Peony Tea & White Chocolate Mousse on a Fresh Apricot Puree







Wedding Cakes:

Hexagon shaped wedding cake with flowers cherry blossoms Round Yellow Wedding cake with Yellow Ribbon on white cake stand Round Three tier wedding cake with silver ribbon and offset flowers


Hors D’Oeuvres:



Endive with Chipotle Cream Cheese (Weight Watchers followers…only one point!)






Salmon canapés

Expert Tips from a Celebrity Stylist for Your Wedding


We had an opportunity to pitch some questions to celebrity stylist Lindsay Hillyard-Driscoll for wedding day tips to keep you looking your best.  Lindsay, a recent bride herself, has worked with numerous stars including Kimora Lee Simmons, Chrisette Michelle, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, The Dixie Chicks, and Prince.  She offered tips and tricks that are regularly used by her celebrity clients to plan for the unexpected during big events to help brides look flawless from the time they put their veil on all the way through dancing the night away at their reception.

C+D:  What tips should brides remember in choosing their products for outdoor weddings?

Lindsay:  It’s just as important to feel good as it is to look good.  In fact, I believe the two are very closely related, so I always counsel my clients to choose a look that they can be comfortable in.  For outdoor weddings, that means choosing shoes that work in grass – no spiky heels – and a dress that works with the season – you don’t want a complicated, tiered dress in the middle of summer. 

C+D:  We work with a lot of clients that choose to have destination weddings—mostly outside.  What sort of things should they consider for their beauty game plan?

Lindsay:  To plan for an outdoor event – whether a red carpet walk or a wedding – think about how you’ll be moving.  If you will be walking a lot on uneven ground, I’d suggestion searching out a dress that isn’t too tight, and allows you to walk with long enough strides so you can make it down the aisle, whether in a cornfield or cabana. I also recommend that brides “blow rather than blot” – I always pack a hand-held travel fan that you can use to blow away perspiration beads on the face rather than blotting papers or tissues, which can remove or smudge make up. 

C+D:  What about the gentlemen?  Sometimes they have it just as bad as the ladies with their tuxedos and suits…

Lindsay: Grooms are often the most overdressed, if they are wearing a suit in the middle of summer.  So, to help them out, I suggest using a panty liner in their undershirt.  I know it sounds strange – but it works!  Just call them ‘sweat guards’ if your man is squeamish about feminine products. 

C+D:  That is amazing…I never would’ve thought of that. I will have to make a note to add “sweat guards” to our emergency kits!  Also with weddings, one thing that I notice that is really important is the endurance of a bride’s hair and makeup for her wedding.  Any tips there?

Lindsay:  To keep you and your look fresh all day, I say take fewer trips to the bathroom – you don’t want to over-do the touch-ups.  To keep yourself focused on the big day rather than bee lining for the bathroom, even if you are having your period, I suggest to my clients to use a menstrual cup.  I know lots of women haven’t heard of them, but they are safe to wear for 12 hours – fewer trips to the bathroom and less hassle!

C+D:  Any favorite simple accessible items for fast fixes?

Lindsay:  A white out pen can fix a French manicure or shoe scuff, a few bobby pins can keep falling hair away from your face, and a roll of electrical tape might be just the fix for a split in the groom’s pants or a loose cuff. 

C+D:  I know a lot of brides worry about being “too overdone” on their wedding day.  It can be really easy to fall into a trap of too much when planning for a big event.  What is your take?

Lindsay:  Stay as close to your natural look as possible – you can still look special but keep your look aligned with your overall style, that way you’ll know how to touch up your make up and hair more easily – it won’t be so foreign. 

C+D: Any other tips brides should keep in mind?

Lindsay:  Lots of good styling is about layering.  For your clothes, it’s about finding the right undergarments and most importantly for your wedding is the right bra.  Make sure your first layer fits well and is comfortable.  For your make up, there are lots of techniques where you can layer your look with a powder application in between the layers.  And even for your hair, layering in the right products (such as volumizer a few times with hairspray on top) can help preserve your style.


imageAfter earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa State University, Lindsay Hillyard-Driscoll  was asked to join Prince’s ‘Musicology’ tour, where she dressed Prince and his band.  After the ‘Musicology’ tour, she joined Jay-Z and R. Kelly for the Best of Both Worlds tour.  She has since styled T.I., Ciara, Ne-Yo, Young Jeezy and became the lead stylist for recording artist Chrisette Michelle. She was also the in-house stylist at Black Entertainment Television, responsible for styling all VJs and news anchors.

Visit Lindsay’s website: Style Me Haute

Fashion Monday: Bridal Hair Accessories for Your Wedding


Glam, glam, glam and more glam!  Right after the choice of choosing how to wear your hair for your wedding is what you will use to complement that hairstyle. Should you wear a veil?  Should you go sans veil, but opt for a beautiful barrette or fresh flowers?  Here are some great ideas and options:

beautiful ivory flower with jeweled stone in the center barrette for bride's hair for wedding

Ivory Gardenia Clip found on Etsy (you could change your hair prior to being announced into your wedding and clip this on your dress)


Vintage Rhinestone Headband also found on Etsy


Rhinestone hair clip from Jena Richards

rhinestone twist in flower barettes for wedding

Rhinestone Flower Twist-Ins from Best Wedding Site

Other great random ideas:

Wedding hair ideas for bride

Jennifer Behr via Wedding Paper Divas

Vintage Hair Accessories Barrettes for Weddings

Long Hair Ideas for wedding small wedding clips barettes for hair

Fashion Monday: The Right Fit for Your Wedding Dress


If you go to any contractor and begin to tell them about building your house, they don’t begin with the brick or the pretty shutters and landscaping.  They begin with the right foundation.  The same can be said for your wedding gown, too. Even with all the great nutrition and workouts, having some help with your wedding dress can be enormously beneficial.  Spanx and Shapeez offer a wonderful ally in looking your best on our wedding day.

image image image

With slimming shapers, Spanx has been a staple in women’s closets for years and can be a major help on the wedding day with slimmer thighs, preventing tell tale movements or “impressions” from unforgiving fabrics.  Ranging from slips, bodysuits and camis, Spanx has also created Haute Couture which has been monikered “the dessert of shapewear”.  Haute Couture combines the technology of slimming power mesh with luscious lace designs, you won’t want to put any thing over it!


Shapeez works in the same fashion with great bases, forming comfortable contours that make the an instant, polished appearance under your clothes:


Shapeez was founded in 2007 by Maryland-based, stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur, Staci Berner, who never thought she’d end up in intimate apparel. After working as an esthetician, makeup artist and nail technician for twenty years, Staci took some time off just to be a “mommy.” Fed up with the way her bras made her back look and thinking it was just the size or style of the bra, Staci decided to get professionally fitted. Working with an “expert,” Staci bought new bras in the recommended sizes and styles. Still no change. Finally she realized it wasn’t herself! It was the elastic bands on the bras themselves that created the back bulges she was continuing to see. So, she took matters into her own hands!.

While her kids were at school, she went to work in her sewing studio trying to come up with something that would solve her bra dilemma. After some trial and error, she eventually had an amazing, supportive, REAL bra without elastic bands which kept her back smooth and made her look slimmer: The “Unbelievabra”.

bridal contour shapeware for weddings


Shapeez’s patented Unbelievabra was her answer to a bra/shaper that had all of the features and benefits could not find in the market. Ever since its inception, the Unbelievabra has been a huge success with women of all shapes and sizes because it simultaneously smoothes back bulge while lifting breasts. Today, the company offers six major innerwear products –  The Unbelievabra which comes in the original full-length and The Shortee, an alternative to the sports-bra, The Tankee Long and Short, and they recently launched The Lacee in the Long or Short varieties, which is an elegant bra and camisole combination that is meant to be worn as outwear while still providing you with the same amazing features as the Unbelievabra. The products are priced between $75- $110 and available in twenty-six size ranges with cups sizes ranging from A to E in black, nude or brown. All are available in over 200 select boutiques throughout the U.S. and Canada.

These are just a few of the ideas in support you have.  Be sure to take into consideration the shape of your dress as well as its fabric’s texture, and choose your “supporting cast” wisely!

Fashion Monday: Rik Ducar

Rik Ducar mens formal Wear for weddings and special events

This week’s fashion Monday is dedicated to him.  An all new Rik Ducar boutique has opened in Los Angeles on Beverly Boulevard next to fabulous household name, Jenny Yoo.  The Atlanta shop, Le Tux, has already transformed the way men approach their formal wear.

Owner Rik Ducar is one of the leading groom experts in the US. His work was featured on the show “Get Married” as well as the Mark Burnett, TNT reality series “Wedding Day.” He has been profiled in The AJC, Jezebel, Atlantan Brides, Atlanta Magazine and Weddings In Style Magazine. Past celebrity clients include rap star TI, entertainer Fonzworth Bentley and CBS TV star Jon Cryer. Other high profile clients include professional football players Matt Hasselback (Seattle Seahawks), Demario Pressley (New Orleans Saints) and Sean Jones (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

With Rik’s expertise, coupled with the amazing selection of designers carried in the store, the groom and his groomsmen are guaranteed to look their best on such a special day.  After all, you shouldn’t have all the fun and what better way to show off your man than to swathe him in luxury apparel, by someone who knows how to make a man look good?

Follow Rik Ducar on Twitter for up-to-date information on keeping your man sexy and fabulous.

Fashion Monday: Rent the Runway


If you are a fab fashion savvy bride, you and your best girlfriends will love Rent The Runway for their bridal attire!  Rent the Runway allows you to have some of the hottest and glam of designer fashions for your bridal party, rehearsal dinner or even wedding at a fraction of the cost and without the commitment. This is perfect for bridesmaids who constantly wonder if they will ever wear their dress again. 


Winged Embellished Shoulder  Dress Warrior Princess Dress Plaza Dress
Sequin Trim Empire GownSquare Neck Metallic SheathDeep Zipped-up Bandage Dress

Rent the runway features designs from Christian Soriano, Tracey Reese, Alice by Temperley and more!  Pair your selected fashions with gorgeous accessories and pick your delivery date, which by the way, comes with a free back up size to make sure you get the perfect fit.  Return and you’re done!  Stars do it often for awards shows, and now with great companies like Rent the Runway and Adorn, you and your friends can look your very best for the next event. 

Garnish:  Here is some sugar for Cocktails + Details readers!  Rent your jewelry with Adorn  and receive 10% off your jewelry rentals use code PV0HKY62), you can also get 10% off your Rent the Runway rental by using code  OW164149!

Go on, get fabulous!


What makes this even better is that Rent the Runway has teamed with OneWed, which allows you to share Rent the Runway with your bridal party and guests through OneWed’s Wedding Pre-Party, wedding planning’s first social media planning resource!  Share the code with your friends and they too can get 10% off and you can score a free rental!