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July’s issue of WeddingStyle

…has been sent to all subscribers!  It is filled with great ideas for your wedding, like the template for the classic and beautiful fan program (a great DIY project! Don’t worry, you can make it!  It comes with instructions!), ideas for your wedding attire, contests and more! 

In fact, this issue is great because we are offering two great promotions! 

The I Do promotion– Clients who book with us this month will receive a free copy of Elm Software’s popular I Do for Couples program. You have heard me rave about this program all the time– here is your chance you use the best with the best. Not only do you get the benefit of working with your own personal wedding consultant, but you also get an award-winning program to assist in your planning and organization, for free!

The e*Consultant promotion– Prospective clients who are outside of our travel radius can receive the e*Consultant package at a 25% discount!  Now you can have the help of a skilled and creative wedding planner at your fingertips! 

For more info on these promotions, use our contact form.

 If you would like a copy of July’s newsletter, please send a message to  We will send over a copy and add you to our list.

Candlelight and Roses…

This is an oldie, but goodie!  If you have not found the perfect centerpiece for your reception tables, take a look at Candlelight and Roses.  This is another gorgeous do-it-yourself’er that is not only cost-efficient and easy, but also beautiful!  The mix of lush hydrangea and roses with the soft colored pillars and tapers are to die for!  You can download the full directions here. 

If you make any of the creations that we share with you, please let us know! We would love to see pictures and share with the rest of our brides!

What a Beautiful Smile

Your wedding day is going to be full of laughter and smiles, and more smiles, and even more smiles (you get the picture). 
Beuatiful Smile!

In getting the brightest smile ever, your dental maintenance should begin at least 4-weeks prior to your wedding. 

In addition to a general cleaning, there is also the matter of getting those teeth
pearly white.  There are over thirty tooth whitening systems on the market and
sold over the counter. 

With the influx of so many choices, you no longer have to spend from
$300 – $1500 to get your teeth their whitest and brightest – it can cost you
as low as $20! 

Most whitening strips cost between $20 (store brand) to $40 (name brand).
You can also option for whitening gels ($25) or brush-on liquids ($20).

I’ve tried a few of the systems listed and, although they worked to some extent,
I wasn’t completely satisfied.  I realized that to get the whitest teeth possible, I’d
have to pay my dentist several hundred dollars and hope for the best until

I purchased a system which activated using an “infrared” lighting piece. 

The instructions were so simple:
– Add the enclosed gels to the light piece
Insert the piece into your mouth (your teeth will hold it in place)
Activate the light for 2-miutes (the light is auto set for 2-minutes)
Remove light piece, swish remaining gel swish for 5 minutes and rinse
  (you must do this process 3x as a first time user)

21-minutes later the coffee/tea stains and dullness were 75% gone and my teeth were (honestly, I can’t kid you on this), 3 shades brighter!!!!

The light whitening systems costs between $20 and $40.  I spent $30 and
21-minutes and am absolutely sold on this method!

Maintain the look by using the gels/light once a month and a whitening spray once a week.

Oh, what a beautiful smile!  🙂


Couture Travel and Once Upon Your Wedding


A new division of Once Upon Your Wedding will officially open on July 1st.  Couture Travel will feature romantic travel and locales for couples.�? We will specialize in destination weddings and honeymoon travel. In addition, we will also be the only consulting firm to offer a honeymoon registry.  We will be taking on a select few clients prior to the debut date and offering extra low rates.  For more information about Couture Travel, please email us at

 Say goodbye to the blenders and toasters!  Now you can register for your honeymoon!  Your guests can buy romantic dinners, excursions, massages, and hotel upgrades instead!  Read the official press release.

Can’t Pick a Bar?

Let us help!  Another article has been released from The O vault.  If you are having trouble choosing a bar or need different ideas, you will enjoy this read.  Drink and Be Married can be found in the press section of the site.  Visit the Press Room now.

Start Spreading the News!

Now you can update your guests and bridal party of all of your wedding details! Wedding websites are the best way to give out information, directions and even receive your R.S.V.Ps (save on postage!). 

We are proud to announce our affiliateship with MyWeddSite.  MyWeddSite offers beautiful wedding websites for the upscale bride.  Your website is created with all of your information by a designer!  Which means no embarassing spelling or grammatical errors!  Your information is never made available to the public. Only those who have your link can access your site. 

 There are several packages available to you:  Basic, Deluxe and Celebrity.

The Quest for Wedding Favors

Hello, Brides!

The weather is spectacular and I’m on a quest to find (or create) captivating guest favors – without breaking the bank  :)!  Favors are a personal “Thank you” from the newly married couple to all the guests for sharing their day. In choosing, you will find a vast array of candies, trinkets, chocolates and candles    to fit all budgets.  

Today, I’ll share some unique finds and ideas that your guests will treasure for months after your wedding day!

         It doesn’t feel like work when your friends help!

  • The Cookie Jar: 
    Layer dry ingredients for sugar or butter cookies in a jar or container (w/ lid) and tie with an organza ribbon. Create labels to include your names and wedding date.
  • Alpha Cookies:
    Purchase alphabet cookie cutters, 4” – 5” in height for the couple’s initials. Roll dough to desired thickness, and cut an equal number of initials. Bake and cool the cookies. You can decorate with icing and, using a pastry bag/tip, outline the cookie in your wedding colors. Insert 2-initials in a cellophane bag, cinch with coordinating tulle or ribbon.
  • Mugs with Tea or Coffee
    Purchase glass or plastic (microwaveable) mugs. Fill ½ the mug with      “frou-frou” paper. Top off with a few tea and/or coffee sachets, biscotti      or flavored swirl spoons, insert cup into cellophane bag and tie with ribbon.  
  • Godiva:Â??
    This crème de la crème of chocolate retailers create a wonderful selection of wedding favors, pre-boxed, with your choice of box and ribbon colors.
  • Glass Table Coasters:
    On-line merchants offer tremendous discounts on large orders (100+) of coasters or similar items. The coaster sets are pre-wrapped and worded with a wedding theme, such as “LOVE” or “Fall in Love”.
  • Flowers Seeds:
    With every marriage, a seed is planted that, when given kindness and understanding, will grow and blossom into enduring love. Give your guests a commemorative symbol of how “Love Grows” with a collection of blossoming wild flowers or herbs.

These are just a few examples, but my quest is endless as I search, find, create and taste test 🙂 wedding favors.

That’s my post for today but please submit your questions regarding favors or any aspect of your wedding plans. 

We promise to respond within 24-hours.

In Just 60-Minutes…

Dear Brides:

We’ve discussed the importance of reassigning various elements of the plans to your wedding coordinator as a major approach to alleviate stress.  At The “O”, we strive to provide a stress-free event from beginning to end.

Taking time out for yourself is imperative to allow full enjoyment as you continue planning your wedding day. You are in high demand by many people – caterers, cake designers, bridal shops, florists and most importantly, family and friends. 

With only 24-hours in a day, it is vital that you devote at least one of those hours to yourself (and your fiancée). 

Today, we’ll give you tips on how to lessen your stress levels and elevate the enjoyment every day with quick and easy relaxation techniques.  

In 60-minutes you can:

  • Watch a movie
  • Take a brisk walk
  • Sip a soothing cup of tea
  • Read a magazine/book which is non-wedding 🙂 related
  • Schedule a manicure/pedicure (yes, couples do this!)
  • Watch (and use) the Pilates/Yoga cd you bought months ago
  • Ride your bike
  • Sitting on the floor with your feet touching your fiancee’s, hold hands and gently pull each other into a full body relaxing stretch
  • Take a couple’s walk through a favorite part of the city
  • Go dancing!
    or (this is my favorite)â??¦
  • Sit and do absolutely nothing! 

Thanks for joining us and if you have tips to share, please do! :) 

Enjoy your day and visit us again tomorrow for another D-Stress tip…