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What a Beautiful Smile

Your wedding day is going to be full of laughter and smiles, and more smiles, and even more smiles (you get the picture). 
Beuatiful Smile!

In getting the brightest smile ever, your dental maintenance should begin at least 4-weeks prior to your wedding. 

In addition to a general cleaning, there is also the matter of getting those teeth
pearly white.  There are over thirty tooth whitening systems on the market and
sold over the counter. 

With the influx of so many choices, you no longer have to spend from
$300 – $1500 to get your teeth their whitest and brightest – it can cost you
as low as $20! 

Most whitening strips cost between $20 (store brand) to $40 (name brand).
You can also option for whitening gels ($25) or brush-on liquids ($20).

I’ve tried a few of the systems listed and, although they worked to some extent,
I wasn’t completely satisfied.  I realized that to get the whitest teeth possible, I’d
have to pay my dentist several hundred dollars and hope for the best until

I purchased a system which activated using an “infrared” lighting piece. 

The instructions were so simple:
– Add the enclosed gels to the light piece
Insert the piece into your mouth (your teeth will hold it in place)
Activate the light for 2-miutes (the light is auto set for 2-minutes)
Remove light piece, swish remaining gel swish for 5 minutes and rinse
  (you must do this process 3x as a first time user)

21-minutes later the coffee/tea stains and dullness were 75% gone and my teeth were (honestly, I can’t kid you on this), 3 shades brighter!!!!

The light whitening systems costs between $20 and $40.  I spent $30 and
21-minutes and am absolutely sold on this method!

Maintain the look by using the gels/light once a month and a whitening spray once a week.

Oh, what a beautiful smile!  🙂

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