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High Maintenance Bouquets

It has been the year of the Bling with weddings!  Everything has been “flossed” (are you writing down all of this lingo?)– flowers are no exception.   As you can see, these stephanotis receive the royal treatment (Jessica Simpson’s floral designer started this trend).  These are the Her Royal Highness Collection from Bouquet Jewels, on sale now at $29.99 for 25.

If you are more of a traditionalist, but still want to “diva-fy” (I heart that word) your bouquet, look into the gorgeous The High Society Buckle Collection.  These are the perfect touch if you added rhinestone buckles to your invites! These retail for $3.99 an come in a myriad of shapes. 

As we have said previously, personalizing your wedding is still the “in thing”.  Your flowers should be not left out of all the fun.  Check out the Monogram Collection.  The font is already sweet, but to set it in rhinestones make it uber-sweet.  These will cost you $12.99 per letter. 

Of course I cannot forget my local Golden Isles brides!  If you are shooting for a beach theme, Bouquet Jewels can still help. I personally love this starfish, which comes in three different colors.  It really does look great against that Stargazer. I can only imagine in a set of lush roses or callas!  *Swoon*  There is also a flip-flop (too cute) and a palm tree (very classy).  These range from $11.99-$14.99 each. 

What You Have To Look Forward To…

As the resident Pregosaurus Rex here at The O, I feel it is my duty to speak up for all pregnant bridesmaids.  As the wedding planner, I have literally struggled with finding something to wear at events that is professional– and does not scream “Hi, I’m harboring aliens under this mumu”.

No comments from the peanut gallery.

 I have finally found some gorgeous pieces, but I began to think…what about the poor bridesmaid?  Here she is, hating life due to swollen ankles, headaches, nosebleeds, and all other baby boarding madness, and then has to find a formal dress to get into.  Ok, pregnancy isn’t all that bad (this one has been a breeze for me, but I’m a pro)– but seriously, be kind to your mommy-to-be friends!

I know you don’t want to base your bridesmaids’ dress solely around your one pregnant maid. You really don’t have to– designers like Watters and Watters (pictured above) and David’s Bridal offer maternity dresses in their popular designs.  You could also opt not to have a single dress– instead offering each maid a swatch and letting her pick the design that is complementary to her own body shape.  Besides, do you really  need a uniform for your wedding– same dress, earrings, shoes, hair, etc.?

 Trust me, being pregnant and still trying to wear 4 inch heels is an artform.

Free Bouquet from Flowers For Rent

Everyone knows that I’m a junkie for Flowers For Rent…just sharing the wealth!

Flowers For Rent
Receive a FREE 6″ customized bridal bouquet
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Bridal Bouquet Offer

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Congratulations, Harmony and Rob!

We had an awesome time at Harmony and Rob’s wedding yesterday at the King and Prince on St. Simons Island.  As you can see, Harmony was a beautiful bride. Rob and his guys were stunning as well and a lot of fun.  They braved the winds at Epworth by the Sea and partied like it was 1999 at the reception.

 The sweetest moment was when Harmony’s son gave her away.  Harmony had excellent ideas for wedding and they all tied together seamlessly– with gorgeous pink and ivory roses mixed in with a beach theme.

Working with this fantastic couple since September, we thoroughly enjoyed assisting in the planning and prep process.  Thank you Harmony and Rob for letting us share in your special day!

Congratulations, Cheryl and John!

Cheryl and John were married on the Riverfront Lawn at the Jekyll Island Club Saturday morning.  What made Cheryl’s wedding so very unique wasn’t her southern venue, but her southern attire!

Cheryl chose antique Southern garb for her bridal party a la Gone With the Wind.  Ladies were dressed like Scarlett O’Hara and the groomsmen donned “Southern Gentleman” attire. With beautiful white calla lillies and the sound of a beautiful sting trio playing, it was definitely a gorgeous sight into the past!

 Congrats, Cheryl and John! Thank you for allowing us to assist with your special day!

Congratulations, Delaina and Marcus!

Delaina and Marcus were married on March 31, 2007 at the Sea Palms Resort.  They were a fantastic couple.  It was wonderful to see them together and I was just in awe of their love for one another.

During his speech, Marcus thanked Delaina’s parents for having her (ok, everyone say “aww”), but he also thanked his parents for making him a man worthy enough to be with her and appreciate her (ok, double “aawww”). 

Definitely one of the most romantic couples we’ve had here at the O.  We wish you all the best of love and happiness!  Thank you for including us in your special day!

Songs You Probably Shouldn’t Play at Your Wedding

A few wedding planner friends and I were joking around about what could possibly be the worst song you could pick for your first dance.  We had such a good time laughing about these…

  1. “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2
  2. “What’s Love Got to Do With It?” by Tina Turner
  3. “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor
  4. “Love the One You’re With” by Luther Vandross
  5. “Dontcha” , “Buttons” , “Beep” by Pussycat Dolls
  6. “”Tonight’s the Night” by Rod Stewart
  7. “Trapped in the Closet” by R. Kelly (anything by R. Kelly for that matter)
  8. “If You Think You’re Lonely Now” by Bobby Womack
  9. “It’s Cheaper To Keep Her” by Johnnie Taylor
  10. “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

Somehow, “Dontcha wish your girlfriend was hot like me…dontcha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me” only works if you invite your ex. rolleyes

Basically, anything that requires you to back that thang up, remove some article of clothing, offends your grandmother, her sister and two of their bridge partners.

What NOT To Do For Your Wedding: The Theme

To some brides, choosing a wedding theme can be as complicated as developing the budget or the guest list.  For others, it’s the only thing that holds them together!  Picking a theme doesn’t have to be hard or complicated, and it actually can make your planning process flow a lot easier. 

 What NOT to Do:

  • Pick more theme than you have money– Unless Preston Bailey is your mother’s father’s neighbor’s tax guy’s niece’s second cousin, tone it down. You don’t need 40 round faced children to hang from the ceiling as cherubim to complete your heaven on earth theme. 
  • Pick a theme that is out of season–  Snowflakes in July?   Garden wedding in December?  No, honey, try again. Pick a theme in the season or time that you want to have your wedding. This will make things so much easier on you when you want to get seasonal items such as food and flowers. 
  • Pick a theme that only you get–Being out of the box is great, I love out of the box. But don’t go so far out of the box that you are the only one that who really knows what’s going on. 

What to Do:

  • Try to work around your current plans or refer back to earlier plans–   Sometimes, plans lean a certain way towards a certain theme anyway. (Don’t look at me like that!  They really do!)  If you think you don’t have a theme, you probably do 🙂
  • Keep it simple– If you’re having a hard time coming up with a theme, look to the obvious.  Your locale could be your theme, as could your colors.  It might be right in front of you (see tip one….see, told you so!)
  • Find a locale that you can incorporate into your theme– this will really help tie things together without having to bring in a lot of extras.
  • Find little things to really add “umph” to your event– could be linens, lighting, a few big floral arrangements, entertainment, etc. 

Spencerian For Hire

Are you looking for the perfect look for your wedding invitations, programs, menus and placecards? 

 Spencerian Penmanship, or American Cursive, the writing that inspired the USPS’ wedding stamps, is making its way into weddings way beyond the stamp.  Spencerian is an elegant mid-19th century form of cursive penmanship that is growing popular again with commercial artists. Believe it or not, in the years between 1850 and 1925, “the most graceful forms of handwriting ever developed by Western civilization” were formed in what is known as America’s Golden Age of Penmanship, according to the official website.   

Strokes are graceful and rhythmic, and letterforms are characterized by flowing loops and flourishes.  Some examples are:  Gravura, Keunstler, Young Baroque, Palace Script, Snell Roundhand, Flemish Script, Citadel and Edwardian.  I find a majority of my free fonts at or