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The Little Blue Wedding Book for Saint Simons & Jekyll Island Weddings!

st simons wedding venue jekyll island beach wedding planner wedding photographer



We are so very excited to announce our newest baby at Cocktails and Details!


Being a Saint Simons wedding planner, we  have planned all types of weddings, worked with some of the best wedding photographers and designed with talented wedding florists in the area. We also know how hard it is to plan a destination wedding in Saint Simons Island or Jekyll Island being far away. You are struck with so many questions:

  • Who is the best wedding photographer in Saint Simons Island?
  • How do you have a Jekyll Island Beach Wedding?
  • What should you look for in a wedding caterer?
  • What Saint Simons Island wedding venue is perfect for me?

We’ve taken a lot of the guesswork and stress out of planning a wedding in the Golden Isles, with The Little Blue Wedding Book.  This sweet little book outdoes any preferred vendor list you will receive from wedding venues that tend to be outdated and sparse.  It also goes beyond what any online directory can give you.   It tells you which vendor would be perfect for you, which hotels are in close proximity to create your room blocks and so much more.


Saint Simons Island wedding planning Jekyll Island wedding coordinator

Jekyll island Wedding Ceremony


Saint Simons Wedding Venue Jekyll Island Wedding Venue King and Prince Jekyll Island Club


Saint Simons Island wedding planning Jekyll Island Little Blue Wedding Book
The book is filled with our go-to wedding vendors and professional services that are in our “little blue book”, put together in a easy to understand listing that gives you everything you need to know to narrow down your decisions. It is also filled with design ideas, planning tips and other resources that are crucial to your wedding planning.  In the iPad version, you can highlight, make notes, share notes and have access to the vast in-book glossary of wedding lingo that you have to know while planning your wedding.  The alternate digital version allows you to view on your computer,  phone, tablet, mobile reading device or app, as well as print out necessary pages.


The iPad version is available in iTunes and the digital version is online at


Sep 18 2013

Fall Entertaining Ideas

Fall is my absolute, hands-down, favorite time of year.  Notwithstanding that my birthday month is snugly nestled into this time of year, It’s just something about the change in colors, temperature and scents that does something to me every time.  With Autumn quickly approaching, I anticipate there will be a get-together or two in our home, and I’d love to share some ideas with you.

Love this set up from Everyday Occasions using seasonal gourds and pumpkins.  Love the pumpkin candle holders (tutorial on how to make them are at the link)!

fall entertaining dinner decoration ideas


The use of lanterns to illuminate your space is awesome.  Bringing in a mix of different styles makes it less put-together and very relaxed.  You can use other festive items for decor as well– like nuts and berries. I know that sounds trés squirrel chic, but toss in a few well placed pillar candles, hurricanes and some height. You’ve got magic, baby.  Just see what Trésors Deluxe did:




Fall Entertaining Dinner Party Ideas Decor


Now you know I’m all about a good drink, honey. Which one of your guests do you think could NOT fall in love with being welcomed by these cored and cut apples filled with aromatic apple cider, with a cinnamon and orange garnish?  If you can think of one, unfriend them now.  As the cooler weather creeps in, this would be a welcome and impressive treat. If your cider needs a little kick, add brandy and a smile.


Apple Cider Fall Entertaining dinner party ideas


Everyone goes nuts each year when Starbucks releases their Pumpkin Spice each year.  Here’s a great recipe from The Grant Life that you’re sure to love:




And what about this Crisp Autumn Sangria? YES!

Fall Entertaining Autumn Sangria


And what about food?  Youc could opt for a little sweet and savory with these pears and gorgonzola bites.  Well, you know you also have to have a hearty stew or soup, right?  How about this Hearty Chicken Stew with Butternut Squash and Quinoa.

fall entertaining pear and gorgonzola bites

Fall Entertaining butternut squash soup stew


Got a sweet tooth? Pumpkin Cheesecakes or Apple Dumplings will be the cure of exactly what ails you.


Fall Entertaining Dessert Pumpkin Cheese Cake IdeasFall entertaining dessert party dinner



13 Knock ‘Em Dead Dapper Boutonnieres

Tradition has typically called for the groom’s boutonniere to be a bloom “plucked” right from the bride’s bouquet. The sentiment of that tradition is great, but here are some other inspirational designs to add to your consideration:

White Gardenia Boutonniere

Photo :: Dawn E. Roscoe

purple ranunculus wedding boutonniere

Succulent Wedding Boutonniere

Photo :: Maile Lani

white ranunculus boutonniere

Photo :: Millie Holloman

steampunk wedding

Steam Punk Boutonniere :: Etsy

succulent and purple boutonniere

Photo :: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Rustic Billy Ball Boutonniere

Boutonnieres by Blooms by the Box

Hot Pink and navy dusty miller boutonniere

Photo :: m three studio

rustic boutonniere with burlap buttons and feathers

Photo :: pobke photography  (DIY instructions burlap boutonniere at green wedding shoes

Tangerine Hot Pink orchid boutonniere

Etsy :: Kate Said Yes

Yellow Boutonniere

Hypericum Berry Boutonniere

curly willow boutonniere

For more boutonniere inspiration, visit us on Pinterest!

Fashion Monday: Tony Hamawy Fall Inspiration

Autumn is my favorite season— notwithstanding my birthday is nestled neatly within those months, this period of change, regrowth and beauty has always been an amazing event for me.  Bridal designer Tony Hamawy sent out his inspiration for fall, and I must say, I’m captivated.


Fall Wedding Inspiration


Loving their style? See more inspiration on their Pinterest Boards and Facebook Page.

Great bridesmaid dresses
Sep 13 2013

Fab Finds Friday: Durga Kali Bridesdmaid Dresses

Having your best friends in your bridal party is the greatest gif they can give you.

Bridesmaid dresses they can wear again– the best gift you can give to them.

Durga Kali has new patent-pending designs that not only allow your bridesmaids to wear their dresses again, but they get to wear an entirely different dress!  The dresses are made of high quality silk, and can be altered and customize in many different ways.  Named for the Hindu goddess, representing her peaceful and powerful sides, the fashion line is the perfect reflection of those varying personalities. These bridesmaids dresses are the perfect investment to add to their wardrobe.

Reversible Bridesmaid Dress

Our friends at Ruffled did a beautiful shoot of the Durga Kali dresses:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


See more from the Ruffled Shoot and visit Durga Kali to see more designs.

Lovely Lane Chapel Wedding :: Katie & Will

epworth by the sea cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

I just realized that I had never shared the beautiful pictures from Katie and Will’s Saint Simons Wedding at Lovely Lane Chapel.  This was my first wedding with the ever amazing Savannah wedding photographer Michael Edde from Beacon Photo o.  Mike is such an awesome photographer– you can just tell how comfortable his brides are with him from their wedding pictures.  I love him because he is my partner-in-crime for the reception, singing songs as we pass each other in between events in the timeline.  He finds some of the most unique places to take the most romantic shots.  If you can’t tell, I’m a total fan.

cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

lovely lane chapel wedding cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

I had so much fun at Katie and Will’s wedding, which was a true reflection of the fun time I had planning with Katie and her mom, Francie.  Together we planned a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception at the Heritage Center.  One of my all time favorite things was Katie’s beautiful dress, which was the inspiration for Katie’s seven tier wedding cake.

cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer



Another highlight of the day that I know Katie’s mom and I waited for with baited breath:  finally viewing Katie’s beautiful veil and the hands ceremony.  There was not a dry in the house during this intimately touching exchange between the two of them.  Mike caught every image so beautifully!

lovely lane chapel wedding cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

lovely lane chapel wedding cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer
cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographercocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer

cocktails details st simons wedding planner beacon photos savannah wedding photographer




We Likey: Samuel Adams’ Brewlywed Ale

Sam Adams Brewlywed Ale for Weddings


Your hunny just got a whole lot more excited about wedding planning.

No matter where your wedding is, more likely than not, beer is going to play a big role in your wedding.  Well, for the guys, anyway. Having a broad, quality selection is like the guy’s version of the wedding cake.  Leave it to Jim Koch of Samuel Adams to come up with something totally awesome (he actually brewed the first batch of Samuel Adams Noble Pils for his daughter’s wedding day).  Let me tell you how awesome Jim is– at a recent Brewlywed Ale tasting at the Samuel Adams Brewery, he served as best man to adventurous couples who got married at the Brewery!


Brewlywed Ale is described as a distinct and complex brew with a layer of flavors including fruit and honeysuckle notes from the Belgian yeast, as well as the sweetness from malt and a citrus character from hops.

For all you beer heads out there, here’s the specs:


Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale, Brewers’ tasting notes:

·         This traditional Belgian-style bride ale combines the tropical, floral aromas of Stella and Summer hops with subtle hints of spice.

·         Its light malt character and soft hop profile impart an upfront fruity taste followed by lingering notes of clove and honeysuckle from Belgian yeast. The Belgian yeast also imparts distinct flavors of spicy clove and tropical fruit character.

·         At 8% ABV, Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale is a medium bodied brew, deep golden in color with a slight unfiltered haze.

·         This special brew finishes a little crisp from the wheat, with a citrus and fruity note on the palate and lingering hop finish.

·         We recommend serving this beer at a temperature of 40-45° and enjoying it before your one-year anniversary.

·         Samuel Adams Brewlywed Ale will be packaged in decorated 750mL, cork-finished bottles; and available for $14.99 per bottle, or purchased by the case of 12 (maximum of 3 cases per purchase).

The Worst Groomsmen Fashion Faux Pas

Groomsmen Fashion Mistakes


The crew over at Bows N’ Ties asked their Facebook fans to vote on what they thought were the worst groomsmen fashion faux pas for weddings. And they did.not.hold.back.  Granted, brides and grooms are going to do what they want to do in regard to their bridal attire. However, a lot of fashion crimes, regrets and “what in the WORLD was I thinking!?” don’t occur until after they see the photos and realize:

We just made the biggest mistake in the history of EVER.



Here are just a few from the list that you can see here, and yes, luxeling– they include pictures:


•  Ill-fitting tuxes or suits
•  Wrinkled clothing
• Bad shoes

Want to see more? Check out the list! Want to avoid some of these?  here’s how to avoid having your groomsmen in the wrong size  for his build, as well as some great looks for the men in your bridal party.