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I Dare You To Give

Liene had a fantastic post today about how you can “buy” something that is so untangible, but means the world to someone else. It was awesome and moving. So on this Thanksgiving day, Oprah had a show on about giving. She featured an organization that has been the secret addiction amongst givers called Kiva. Kiva is an organization that allows everyday people like you and me to make a loan to impoverished entrepreneurs in third world countries to start a business that could change the entire dynamic of their lives. A loan as small as $25 can help a business owner feed their family for a month, buy clothes or possibly medicine for their children. What makes the process even more rewarding is that when the loan is paid back, you get a credit in your account which allows you to then give to someone else if you choose. You simply click on a person’s picture– read more about them and their story. If you feel compelled to give, you can do so at your own discretion. Kiva has had a 98% repaid loan rate. That is AMAZING. I just registered and when I clicked on someone I was interested in loaning money to, the site crashed! Their servers were overloaded with other people who are passionate about giving. I challenge you…I DARE you to count your blessings today and bless someone else.

So see– you really can buy happiness.

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