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St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Island Destination Weddings | Um. Wow: Bridezilla Sues Florist for Wrong Shade of Pink
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Um. Wow: Bridezilla Sues Florist for Wrong Shade of Pink

As you can imagine, I hear and see a lot of things in this business.  But when I read that a NYC bride sued her florist over the color of her flowers, I knew I still have a lot more to see and hear.

Go on and read it. Then come back.

Ok, are you back?

Mouth still open?

Let’s do away with the fact that some were wilted, brown and in dusty vases. I’m also going to ignore the fact that the bride is asking for $372,564.86 in damages, in addition to the money she already paid for the flowers.

First of all, let me say that any money that you spend on your wedding is important. Be it $1 or in this bride’s case, $27,435.14.  Having money isn’t everything, but not having it isYou should get what you pay for.

Let’s talk about how you can avoid this with your wedding:

1.) Check your florist’s contract or agreement for a substitution clause.  As a matter of fact, check ALL of your vendors’ contracts for this clause. It may say something along the lines of “Vendor XYZ reserves the right to change or substitute goods or services in this contract with others if contracted goods or services are not available at time of performance”.  Ok. Fair enough. But what you want to know is: a.) will you be notified of the change, b.) if you can approve the change and c.) if you do not like the change/substitution, what are your options?  Most importantly, the change or substitution should be comparable to what you contracted for.

2.) ALWAYS SEND A SWATCH. Did you hear me? ALWAYS SEND A SWATCH. Some things look purple to me, but blue to you.  If I say chartreuse do you think of a light green or a deep green?  Heck, some people in these fields are even colorblind! ( I know, God help us) If you send a swatch of your bridesmaids’ dresses, your linens, etc. There is should be no deviation if at all possible as you have eliminated all of the guesswork.  NEVER rely solely on pictures as you do not know if they have been doctored (ask Super-fabulous Liene about her very rare Blue Orchids) or the type of lighting used. Most importantly, never ever solely rely on a picture that has been emailed to the florist. Computer monitors vary– you don’t know if the forist is viewing your images on a top of the line Sony monitor or a dinosaur from 1984.  Email pictures are great for concept and design, but colorwise– it’s a gamble.

3.)Ask for your florist for a sample when you visit.  Don’t expect a whole layout of your wedding spread done, but see if the florist can get a sample of the flower or even construct a mini-centerpiece or bouquet.  Some florists may charge a nominal fee for this, so be prepared.?? All in all, it may be worth it to have your peace of mind.

4.)Know what you want.  Don’t choose flowers that wilt easily or can’t stand up to heat and humidity if you are having an outdoor summer wedding.  Know what colors and flowers are in your wedding season to prevent having to dye flowers (although pretty, this can be a MESS! you can ruin your clothes before your ceremony even starts!)

This should help you avoid something like what our fair lawyer bride has had to “endure”.

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