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We Likey: VOGA wine



We were sent a sample VOGA Italia’s pinot grigio recently and were completely enamored!


First, the sleek bottle within itself is a work of art;  the new sparkling pinot grigio is quite possibly its only rival in style (I adored the fact both come with a cork, despite the non-traditional packaging).  I typically enjoy sweeter wines and cocktails, so I was eager to try something fresh and new.  VOGA has made me a fan of pinot grigio!  It’s a dry wine, but had woody undertones, with citrus and apple flavors which I found most pleasant.  I always save my introductory sample to test over a course of days to ensure that I can get the most out of the spirit.  The first night, I enjoyed it chilled with grilled tilapia and it was a perfect complement. The next night, I had a chilled glass with some fruit and cheese while I vegged out during the Top Chef marathon.  It was just as good.


I am very excited to say I am a fan! The wine is not cost intensive; ranging from $10-$14 a bottle it is affordable to try or give as a gift. My sister and I frequently discuss new wines we’ve tried in the span of time since our previous visit.  This has earned itself a bow and shipping charges for her to enjoy, too. 


Many glass clinks to Voga—for great wine and great packaging!

Details: Cloth Wine Bags

wine bags


These super cute cloth wine bags would make perfect favors for your vineyard inspired wedding.  Imagine them all dolled up with personalized bottles of your favorite vintage! 


Acts of Kindness Wine Jute Bags, $19 for 4;

How Much Alcohol Do You Need for Your Wedding?

My answer: Lots.

The truth:  It depends.



Real Simple has developed a wonderful online wine and liquor calculator for your wedding to help you figure out how much alcohol you should buy for your wedding.  By selecting choices that pertain to your wedding such as full bar or wine, beer and champagne only, the calculator will help you determine how many bottles you should purchase.  These numbers will vary depending on your number of guests as well as the time of day of your reception. 

Look at some of my favorite signature drinks or these Southern Cocktails as you make your decision for your bar. 

Wine Pairings for Dummies

Are you just not that keen on the types of wines that should go with food for your next cocktail or dinner party?

Have no fear! The Amazing Food Wine Company is about to make life a whole lot simpler.

It can’t get any easier than finding a bottle of wine with a big picture of its complementary food on it.

What makes it even better is that it has the cutest names like “Wine that Loves Chicken” or “Wine that Loves Tomato Sauce”. Others include “Wine that Loves Grilled Steak” or “Wine that Loves Pizza”.

Wine That Loves, $12.99, available from

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