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Our Favorite iPhone Apps for Wedding Planning


Here are some free apps for the iPhone that we think will aid you in your wedding planning process.  Each app assists with many areas of your planning, and can provide much needed assistance and support for when you are on the go.




youtube videos online


The native YouTube app is perfect to listen to single songs you are considering for your father-daughter dance or cake cutting song.  You can listen to different versions of music for your wedding ceremony’s prelude, processional and recessional.  Additionally, you can view promo videos from local wedding vendors or get advice and ideas from wedding shows.  Additionally, check out the Pandora radio app for more general music suggestions and ideas for your prelude and cocktail hour music.


Wedding Wire


wedding wire iphone app wedding planning

The app from Wedding Wire puts all of your wedding planning in your hands. Not only do you have access to the information of local wedding vendors, you can keep a personalized wedding planning checklist and budget.  Everything you need is right at your finger tips.



evernote for the iphone

Full disclosure—I love Evernote.  Evernote collects items you want to save into a digital notebook.  Everything—including emails, web clips, audio memos, pictures, screenshots—everything!  With the the desktop version that syncs to both the iPhone app and the online account, you can have all of your wedding details—from inspiration pictures to vendor communications and more with you at all time. You can even tweet to your Evernote account!


the knot


wedding 911 iphone app wedding planning

This app features frequently asked questions by brides, all answered by The Knot’s Carley Roney. You can also interact with other brides to ask your own questions about wedding planning or answer a few from other excited brides.  This is the perfect app to have on the go when you have questions that need an immediate answer or the ability to at least steer you in the right direction.


Brides Dressing Room


brides dressing room wedding dress iphone app bridal salon

I absolutely love this app!  Sharing the hottest wedding dresses from the industry’s best designers, you can pick out your favorite dresses and find a retailer close to you who carries the line and also schedule an appointment. 




colorstrology iphone app pantone colors

This is astrology meets gorgeous color!  Created by the talented Pantone, you can get inspiration of your favorite wedding colors with this app.  Each day is assigned a color and a “colorstrology”, but also shows the vibrant shades and hues of the Pantone’s hottest colors.  Perfect for when you are looking for complementing colors for your bridesmaids’ dresses, flowers or linens.  Be sure to check the colorstrology for your wedding day and see what it says!


Drinks Free


Drinks free cocktail recipes iphone app 


Drinks Free provides you with many drink and cocktail recipes based on your favorite ingredients or search through the eleven categories.  If you are feeling adventurous, press the random drink button for a pleasant surprise!  This is perfect for your signature drink “research???.


These are just a few to get you started—what are you using to plan your wedding?

The Phone That Brought Sexy Back

IMG_0665.jpgIn addition to my addiction to makeup–I’ve clearly got an addiction to phones too 🙂  I decided to maximize my time and efforts with business and personal life and got a Palm Treo. It was cute. I felt like a big girl.  Even though I wanted a Blackberry– I decided to cut my teeth on this smartphone and essentially avoid carrying a palm pilot and a cell phone.  All was well with the world. Then….my two year old accidentally on purpose dropped it on my ceramic tile floor.

R.I.P. Palm Treo.

So here I am phoneless– with all my clients’, vendors’, family’s info, appointments, notes, etc. just gone.  Sure, it’s on my computer, but I need a phone!  So I hop on ebay and score a Blackberry. I loved it. Became a “crackberry addict” in a second.   I was horrible– two hours after I gave birth, I was on my blackberry notifying family and friends. 

So, Captain America and I go into the AT&T store to get a holster for our phones, and walk out with His and Her iPhones.  The phone is AWESOME. It takes a while to get used to, and although I did miss my crackberry enormously (ok maybe not that much), and felt like I was cheating on her, the iPhone was definitely an awesome investment.  So now I’ve cut down on the Palm Pilot, cell phone and iPod and consolidated them into one piece of equipment.

Go me.

Current Ringtone?  Rockstar by Nickelback.  Current Wallpaper?  Captain America and I kissing on the beach in Jamaica.  How many songs in my library? About 465, with 2 episodes of Top Chef and 2 episodes of Whose Wedding Is It Anyway. Oh. And can’t forget my Bill Maher podcasts.  What’s playing right now in the iPod portion? Kanye West’s new album, Graduation.  Photos? About 15– a majority of my new baby, kids and recently deployed husband, and a house I’ve been swooning over. 

While it’s not a hardcore business machine as my blackberry, it is definitely sleek, sexy and it does the job!