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Odd Man Out: Inviting Guests to Your Wedding Rehearsal Dinner

Going to weddings can be a lot of fun for people.  For others– not so much.  Why do you think that is?  Well, if you are the significant other or spouse of a member in the bridal party or a guest, chances are you’re in unchartered territory.  New town.  New people.  Lots of Travel.  It’s always nice for the bride and groom to extend invitations to the SO’s of the bridal party for events that include the bridal party.

For example, if you’re having a rehearsal dinner, make sure you invite your Maid of Honor’s boyfriend or fiance…especially if they have flown in to spend this time with you.  Nothing is worse than hearing “Hey honey, I have to go to the rehearsal and then to the party afterwards. You stay here in the hotel room”.

Yep, kinda awkward.

If you cannot afford to invite significant others to the rehearsal dinner– then seriously reconsider the type  of rehearsal dinner you want to have.   And definitely don’t make the mistake of allowing one and not the other.  If you aren’t hosting the rehearsal dinner, talk to the person who is.  You can either pad the budget or assume the event yourself.  Besides, do you really want to risk slighting those friends and family who have agreed to stand up with you and have shown their support both financially and emotionally?  It could make for awkward or even ill-feelings the next day, which should be the most important and stress free day of your life!

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