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13 Knock ‘Em Dead Dapper Boutonnieres

Tradition has typically called for the groom’s boutonniere to be a bloom “plucked” right from the bride’s bouquet. The sentiment of that tradition is great, but here are some other inspirational designs to add to your consideration:

White Gardenia Boutonniere

Photo :: Dawn E. Roscoe

purple ranunculus wedding boutonniere

Succulent Wedding Boutonniere

Photo :: Maile Lani

white ranunculus boutonniere

Photo :: Millie Holloman

steampunk wedding

Steam Punk Boutonniere :: Etsy

succulent and purple boutonniere

Photo :: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Rustic Billy Ball Boutonniere

Boutonnieres by Blooms by the Box

Hot Pink and navy dusty miller boutonniere

Photo :: m three studio

rustic boutonniere with burlap buttons and feathers

Photo :: pobke photography  (DIY instructions burlap boutonniere at green wedding shoes

Tangerine Hot Pink orchid boutonniere

Etsy :: Kate Said Yes

Yellow Boutonniere

Hypericum Berry Boutonniere

curly willow boutonniere

For more boutonniere inspiration, visit us on Pinterest!

Fashion Monday: Rik Ducar

Rik Ducar mens formal Wear for weddings and special events

This week’s fashion Monday is dedicated to him.  An all new Rik Ducar boutique has opened in Los Angeles on Beverly Boulevard next to fabulous household name, Jenny Yoo.  The Atlanta shop, Le Tux, has already transformed the way men approach their formal wear.

Owner Rik Ducar is one of the leading groom experts in the US. His work was featured on the show “Get Married” as well as the Mark Burnett, TNT reality series “Wedding Day.” He has been profiled in The AJC, Jezebel, Atlantan Brides, Atlanta Magazine and Weddings In Style Magazine. Past celebrity clients include rap star TI, entertainer Fonzworth Bentley and CBS TV star Jon Cryer. Other high profile clients include professional football players Matt Hasselback (Seattle Seahawks), Demario Pressley (New Orleans Saints) and Sean Jones (Tampa Bay Buccaneers).

With Rik’s expertise, coupled with the amazing selection of designers carried in the store, the groom and his groomsmen are guaranteed to look their best on such a special day.  After all, you shouldn’t have all the fun and what better way to show off your man than to swathe him in luxury apparel, by someone who knows how to make a man look good?

Follow Rik Ducar on Twitter for up-to-date information on keeping your man sexy and fabulous.

Get Your Man (Involved with Wedding Planning!)

wedding planning by fOtOdOjO.

More often than not, almost every bride at some point complains that her groom isn’t doing “enough” to assist with the wedding planning.  Depending on her scale of sanity, these expectations can be range from realistic to insane.  For those ladies who have been “blessed” with a Groomzilla, this isn’t for you.  It could be that he doesn’t know how to help or where to begin, or he recognizes your infinite wisdom and believes you have it all under control.

Remember, this is a totally new territory for your guy.  Your dad, God bless him, has a slight edge in that he’s already done this.  He’s experience it from a different vantage point, but he can recall everything involved.  Your man, however, has been thrust into a world filled with lace, glossy bridal magazines, linen samples, and other bridal atrocities that make me want to go off to the deep end.  Long gone are the days shooting pool with the guys or reading his kindle.  His life is now consumed with wedding planning, and he really wants a bailout. 

Honey, I’ve been married for ten years and I will tell you three things that a man will always be interested in:  food, fashion and fun.  These vary on the scale of importance to each man, but you know your guy…where does his interests lie?  No matter the case for what can appear as his lack of enthusiasm, we’ll help you get through it:

Food:  The old adage says the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Very true.  If your guy is a health nut, foodie, or just loves to veg overall, let him take the steering wheel with the food.  Don’t worry, he won’t make any bad decisions (he’s got you, after all, right?), but in the very off chance he seems to be deviating from the course, gently guide him back or offer him one of his outstanding ideas he hasn’t thought of yet (i.e., make him think he came up with it).  For example, if your guy says at the catering consult that he just wants burgers and fries (trust me, it happens)—tell him that’s a fantastic idea and come up with some gourmet sliders and fresh cut fried potatoes for the cocktail hour or as a snack at your after party.  What ever his likes are, find a way to incorporate them.

Fashion:  While some guys are perfectly fine with a pair of shorts or old jeans and flip flops, your guy is meticulous about his looks right down to the  hair on his head.  Call around to tuxedo retailers and get catalogs for you to give to him.  Listen as he gives his thoughts.  Look through ads and shows of his favorite designers.  What are some of his signature styles?  Does he always wear a scarf or argyle socks?  Make that mesh with the wedding look!  Let him take the lead and watch him get completely enthralled with planning.

Fun:  What does he like to do for fun?  What do you two enjoy doing together?  Is there any way that can be scaled up or down and integrated into your wedding?  Let him handle the band or DJ—including the musical selections, setup, etc.  Inspire other great ideas like a miniature golf set up if yours is a casual fun affair or even an interactive Wii station as the night goes on.  Whether it’s music, games, lighting or a combo of the three—he’ll be game.


Happy Planning


:: Photo by fOtOdOjO

Dressing the Man



For the past few weeks, we’ve been featuring some of the best bridal designers and their new looks for the upcoming season.  Far be it from us to leave Mr. Fabuluxe out of all the fun.  Whenever Captain America and I go out or plan trips, it is always so much fun (and sometimes tiring, because trust me, honey, he can outshop me sometimes) to go with him to select his accessories or see him getting fitted.  I completely love how he will pick up something and say “This will bring out the [color] in the [article of clothing]”.  I know.  It’s all types of awesome.

So, I think of him as I write this post—his acute attention to detail and love of sophisticated style that every gentleman should have on his wedding day—no matter what his personality is.  There are so many ways to add some really luxurious details to your man’s look on the big day.  As long as he is not wearing an “extra medium” , I think we’ve pretty much have it easy.


David Yurman Cufflinks black tourmaline Pave Diamond Cufflinks David Yurman

silver gold and black cufflinks David Yurman Yellow Diamond Cufflinks David Yurman

Cufflinks from the David Yurman Collection



silver and black Omega watch black and white leather Armani watch

Watches by Omega and Emporio Armani


diamond audemars piguet watch

Of course I had to share this beauty by Audemars Piguet, if not for anything else but  admiration purposes alone.  This bezel and bracelet boasts 456 baguette cut diamonds.  Ahem.  That’s 47.45 carats…in case you were wondering.  (I know, I caught the vapors, too!)




black leather gucci shoes black buckled Kenneth Cole shoes black leather DKNY shoes

Shoes by Gucci, Kenneth Cole and DKNY


Do something special, too—something that will make him think of you as he gets dressed,  For example, even if he rents his tuxedo, have his dress shirt personalized with your monogram or soon to be initials.  You could even pick out (together, of course!) a special cologne for the wedding day.  Something you will find irresistible and alluring on him that he can only  wear on your wedding day.   Of course by now, you know your man’s likes and dislikes, so go through the extra effort to make sure that the groom feels special, confident and gorgeous on your wedding day.

Would You Get Him a Mirdle?

You know, a male girdle?



Ok, gents—I apologize.  It is a “core precision undershirt,” and does for men what Spanx did for women. 

It’s rather smart, if you think about it.  His Luxeness is not under any less pressure than his fiancee when it comes to looking (and feeling) fabulous on his wedding day.  He will probably change his eating habits and go to the gym a lot more during the week to prep for the day.  Pile that on top of the several things he is expected to know and do in life in general—and it’s stressful!

Equmen now offer a subtle bodyshaping undershirt that pulls in and gently shapes where he will need it most…on the day he will need it most!  I think it’s a great idea and there is no shame in it at all!



:: Source ::

Hot 5 Under $75 : Groomsmen Gifts



Looking for some great gifts for your guys?  Fear not, oh fab one—here are some great ideas to get you started.  Below are some hot picks that could cater to every type of groomsmen—the metro, the lover, the geek and the renaissance man. 


Brushed Nickel Accessories Box from Red Envelope

Small box retails for $49.95 + $9.95 for engraving

Large box retails for $69.95



  Multipoint Bluetooth® Headset from Brookstone

Retails for $59.95

The Art of Shaving Carry On Kit from Art of Shaving

Retails for $50

Nice Collective Nico card holder from Nice Collective

Retails for $75

Gucci Por Homme II 
Retails for $65

The Man and His Ascot




Ascots are coming back into fashion this year—can you picture your Mister in one?


They are absolutely stunning—especially when paired with vests and/or long jackets.  The look, as seen on Joshua Jackson,  has a certain air and style that cannot be achieved with a classic bowtie or long tie.  They are tres sexy and European. His Luxeness can rent his ascot if he would like, or purchase a silk one from such places as Forzieri Italia (be sure to sign up for their newsletter to receive 5% off!).  If you do purchase it, why not personalize the inside of it with his initials or a love note from you.  There are several styles and colors that will very well complement the wedding theme you have chosen and its colors.


Also, be sure to practice, if you do decide to purchase or rent!

This Year’s Top First Dance Songs?

  It’s no secret that I have kidlets. That being said, my recent movie theatre experiences are limited to Disney, Dreamworks and anything else animated. A few weeks ago, we took the minis to see Enchanted, and I was struck by this song.  I was immediately on my phone taking notes of the title and artist’s name.

The song is absolutely beautiful– It is So Close by Jon McLaughlin.

What are your favorite first dance songs? What do you think will be a great song this year?