Outdooor Wedding Ceremony Ideas

If you chosen to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, you are not just limited to the typical “chair and two altar arrangements” that frequent most outdoor wedding ceremonies.  No– you have many gorgeous options available to you:  drapery, arches, seating arrangements and more.

circle seating for outdoor wedding ceremony

Circular seating offers a new dimension to outdoor weddings that you couldn’t create with an indoor wedding ceremony.  With an ornate canopy,  the seating arrangement lends itself as additional decor to the area.

Draped fabric on a tree at outdoor wedding ceremony

This is so simple, but very timeless  The mere draping of the long thick fabric upgrades the tree from just a background piece to a beautiful, incorporation of nature.  This is perfect for couples looking for a rustic wedding or a classic natural look.

outdoor branch altar with chandelier

This is proof that you can have a glamorous outdoor wedding.  I love the natural branch arch that is glommed up with a chandelier in the center.  The large, lush arrangements in the urns add color, while the greenery adds a fullness and garden feel to the ceremony area.

canopy of flowers arch for outdoor wedding ceremony

This is is just divine.  Aside from the heavily petaled aisle, the gorgeous canopy is comprised of strung florals.  With a small chandelier in the center with complementary floral design and a table for the unity ceremony, not much else is needed for this gorgeous ceremony centerpiece.

Drapery with outdoor ceremony pillars

This may be one of my absolute favorites.  It takes an existing structure and builds upon it– changing its look by adding sheer drapery, with florals wrapped around the pillar as opposed to traditional arrangements on a structure or in an urn.  The chandeliers add a beautiful and elegant touch to the ceremony area.

Take advantage of cultural landmarks in your destination! This couple said "I do" surrounded by Mexican ruins!

If your wedding is in a destination where it features some great cultural landmarks, use them as the backdrop for your wedding ceremony.  This could be trees, ruins, beaches, buildings, structures, etc.  Don’t feel confined– the possibilities are endless!

Suspended hanging poms wedding ceremony

This is a great example of two inspiration ideas:  suspended decor and adding a touch of whimsical elements.  The colorful, ruffled pom poms are hung from an overhead structure, while the urn topiaries and arch greenery add a sweet touch of garden femininity.