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Fashion Monday: Dressing the Man

Vanity Fair Cover


I’ve been told that women have it “easy” when it comes to finding something to wear.  There are so many stores that cater to us, shapes, sizes and complexions. I will admit, it’s not always the same when it comes to men.  If you remember my pointed question, Why Is Your Groomsman Wearing an “Extra Medium”, men can have it rough if their “in” shape as much as being out of shape.  Here are some tips to help you and your honey decide on what to choose for your male wedding participants:


  • Choose something that is stylish, let timeless.  As we’ve given advice to brides regarding bridesmaids in letting their ladies choose either complementary styles and colors for their dresses, the same can be said for the groomsmen.  If you do not want to go the tuxedo route, every well dressed man has a black suit in their arsenal– and more likely than not, they’ve already had it tailored so that it looks its very best on them.  As a gift, you can give them matching shirts with their initials embroidered on it.
  • Don’t be afraid of color!  Adding a pop of color is a sure way to keep your men looking vibrant and attractive.
  • Relaxing is okay…it’s also gorgeous.  If you are having a low-key beachside affair, quality khakis and a loose shirt can look absolutely STUNNING where as a upbraided tux can look completely unnatural and out of place.  For less than the cost of a tuxedo rental, your groomsmen get to keep some stylish items to add to their wardrobe. If that goes too far for you, allow your guys to skip the ties with an open collar– this allows a sense of style while still maintaining a sense of decorum with a jacket.  Or you can skip the jacket and allow your guys to wear sleek vests which can be paired with dress pants or class up a pair of jeans for later.
  • Personality is a must!  Let every guy bring his own style to the table.  Your groomsmen are not toy soldiers, backdrops or stand-ins.  You chose them to be in your wedding because their place in your life and who they are to you. Allow them to showcase that– it could be with their choice of jewelry, footwear, boutonniere, skinny tie, bow tie or what you can agree on. Don’t think it will work?  Check out how the men of Hollywood rocked out that Vanity Fair shoot above.

Want some eye candy inspiration?  Here you go:

black tie and black shirt no tie

Black Suit for a wedding

vest and pants for wedding

Black dress shirt bowtie


monochromatic suit for weddings

I have to end with Diddy.  I am huge fan of his music, business acumen and style.  It takes a strong and confident man to show up anywhere with Jennifer Lopez looking like this.  But he pulls it off in his own right in this layered monochromatic ensemble. He complements her instead of competing with her, and even if we saw him alone we would still think he was striking. This is the exact cue your honey should take as well– showcase his style, look fabulous in his own right and forever, both in life and looks, complement his beautiful bride.