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We Likey: The Paris Wedding

The Paris Wedding Book by Kim Petyt

Ever since I was a little girl, I’ve been in love with all things French– especially Paris. This love has been passed down to my own little girl, who collects Eiffel Towers, had a Parisian birthday party, and knows possibly every fashion house in Paris. It is absolutely no wonder that when I began my business and met the beautiful soul, Kimberly Petyt of Parisian Events, I was completely enamored.

An American transplant in Paris, Kim has created a world-renowned wedding company that specializes and caters to Americans getting married in Paris. Her acute eye for design, effervescent personality and unparalleled drive for service mas made her a favorite and must-have for those getting married abroad.

getting married in paris inspiration

Kim has now taken the next logical step– sharing her expertise, love for her work and the beauty of her couples in a book entitled, Paris Wedding . The Paris Wedding, which will be released this coming April, is a full-color, idea-packed, “go-to guide” for globally minded trendsetters who are in love with the style and romance of Paris. Half of the book focuses on the logistical “nitty-gritty” behind planning a wedding in Paris (but also includes plenty of gorgeous Real Parisian Wedding eye-candy). The other half is geared towards brides who want to plan a Parisian-INSPIRED wedding in their own hometown, and includes stylized photo shoots (shot on location, naturally!) as well as chapters on things like lingerie, wedding gown and shoe shopping in Paris, and resources for finding French touches like macarons and croquembouche in cities all over the world.

If you are going to Paris to marry or are strongly leaning towards a Paris styled event in your area, I truly cannot think of a better resource, guide and expert to assist you than Kim and her new book!

P.S.– Also check out her awesome blog, Parisian Party: Tales of an American Wedding Planner in Paris for more inspiration!