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Overheard at Your Wedding: “I’m Hot/Cold”



Nothing is worse than being too hot, or too cold.  It’s uncomfortable, dreadful and can have such a horrid effect on your appearance. You can be only so  fabulous in extreme weather. 


If your wedding is in a hot season/climate:  Be sure to think ahead, for your guests’ sakes.  While you are tucked away inside, preparing for your grand entrance, your guests will be outside enjoying your prelude music.  Opt to have tea, lemonade and water available or served as guests arrive to the ceremony.  This quick refresher can rejuvenate the excitement for your pending nuptials. In addition to programs, have hostesses pass out fans to keep guests cool. 

If your reception, too, will be outdoors, be sure to opt for a tent to shield guests from the sun.  Tents now come with fans and air conditioning units to keep guests cool during dinner. 


If your wedding is in a cool season/climate:  If your venues have fireplaces, seek to use them for the aesthetic it provides, but also for practical reasons.  The warm heat will serve to warm your venue and also create a festive wintery ambiance that adds a personal touch to the event experience.  Serve warm signature drinks like hot toddies, gourmet hot chocolates, warm ciders, etc. during your cocktail hour to greet guests coming in from the cold. 


In extreme weather, guests will always head to where they are most comfortable—be it inside at a sweltering outdoor wedding or to the closest heat source for a wedding held in the cooler months.  This will always throw a monkey wrench into the great festivities you’ve had planned. 



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Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Moodboard by Once Upon Your Wedding

 Moodboard by Once Upon Your Wedding // Click for larger picture

Winter is coming!  Here is a modest moodboard that was part of a picture challenge over at iWED .  The challenge was to use the middle picture to inspire the rest of the board.  I liked the idea of two things for this winter board:  varying shades of blue and ice.  I chose the concept of going cool and warm for the cocktail  hour (you can see the signature drink and hors d’oeuvres by the cake…), by choosing a “not-so-hot chocolate”– cool mocha enhanced by Kahlua and warmed by cinnamon sugar garnish, and a pumpkin soup shooter.  At a glance, the cake looks rather simple, however, it’s frosting is an iridescent color and ornamented with snowflakes.  The crystal tree brings the reminiscence of walking through an icy forest with icicles falling from its branches.  To take the ice concept a bit further, the champagne chiller is exactly that: made of ice.  The centerpieces again, use crystals to mimic ice reflective of the theme.  I always love candlelight at winter weddings, but it plays so well with this theme because the light bounces of the crystals, subsequently doubling the effect.

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