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We Likey: All I Really Want Registry

Wedding Registry Ideas

Still scrambling to put together your perfect gift registries?

The latest virtual tool for the tech-savvy bride, newly launched site All I Really Want offers a simple, free way to catalogue your ultimate wedding registry. Rather than creating one list for guests to peruse, All I Really Want allows brides-to-be the freedom to create multiple registries from unlimited sites and house them in one simple, stylish location. In a few simples steps, you can start linking your objects of desire from all over the web to be shared.

Launched in February 2012, co-founders Andrew Thomka-Gazdik and Julia Collins wanted to create a simple way to make gift giving easier. Recently featured in Mashable’s “Spark of Genius” series, All I Really Want is “a simple and practical [Content Management System],” that “takes the mystery out of gift giving.” –

Want to take it for a spin?  See a sample registry here and get started!

We Likey: CBTL Espresso Machine


There are a few things I need in life to start my day off right:

Smiles and hugs from kids.

A thankful prayer to the Lord for seeing another day.

A kiss from the love of my life.

And coffee.

Please note, all of these are non-negotiables!


After running the kids to school, I could typically cajole myself in to believing how much I deserved that caramel macchiato or a vanilla latte to start my day with busy details, interviews, meetings, sketches and more.  I’d get that 2:30 feeling that they rave about on the 5 Hour Energy commercials and say, “Go on to Starbucks”.  I’m the mayor of my Starbucks on Foursquare. It’s that serious.

I was then introduced to the CBTL machine, The Coffee Bean + Tea Life machine and my life has been glorious ever since.  Less cost intensive than other one-cup machines with a compact and sleek design, the gorgeous Americano rests sweetly on my counter waiting for me to pop in an one of the delicious flavor espresso or tea cups into its holder and LIFE BEGINS!

This is the perfect item to add to your registry or even give as a gift to your honey.  Simple to use, compact, and a myriad of flavors to suit your tastes of the day.  They find  highest quality coffee and tea from around the world, use a freshness seal on their single serve capsules to lock in exquisite taste and aroma. What I also love are the powder and sauce sachets which give me that coffeehouse decadence in the comfort of my own home.  My kids even love it because it makes hot chocolate! This is a definite must have in your home.