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Five Things Your Wedding Planner Absolutely Loves

love you

Your Ceremony and Reception Are In the Same Location.  Logistically, it makes things a lot easier for all the vendors involved.  It also makes for better planning and transition/flow into events.  If you are looking to have your ceremony at a house of worship, look into options that may be on the same grounds or adjacent to the property where the ceremony will be performed.  Great examples are Faith Chapel and near by Crane and Cherokee Cottages at the nearby Jekyll Island Club Hotel, or the Lovely Lane Chapel at Epworth by the Sea on Saint Simons Island.

You Trust His/Her Judgment.   Yes, we secretly get giddy inside when you say “You can do what you want… I trust you”.  We understand it takes a lot to get to that point, but it means a lot when you can trust that we will make the right decision on your behalf.  It also means a lot when you take our advice into consideration when making decisions.  Being able to see the event from all perspectives, and not have tunnel vision is the perk of being an event producer.  We can work best, and in your best interest when we are allowed to do what we do best. 

Cake.  We love cake.  Please give us some.  MANY a day has your favorite Terrica sat on the couch the day after a wedding shoving buttercream in her face, while watching FitTV. It’s like a national pastime.

You Stand Up For What You Want…Even With Us.  When your planner has been planning your wedding with you from the beginning, we begin to know your likes and dislikes.  We know what is important to you, and why.  We do get disheartened when family and/or friends talk you out of something that is very important to you.  It takes the sheen off your day a bit. Even though it is a community celebration, your wedding should still be indicative of your personalities as a couple. 

You Value His/Her Time…Space.  Even though your wedding planner strives to make you feel like you’re the only client, in reality, you are not.  In fact, the business is not the be all and end all of the planner’s life.  We are especially grateful when you make all of your appointments on time, notify us if you cannot, or cancel ahead of time.  Try to call or schedule appointments during office hours.  This is a heavily logistical job consisting of many details for many people—sometimes your planner may just want to decompress in the bathtub or go to their child’s play.  Observe personal boundaries—do not call the planner at home or text him/her if you were not given explicit permission to do so.  A well rested (as much as possible) planner is a great planner.

An Open Service Proposal for the Scammers

I’d like to take a moment to deviate from the normally scheduled wedding awesomeness, and publish an open service proposal for all of those loving medical doctors from England (or wherever)  who would like to plan a wedding in “Anytown, USA” and attempt to scam wedding professionals with their fake requests.  What used to come from large wedding planning sites are now finding their way to your company’s email address or inquiry form.  If you are a bride and looking for some wedding goodness, tune in tomorrow.  If you’re a planner, enjoy, my friend.  Enjoy.

The letters typically start like this….


My Name is Dr. David Walter of London, England i need an experienced wedding planner who will handle my wedding and arrange the reception dinner for a group of people who will be attending the wedding ceremony.

The wedding is expected to hold on the 16th of January 2010 and 50 to 70 guests are expected to attend. As i do not know what the guests might choose for their meals and drinks, i will make a prepayment as initial deposit for this booking via credit card once availability is confirmed by you.All checks and balances will be made with you on 3rd of September which is the final day of the booking, You are to arrange for a a venue for the wedding  a place for the reception ,Videography, Music Entertainment,Photography,cake and flowers.

If there is any these items that is beyond your capability, you let us know so that another company can handle it. Get back to me with your response as we don’t have much time with us so that we can process our accommodation within the region more convenient for you and us.

Please get back to me via my personal email which is

Best Regards,

David Walter

And now…my reply….

Dearest Sir,

It is with great enthusiasm, loathing and utter insanity that I write this service proposal.   I indeed was quite exuberant when I received your generic scam , service request about your wedding.  Upon further research through Interpol’s data and checking an FBI’s watch list, I have come to the conclusion that you are not engaged, never have been, and moreover, don’t really know any girls.  Instead, you live in your mother’s basement with her 11 cats…and one litter box.  Nevertheless, for posterity’s sake, I shall play this little game with you in regards to this upcoming wedding for which you have a need for .  Below, I have taken the liberty of drawing up a proposal according to the event vision I believe you and your love would be happy with and deserve.


As you can see, this venue while not as spacious as most, is full of personality, character and ambiance.  With the uncut, natural landscaping, feral dogs and cats guarding the rear and front entrances, as well as the snakes, tree frogs and geckos about, we like to consider this as one of the more eco-friendly venues that your bride would look radiant in.  And yes, the urine and beer stains come with the unit.  You lucked out!

Condemned by the City :: Gratis (just be sure to be out if you hear sirens. If the police show up, I don’t know you and we never met)


No need to argue over classic or photojournalistic styles.  With this state of the art ESLR (etch and sketch lens reflex),  you are sure to capture all of the endearing moments and elegant details.  More over, if you catch an unfavorable or less than flattering shot—simply shake and it’s gone forever!

$12 :: Available in the romantic black and silver only


Randy Watson is a world renowned celebrity with the vocal chords of an angel.  His four piece band is talented as well, having been the understudies for the understudies of extras in the hit cable series “The Wire”.  In addition to performing at events, they are also found every Wednesday playing at Shady Pines Retirement Home.

$2 and a biscuit


While the ESLR will capture your moments on the silver screen, here is your chance to get those memories in motion.  Capture every tear drop, her laugh, and every drunken fight with our artist pad animation.  Presently, we can only do stick figures, however if you book by the 30th, we will throw in colored pencils at no additional charge.



Nothing says American like Mickey D’s.  Since that is what we believe  is what you and your fiancee or worth this will give you a glimpse in to American fast food, it pretty much works.  With approximately 150 guests and ordering solely off the Dollar Menu, I do believe we can  keep your catering costs under $500. We will throw in the My Little Pony.

$450 + tax and gratuity for the drive thru window attendants

Wedding Cake:

I know. It pretty much leaves us speechless, too.

$20 per short cake :: $460

Wedding Planner:

Of course, in addition to these fabulous vendors, you would also have us available for a good tongue lashing, turning you into the cops and dodging all of your calls advice and creative consults.

$3,000 per 5 minute increment :: Approximately 800 hours

It would be my pleasure to assist you with finding your vendors and venue for her wedding in three days.  I must say, I was quite relieved when I read you would expedite the phony check payment, for as you must know and understand, undertaking such a glorious event in such short time will need some surety.  Additionally when your bogus check in an amount far over the proposed fees because you seek to illegally recoup the excess,  payment arrives, in full disclosure I will admit that I will not be sending you the funds in excess and instead will be vacationing in Capri.  In the event that you feel that I cannot handle the event, I would eagerly refer you to my colleague, Sir Ray Ray of South Centralshire who is the proprietor of Ray Ray’s Chicken and Weddings. He can provide all of the services above, including wedding planner, personally and simultaneously.  His rates begin at 10 easy monthly payments of 19.99.  Feel free to pass this along to your scammer friends other fathers of the brides and grooms in your area,  as I hear you guys hang out in packs.

Of course, while I wish you and your bride the very best and eagerly await your decision on my services, I would also like to take this moment to mention that if it does not work out with you and her, we also offer matchmaking services.  I would gladly match her with any one of the deposed, expatriate Nigerian princes who are seeking to reclaim their inheritance from our database.


Now, please kindly die in a fire.


Wishing you nothing but the best with about 15 years in prison and burly cellmate  tagged on to that,

All the wedding planners of the world who are sick of getting these scams

The Lie the Wedding Magazine Told You…


I’m not the Oxy Clean guy.

There is never a “But WAIT!  There’s MORE!” moment with me.

There is no “but if you call right now, we’ll double the offer” moment.


Just to clarify, I’m not this guy either:

I sell provide a service that includes my creativity and expertise. It does not consist of discounts.

While that’s not the “lie” that they told you outright, I feel that we should clear up a tragic misconception.  This misconception has been flagrant in the economic climate where the funds that were once set aside for your wedding have been diminished and depleted.  Everyone is looking to save money. I don’t blame you.

So, the thing that really molds my lip gloss is when the glossies and some blogs perpetuate the role of a wedding planner as a walking talking coupon code or Entertainment Book (remember how you had to sell those in school?).  I believe they say things like “A good wedding planner will save you money with her vendor relationships, who in turn will provide you with discounts”.

Oh, really? No. Not quite.

Let me tell you what a good wedding planner will do:

  • A good wedding planner will never publicly or privately purport to you that she can get you exorbitant discounts.  This is something that is never guaranteed.  Unless, she is discounting her own service and pricing.
  • A good wedding planner will save you money by matching you with vendors that fit against his/her stringent wedding budget and event vision criteria.  S/he already knows who to go to—s/he knows which vendors to go to for what it is you need that will be in your price range and maximize your dollar for your event vision. By doing the footwork of research, preliminary and sample orders for you, s/he has saved you time.  Which is almost the same as saving you money.
  • A good wedding planner will always pass along any professional courtesies to his/her clients and refrain from taking kickbacks or markups on the client’s order.
  • A good wedding planner understands that to get “the best deal” or price is relative to each particular client. The best “deal” may be a completely non-traditional workup of the menu that the caterer does not typically do, or a service or product upgrade.
  • A good wedding planner has worked years for his/her vendor relationships, and continues to do so; s/he does not violate, abuse, or manipulate them in such a casual manner,as some of the antiquated wedding advice columns perceive.  S/he knows, not only as a creative professional, but a business owner, the enumerable costs of overhead, taxes, staff salaries, etc. that factors into a vendor’s pricing.  S/he appreciates when discounts are given to her clients, but knows that they are always at the vendor’s discretion, and never guaranteed.

  • A good wedding planner will tell you this.

A good client will not rely on potential discounts, but can plan their wedding on a budget they can actually afford. They understand the ??less is more” concept, understanding that if budget is truly an issue, the guest list may need to be cut, or the vision may need to be scaled back.

Check out other wedding planning myths you can’t afford to believe.

10 Tips from 10 Wedding Planners


One of the benefits of reading wedding blogs is that you get so much insight from fellow planners and brides.  I decided to ask some of the planners I think are outstanding to share a few of their favorite tips with Fabuluxe™ readers. Be sure to check them out, too!

“Hire vendors you trust, then let them do their jobs.”  Sara Bauleke • Bella Notte
“Start work on your seating assignments early as this becomes a MAJOR task as you get closer to the wedding…. when you make your guest list, purchase plain white, cheap paper plates and a pack of sticky notes…..write each guests name on a sticky note and arrange them in groups by family, friends or co workers around the paper plate about 8-10 on a plate ( as most 60” round banquet tables seat 8-10).”

Mark Kingsdorf • Queen of Hearts Weddings | BLOG

“Do you dread negotiating with vendors on their prices?  Wedding vendors need to support their lives too so most aren’t willing to drop their fees just because you ask.  The best way to get a good deal is to tell the vendor what amount you’re able to spend.  Then see how they can customize their services to fit your budget.  Perhaps the photographer will knock out the parent album that you don’t need anyway.  Maybe the DJ will leave the spinning club lights at home.  Or perhaps the caterer will suggest that you skip the mini dessert buffet and only serve wedding cake.  You may be surprised at how customized your vendors will make their packages in order to earn your business.” Laura Auer • Wish Special Events | BLOG
“Don’t get caught up in a particular shade of “pink” or “blue” when choosing your colors!  Different hues of a color will give your decor and overall wedding style that “designer” look.  Gone are the days of everything matching as well.  Bridesmaids dresses in gradient shades is a HAUTE look!”
Wendy Robinson • Sacred Moment Weddings | BLOG
“If you really want a unique wedding, stop looking for inspiration in wedding magazines.” Monica Gill •   The White Box | BLOG
“If having an outdoor ceremony, be considerate of your bridesmaids who may be wearing heals.  Consider purchasing them Solemates It keeps them from sinking into the grass.”  Latrice Cushenberry •  Bridal Opulence Weddings and Events | BLOG
“Keep all wedding related information in one place. Don’t have piles all over the house, and one at work, and one in the car, and don’t forget about the one that you have in the bathroom.  If you keep all of your wedding contracts, correspondence, emails, pages you’ve pulled out of magazines in one place, you will feel more organized. And if you need something, you will know exactly where it is. If your wedding consultant asks to see a copy of the contract, you know where it is – if you need to check the floral order, you know where it is.”

Melissa DiStefano •  MasterPiece Weddings | BLOG

“Consider a brunch reception if you are planning your wedding on a shoestring.”  Shanika Butts • SJB Weddings and Events | BLOG
“Add a line item to your budget for vendors that need to receive gratuities such as limo drivers, beauticians, etc. This can add up and it is so important to account for it at the beginning.”  Saundra Hadley • Planning…ForeverBLOG
“Make the timeline realistic and plan for all the activities you want. For instance, if you want to take pictures before the ceremony, please don’t ask the bridal party to show up only 2 hours before the ceremony, then say “If they’re late, then they won’t be in the pictures.”In reality you are going to WAIT for them because those are your friends or MOTHER,  and you really want them to be in the photos.  Plan accordingly to avoid any tardiness, tantrums and hurt feelings.”

Katasha Butler •  K.Sherrie + Co. | BLOG

Thank you to all of the planners that were so gracious with their time to participate. You all offered some wonderful tips and I know you will create more fabulous events in 2009.  Stay tuned for more tips from other wedding pros.

Eventology 2009

Photo :: JK Photography

I had the best time!  I was honored and humbled to speak at Eventology this year in Indianapolis, IN.  Planned by Katasha Butler of K. Sherrie + Co, I was able to speak alongside two women who I am so proud to call colleagues, but also lovingly call them friends:  Saundra Hadley of Planning…Forever Events and Liene Stevens of The Smart Planner.  It was really great to see Katasha’s vision come to fruition and to see so many planners and professionals reap the benefit of that vision in so many different ways.

Photo by JK Photography

It was really great to come face to face with so many people that I have interacted with for literally years.  To wrap your arms around some brilliant colleagues that you have laughed, cried and vented with was awesome.  Bill from Fabulous Events designed beautiful tables in some of my favorite colors—hot pink, tangerine and black, with the help of Deborah of A Bride’s Florist.?? Eventology was special because of the mutual respect of all the attendees for each other and the speakers.  It was great to get instant feedback, stories, and experiences of others during our time together.  Having attendees that came from across the country, it was interesting to see different methods of action, experiences and ideas.  Even as a speaker, I had an opportunity to learn so much from and through everyone, and am grateful to all of those that attended.

We were treated to a cocktail hour at the Omni Severin and a party at Club Six’s Milk Bar.  I didn’t get to stay long at the Milk Bar, as I wanted to be bright eyed and bushy-tailed to speak the following day, but the atmosphere was gorgeous.  Big snaps to la trabajadora, Eliana of By Your Side Events, who was able to get us some Nuvo for the party at Club Six.

There are great pictures every where on the net—the event’s official photographer, Jennifer Badalamenti of JK photography shared hers here, a recap from my fellow speaker, wedding planner sales genius (and friend) Saundra Hadley, Latrice of Opulent Events shared her experience, as did Aletha of Pearls Events, i do Signature Events, April Foster (finally, so happy to meet another glamazon like myself!) recapped, Amanda from Bliss Events was gracious enough to do a recap as well.

And of course…here are my not so official pictures…you know, where the party really is


Precious (I SO heart her) of Precious Nuptials and Destinations with Charles Penn of Le’ Penn Designs


Le’Trice and Charles Penn of Le’Penn Designs


Precious & Charles


Candice of Jubilee Events, Eliana (la trabajadora) of By Your Side Events, Kelly of Weddings By Socialites (rear) and Nicole Scott-Tate of Your Champagne Wishes (far right)


Candice & Eliana


Sukai of Dreamy Gelato (looking in her bag…her chocolates are so good,they should be illegal),Andria of Andria Lewis Events (in grey), Kay of Howerton-Wooten Events,


My two home skillets:  Jennifer of A Regal Affair and Saundra


LaKendra of Affairs of Elegance, Jeannine of Favor Events and Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs


Le’Trice and my Engage!09 roomate, Monica of The White Box


Liene of The Smart Planner playing dress up. This was fun.


Everyone’s fabulous shoes—and me with my new couture line for the Spring a la “Huck Finn”.  In other words, I’m the one with the bare foot.



Liene and Ali Phillips (I SO heart her) of Engaging Events by Ali


We found a greasy spoon to eat at….Somebody bring me something deep friend and smothered in chocolate!



On the escalator after dinner


A big fat bowl of icing from Cinnabon. I believe that is all that needs to be said. Let us bask in its glory.


We were all taking bets on whether the flowers on the balcony were real.


Liene and Monica


Jen, me, Andria, Kelly, Saundra, and Katasha of K. Sherrie + Co., and also the innovator of Eventology.


Saundra being an OG.  Katasha, visibly impressed.


Kelly tells the BEST stories. Period.

As you can see, we had an AWESOME time!  I can’t thank all of the attendees for listening to us and teaching us as well!  I truly look forward to see what opportunities and experiences open up for Eventology next year!

Next Up— in Grand Cayman in June!!

Cocktails & Details Virtual Soiree: Look Who’s Coming!


We’ve got some extra special planners for Thursday’s Virtual Soiree.  These planners have made their marks, not only in their respective areas, but also in the industry. In addition to learning so much from these ladies, I am also privileged to call them friends.  I know that our invitees will benefit greatly from their advice, humor and candor!


saundra hadley of planning foreverSaundra Hadley of Planning…Forever

The industry’s first event engineer, Saundra has created a following with her blog that encompasses her quick wit, attention to detail and boundless creativity.  Planning and designing out of Evansville, Indiana, she and her staff cater to their clientele by providing practical, yet fun and personal solutions for their events.  As she strives to make all of her couples feel “like a guest at their own weddings”, she also enjoys the purpose of her work. Her beautiful smile, creative ideas, infectious laughter and drive to execute her clients’ weddings to the best of her ability makes her a wonderful addition to our Virtual Soiree.  In addition to seeing Saundra as FOX 7’s wedding planner, she will also be speaking at Eventology in Indianapolis, Indiana in April.










image Emilie Duncan of Emilie Duncan Event Planning

Our Virtual Soiree attendees will benefit from Emilie’s personal attention and passion for color and creativity.  Emilie feels that it is an honor to participate in each of her clients’ weddings, thusly blowing their minds about any preconceived notions about what it is to have a wedding planner.  Having received training in floral and cake design and decoration, photography and more, Her clients are able to benefit from the many experiences of this talented planner.  Emilie has been a featured expert in such publications as Bridal Guide, Columbus Monthly, Weddings in Cleveland and Weddings InStyle.






[kbulter-headshots-20w.JPG]Katasha Butler of K.Sherrie & Co.

As the brains and beauty behind K.Sherrie & Co. and Eventology, Katasha seeks to infuse her brand of couture luxury service into each event her company takes on.  Possessing the artistic flair, creativity and drive it takes to pull off a fantastic wedding, Katasha began her own boutique wedding company in 2006.  With impeccable taste and an acute attention to detail, she truly adds a different touch to each client’s event.  In 2009, Katasha will launch her first conference for wedding professionals, Eventology , in Indianapolis, Indiana. 







imageLaura Auer of Wish Special Events

One of the freshest faces of event planning on the East Coast, Laura Auer and her fantastic team execute flawless events with plenty of personality.  Understanding and providing the high level of customer service that she feels her client are entitled to, Laura draws not only from her education at James Madison University’s Special Events program, but also from her experience as a former bride.   Her access to vast resources and some of the best vendors has made her an invaluable asset to her clients.



Invitations have been sent out to a select number of brides!  If you would like to get in on our next virtual soiree, be sure to send us an email at blog {at} 

Another Cocktails & Details Virtual Soiree!

Cocktails and Details Virtual Soiree

We are doing it again!

Want a team of the hottest wedding planners to help you with your wedding?  Done!
Fabuluxe is excited to announce our first virtual event, Cocktails & Details: Virtual Soiree on March 5th.  We are extending invitations to a select number of brides!  Here is your chance to pow wow with the industry’s and blogosphere’s hottest wedding planners!  Ask questions, get advice and be fabulous in a comfortable, relaxed setting.
Would you like an ultra-exclusive invite?  Just comment below or send in your request to blog {at} fabuluxeinc dot com. Simply let us know your wedding date and be sure to let us know where we can find your wedding website or blog.    We’ll get you on the guest list!
Stay tuned for more fabulous details!

Eventology 2009: The Science of Wedding Business

I have the distinct honor of speaking at Eventology this year.  I am so blessed to have been asked by Katasha Butler of K. Sherrie & Co. to speak alongside such powerhouses as Saundra Hadley of Planning…Forever Events and Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs.  Would you like to meet me in person? If it’s not still illegal in your state, get the details here!


wedding planner conference

Are you ready to take your wedding business to the next level?
Are you looking for ways to leverage your brand and increase your company’s reach?
Do you want your business to thrive regardless of the economy?

K Sherrie + Co is proud to present Eventology 2009, an intimate, collaborative and intensive business conference designed

especially for wedding planners. Eventology 2009 will bring you real-life, applicable marketing and business information to use to enhance your wedding planning business.

Three highly successful and renowned wedding planners will be discussing their insight and perspective on how to create and cultivate a prosperous wedding business.
Chat with Saundra Hadley of planning . . . forever events on How to Close the Deal: Sales Methods for the Wedding Industry.

Discuss how to Turn Brides into Fans: Nurturing Your Relationships with Clients with Terrica Skaggs of Fabuluxe, Inc. and iWed: International Network of Wedding Designers.

Learn how to Leverage Your Brand to Reach Today’s Bride: Marketing in a Post-Modern World with Liene Stevens of Blue Orchid Designs and The Smart Planner.

You do not want to miss this educational and networking workshop! Learn the science behind running a successful wedding business, as the reality is if you’re not running a profitable business, it’s just one big expensive hobby.

When: Tuesday, April 7 to Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Where: Indianapolis, Indiana at the Omni Severin Hotel
Cost: Early Bird registration is $150 and includes the networking event on Tuesday night and breakfast and lunch on Wednesday.
A select amount of rooms will be available at the Omni for the special Eventology rate of $115+tax per night. Space is limited for this conference.

Please sure to look for future announcements regarding the official launch of the Eventology 2009 website and Eventology 2009 blog.

To be included on the email list for Eventology 2009, please send an email to hello{at} with ‘Mailing List’ in the subject line.

A very special thanks to Tifany of Gourmet Invitations for the logo design!

We Were Here.

We had a fantabulous time at the wedding show, yesterday at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Half the fun was had in the set up and break down of the booth. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on a Sunday– but my girlfriends are awesome!

Abby, Lindsay and Streater– Thank YOU for a fantastic show, your hard work and fabulousness. You are exactly what fabuluxe is 🙂

Getting ready for show time

This is Lindsay ALL day long. She is just hilarious. We forbade her from making ANY predictions for the show. Linds has the ability to say “What if…” or “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” at the rehearsal or setup during the day of the wedding…and it actually happens. Lindsay is uber creative. Just ask her about the bucket of flowers she got during a wedding we had.

Abby Setting Up the Cocktail Tables

Abby is also hilarious. I can’t publicly post what she said on Sunday that made me fall out on the floor laughing…but she is awesome. I can explain an idea to Abby and she makes it happen.

Streater Setting Up the Main Table

This is our new intern, Streater. Cutest name ever. I think we’ve officially found our “sweet one” (because Lord knows it wasn’t me). Streater was great at the show and was able to keep up with us. Prayerfully, we haven’t scared the poor girl.

Fabuluxe Bridal Show Setup

Here we are….all done and ready for show time!

Fabuluxe Bridal Show Setup

Another view of our booth. You couldn’t miss us– as soon as you walked in the convention center, you had our wedding sexy in your face colors right before your eyes. It was great because so many brides said, “We just KNEW it was you because your booth looked just like your ad!”

Our Cocktail Table

One of our cocktail tables, beautiful matching guestbook (a gift from my most special girlfriend, Precious. I owe Precious everything. She listened to me pine and moan over this setup!)

Fabuluxe Setup

Our main table… That candelabra is another sweetie from Precious. It rocks to have friends with awesome taste! Our brochures sat in a tray of crystals 🙂

Fabuluxe Setup

Another view of our main table.

Straton Hall's Booth

This is Straton Hall‘s setup. UBER gorgeous. The food was actually presented BEAUTIFULLY– suspended from their booth. So weddingsexy 🙂

Another view of Straton Hall

Another view of Straton Hall‘s set up.

Straton's Fabulous Food

Here is one of the suspended areas of their booth– this was the best pecan chicken salad ever. How cute are the little bowls?

Jay, Stacy and Terrica

This is me with Jay and Stacy, owners of Straton Hall. Angel of The Beachview Club caught us midlaugh because Stacy was talking MUCH trash.

Stacey and Terrica

My super girlfriend, Stacey, of the Jekyll Island Authority. They handle the rentals for weddings at Faith Chapel, Villa Mariana, The Convention Center, Morgans, and the Beach Deck.

Streater, Fabuluxe Intern

Streater picking the winner of our Fabuluxe Wedding Giveaway.

Lindsay, Assistant Event Coordinator with Fabuluxe

Lindsay doing the “OMG I won!” look.

The Fab Ones

My fabbies. How cute are they!?

James and me

Me with the fabulous James Grella of Image Artisans, Inc. You have heard me talk about how wonderful James is. But here is the sad but true part…James didn’t even recognize me when I was all dressed up. He’s so used to seeing me in “prep mode” for weddings, that he doesn’t see the rockstar come show time.

The Fab Ones

Us playing with the camera.


This picture did not come out the way I wanted it to, but still had to post it for sentimental reasons…it’s our “Destination Wedding” picture, right, Lindsay?

Wendy B and Terrica

Me with Wendy of Sea Palms Resort. She is an absolute sweetheart and knows my affinity for good cake.

The Fab Ones

And here we are– the Fabuluxe Family 🙂