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Why I Love Your Wedding Photographer

Wedding photographer at work taking picture of a bride

Photo :: Pamela Marie

As a wedding planner, one of the most important questions I ask clients that come to us to discuss their wedding is “Who is your wedding photographer?”  As I’ve mentioned several times before in my blog musings, the photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to your wedding, right after choosing the venue.  I feel this way for several reasons:  flowers, while beautiful and provide a backdrop– eventually, they will die.  The dress, in its mounds of chiffon, lace or satin will look absolutely stunning on you– however, unless you are extremely innovative you will not wear the dress again and neither will your daughter.  Food and music, while very important parts of the party– they will be forgotten within a week if not days after your wedding.

Your photographs will be everlasting.

They will capture. They will connect.  They will captivate.  They will evoke emotion within seconds.  This is why it is so very important that you pick the right photographer for your wedding.  It’s not enough to be based solely on price or whom every one else is using.  You need to have a visceral connection with your photographer so that you can feel at ease and your best on your wedding day.  So be sure you aren’t just falling in love with great pictures, but the artistic, creative mind behind the camera as well.  (The same can be said with the flipside of that argument…don’t just fall in love with the photographer’s personality, but also with their work!  Being great email/phone pals will not make up for horrible photos of the most important day of your life!).

Since I like to break things down, I want you to know why I love your wedding photographer:

  • S/he is going to work their behinds off.  It happens every time– I will meet the photography team prior to the wedding and we all look great and refreshed.  Within hours– we are drenched in sweat, tired, etc.  I love a photographer who is all over the place (respectfully) to get the best shots for our client.  They aren’t worried about climbing on a few chairs, kneeling, being patient with a two year old flower girl and so many more instances that require true professionalism and a rock hard work ethic.
  • S/he doesn’t take me lightly.  True story– at one wedding, I had my two assistants come to me in complete shock because they were “ordered” by a DJ to go fix plates for the bride and groom, even though I gave them specific duties and that was and never will be one of them. The nerve, right?  I am not a hired bridesmaid, family friend, fluff or a filler. I am an event professional who is there to make sure that my clients and their families enjoy their day to the fullest potential and that their vendors are able to provide their best products in their capacities.  I love a photographer who understands the importance of a wedding planner/coordinator/producer and what we bring to the table (and make that table look fabulous!).   I know most photographers appreciate us because we do everything that most brides will push on a photographer which takes away from their own jobs (lining people up, pinning on flowers, cuing walk-ins).
  • I don’t take them lightly.  Planning a wedding is a long, thorough process full of details, hard work, and concepts.  It means a lot to work with a photographer who captured the moment exactly how we visioned it as well as all of the wonderful moments and designs that an entire event team works so hard on.  Photography is so much more than some one showing up to a wedding and snapping a few pictures.  It takes talent, skill and continuing education by a wonderful artist to hone their craft.  Your photographer will work very hard on your wedding day, but will put in several hours in after to tastefully edit and produce your images in a way that will take your breath away and help you relive your day.
  • S/he appreciates all aspects of their work.  I love a photographer that I meet at networking or industry events. I love a photographer that blogs.  I love a photographer that invests in everything from lenses to camera bags to designer straps 🙂  Wedding photographers understand that there is so much more besides having talent– you must be smart, business savvy, and an everlasting student.  In the same token, great photographers understand that technical skill will only get you so far– if there is no passion, no love, no emotional depth to your pictures, it will not get you far.
  • S/he brings backup.  I love a photographer who knows they can’t be everywhere all of the time.  Second and third shooters are essential.  When you have events that take place on sprawling properties or with large guest lists/bridal parties, they are absolutely essential.  There are moments and details that you don’t want to be overlooked when you have only a small window of time to capture them.  With a photographer who has a second shooter or even a details shooter, you are securing your investment in everything else besides your photography.  It is like the age old paradigm in wedding planning:  if a bride has gorgeous florals and designs at her wedding, but the photographer didn’t capture them, were they really there?


What are some reasons that you love your wedding photographer?

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