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Why You Should Let Your Wedding Vendors Do Their Jobs

There is nothing like a perfectly executed wedding—seriously, there’s nothing like it.  Everything just flows.  Why does everything flow? Well, look, it’s easy.  I’ll show you:


1.  The photographers show up and work with ease knowing the flow of events, allowing them to transition easy and comfortably, resulting in stunning shots.

2.  The DJ/Band, without distraction, can take time to read the crowd and build a plan to keep the party all night.

3.  Your caterer is free to prepare your food, thoughtfully with each guest in mind.


What typically happens is that a bride decides to rely on other vendors to fulfill the capacity of another wedding professional.  Most don’t mind.  However, after speaking to many florists, caterers and photographers last week, I will tell you that each and every one said that it takes away from their work.  You didn’t hire this award-winning wedding photojournalist whose fashionable style is to die for to come and pin on boutonnieres or build your timeline.  The same goes for your caterer and DJ.  While they can assist you, they are there to do one job and do it flawlessly, successfully  and basically—the job you hired them for.  Any wedding pro will tell you, that they don’t mind helping, but they absolutely love when they can show up and do what they’ve been paid to do.  It means it is one less shot they didn’t miss, one more song that could’ve been played or flawless service provided by the catering staff.


The moral of the story:  get a wedding planner, or at the very least, a month of coordinator.

Celebrity Beauty for Your Wedding Day

As you snatch every picture out of all of your bridal magazines for ideas of hairstyles, bouquets, menus, etc., don’t leave your makeup in the dust!  Even for those brides who  do not wear makeup frequently, you can benefit from this practice.  I’ll share with you some of my most recent favorite celebrity looks that will keep you looking fresh, glamorous and natural. 



Gregg DeGuire/WireImage


I am not sure of the artist who did Hayden Panettiere’s makeup for this event, but it is absolutely flawless. I love the subtle glow she has to her base, and how the playful blush of her lips enhance her eyes.  A beautiful look for your wedding day!



Here is  similar look on Jada Pinkett-Smith.  I love this look and chose it because even though it is very close to what Hayden Panettiere has on (above), it shows that women of color can benefit from bronzing and neutral color lips.  As you can see, Jada even extended her bronzer to her shoulders for her beautiful shirred ivory décolletage dress.  Fabulous.


Dimitrios Kambouris,


Eva Mendes’ look is very soft and feminine, but the lining and highlighting under the eyes and jaw steps up the glamour for her.  Some pastel shades work really well with different complexions, so try out a few to avoid the “easter egg” look.



Christina Aguilera, aside from Dita Von Teese,  is one of the few stars that I think can pull off the Old Hollywood look effortlessly.  In this Stephen Webster ad, you see that instead of bronzing, the artist used a pearlized base along with other frosty tones for the eyes.  In addition to the perfectly lined eyes (more likely than not with liquid liner) and extended lashes, the lips are drenched in deep color.  As the polar opposite of Jada and Hayden’s looks here the mouth was played down to accentuate the eyes, Christina’s look emphasizes and enhances her mouth and its shape.  Gorgeous. 



Halle Berry is quite possibly one of the most beautiful women in the history of anything inhaling and exhaling.  I think this minimalist look on her is perfect because it brings out all of her features, but is also great for those women who are afraid of “not looking like themselves” on their wedding day.  If you feel like this, make sure you tell your artist to play up your features and stick with complementary, neutral shades.


I hope you enjoy and that it sparks some ideas for your bridal beauty!  Remember to take into account the time of day of your wedding, your location (i.e., indoor vs. outdoor), lighting (lest you want to appear garish or wiped out) and your theme ( you cannot show up looking like a glamour girl at your extremely casual wedding).  Your artist will help you take this into consideration along with your complexion, eye and hair color.