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Fab Finds Friday: Miyu Beauty


Totally in love with MIYU Beauty!

Bridesmaids Gift

wedding favor ideas

MIYU is a beauty brand that pairs the tea with their innovative skin care, infusing beauty from the inside out. MIYU Beauty is offering our delicious and skin-enhancing hydrate mi beauty tea as a gorgeous wedding favor.  Not only that, their  ‘a prettea little quartet’ introductory kits are perfect as bridesmaids gifts – or for all occasions, as wella s some other great options for favors. With two different lines to hydrate or destress, there is something for everyone who wants to be pampered.


Relieve Wedding Stress by Pampering Yourself

Wedding planning can be stressful.  Timelines, guest lists, budgets, and meetings can take their toll on you– both physically and mentally.  Your eating habits can get out of whack, your sleep clock breaks down and your exercise routine can fall through the cracks.  It’s important to take at least one day a week, if you can afford it or at the very least, twice a month, to decompress and let the wedding plans stay on pause for a moment.

Well, Stella, we’re here to help you get your groove back!



Hevia Skin Care

Make sure you have a great skincare program HEVIA MD SKIN SCIENCE™ has all of the essentials to keep you looking absolutely gorgeous before, during and after the wedding day. The exceptional skincare line, created by internationally-renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Oscar Hevia, features the super-antioxidant Red Mangrove Extract, which features higher antioxidant potency than Vitamin C. The Skin Science kit includes a repair serum, day treatment and hand and body cream to help repair and prep your skin to be picture perfect.



 Nature's Love Bath and Body Products

Spa treatments like facials and massages are great getaways for you to relax during your wedding planning process. Even quick mani/pedis are opportunities for you to regroup and relax.  The products from Love Nature NYC  help you create the spa treatment at home with their  natural and organic products that include body balms, scrubs, soap bars, hand poured candles and more.  Created with ingredients like mango butter (a personal favorite for skin complexions!), buttermilk powder, rose hips, and essential oils are the perfect way to pamper yourself right from home.  Having a moment to refocus and care for only yourself can be a great stress-reliever.

Laurie Kendal-Ellis, Executive Director of the Private Practice Section of the American Physical Therapy Association  recommends the five following techniques to alleviate wedding stress:

1.      Deep Breathing – improves energy levels and initiates a built-in relaxation response

2.      Muscle Relaxation – tenses and releases each muscle group individually and then collectively

3.      Body Stretches – consecutive stretches including that of the arms, lower back and chest

4.      Foam Rolling – a self-myofascial release technique using a foam roller to inhibit overactive muscles

5.      Racquetballing – a trigger point exercise using a racquetball to massage the tender muscles of the shoulder blades, where much stress tension lies



One of my favorite things to give a boost to the system is juicing. Juicing allows your body a chance to recharge and detox.   Chaud’s Juice Therapy is a great place to start if you are not an avid juicer. There are some other great recipes for snacks that help you to end emotional or bad eating.

Make sure you are staying hydrated!  Water is imperative to keeping your metabolism functioning properly, as well as curbing hunger pains. While most doctors advise a little more than the old adage of “eight eight-ounce glasses per day”, it is still a great starting point.  And water doesn’t have to be boring! Infused waters are a huge favorite in our house.  Here are some of our favorites:

Infused Water


Most importantly: delegate, delegate, delegate! If you have a wedding planner or best friend who can take on tasks for you, allow them to do so, even if it is just a few tasks. It gives you the opportunity to recenter and enjoy life again!