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Fashion Monday: The Right Fit for Your Wedding Dress


If you go to any contractor and begin to tell them about building your house, they don’t begin with the brick or the pretty shutters and landscaping.  They begin with the right foundation.  The same can be said for your wedding gown, too. Even with all the great nutrition and workouts, having some help with your wedding dress can be enormously beneficial.  Spanx and Shapeez offer a wonderful ally in looking your best on our wedding day.

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With slimming shapers, Spanx has been a staple in women’s closets for years and can be a major help on the wedding day with slimmer thighs, preventing tell tale movements or “impressions” from unforgiving fabrics.  Ranging from slips, bodysuits and camis, Spanx has also created Haute Couture which has been monikered “the dessert of shapewear”.  Haute Couture combines the technology of slimming power mesh with luscious lace designs, you won’t want to put any thing over it!


Shapeez works in the same fashion with great bases, forming comfortable contours that make the an instant, polished appearance under your clothes:


Shapeez was founded in 2007 by Maryland-based, stay-at-home mom turned entrepreneur, Staci Berner, who never thought she’d end up in intimate apparel. After working as an esthetician, makeup artist and nail technician for twenty years, Staci took some time off just to be a “mommy.” Fed up with the way her bras made her back look and thinking it was just the size or style of the bra, Staci decided to get professionally fitted. Working with an “expert,” Staci bought new bras in the recommended sizes and styles. Still no change. Finally she realized it wasn’t herself! It was the elastic bands on the bras themselves that created the back bulges she was continuing to see. So, she took matters into her own hands!.

While her kids were at school, she went to work in her sewing studio trying to come up with something that would solve her bra dilemma. After some trial and error, she eventually had an amazing, supportive, REAL bra without elastic bands which kept her back smooth and made her look slimmer: The “Unbelievabra”.

bridal contour shapeware for weddings


Shapeez’s patented Unbelievabra was her answer to a bra/shaper that had all of the features and benefits could not find in the market. Ever since its inception, the Unbelievabra has been a huge success with women of all shapes and sizes because it simultaneously smoothes back bulge while lifting breasts. Today, the company offers six major innerwear products –  The Unbelievabra which comes in the original full-length and The Shortee, an alternative to the sports-bra, The Tankee Long and Short, and they recently launched The Lacee in the Long or Short varieties, which is an elegant bra and camisole combination that is meant to be worn as outwear while still providing you with the same amazing features as the Unbelievabra. The products are priced between $75- $110 and available in twenty-six size ranges with cups sizes ranging from A to E in black, nude or brown. All are available in over 200 select boutiques throughout the U.S. and Canada.

These are just a few of the ideas in support you have.  Be sure to take into consideration the shape of your dress as well as its fabric’s texture, and choose your “supporting cast” wisely!