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Celebrity Fete: Us Weekly’s Hot Hollywood Party

If there as ever an event that shows the benefits of lighting, the Hot Hollywood party is definitely it!  The party was held at the ultra swank club Eden.  What makes it special is that Eden is a single room space, which promotes the idea that “everyone is V.I.P.”.  Starbucks was on hand to serve caffeine infused alcoholic drinks– all from a bar that was decorated with coffee beans and florals!


hot pink lighting night club decor for weddings ideashot pink lighting night club decor for weddings ideas

white phaelenopsis orchids in black vases

green and yellow candy bar dessert bar ideas

hot pink orchids green orchids orange centerpieces with lighting logo

Photos by Line 8 via BizBash

Decor & Flowers R. Jack Balthazar Inc.
DJ DJ Ruckus
Event Design & ProductionCaravents Inc. Event Production & Design
Lighting Lighten Up Inc.
Venue Eden


Move Over Barbie, it’s Ken’s Turn to Party


Just like every little girl was always obsessed with Barbie, she was equally obsessed with Barbie’s man, Ken.  So naturally, I adored the Ken party thrown during last month’s Fashion Week.  Mattel threw a gorgeous party at Christie’s which was called “Celebrating Ken:  Fashion, Art, and the Ultimate Dream Date”, which featured six of menswear’s sexiest and sleekest designers like Simon Spur, Billy Reid and Michael Bastian and some delicious male models in various scenarios.











Guests were treated to chocolate Ken Dolls and pink Barbie themed cupcakes by Magnolia Bakery from “life-sized Kens”.


Getting Your Bridesmaids Acquainted



Part of the fun in choosing your bridal party (and sometimes much to your chagrin of having to decide who makes the cut) is mixing some of the most important people in your life.  You have people who love you and have been with you at various stages in your life.  Even though their common thread is you, you just know they would love each other once they get together.  Here are some innovative ways to do something special for your friends to create a welcoming, fun atmosphere:



Spa Picture with candles Spa Parties:  Spa parties allow everyone to take a break from their busy lives,  relax and make new friends.  You can book something at a local salon or spa or have a licensed masseuse come in to your own location.  Plan to have your infused waters, teas, robes, and candles to create an atmosphere of relaxation, peace and fun.  Add some light foods and music and you have a special time on your hands!

Photo by :: Dominik Gwarek







image spaceball[1]

Swap Party:  These can be exciting and a great way to get rid of clothes that fill your closet that you have never worn (or will never wear again!).  Your friends can bring everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry to swap with other participants at your party.  Paired with great hors d’oeuvres and wine, you’ve got some of the best staples in life:  good friends, good food and clothes!


Photo by :: definatalie












mixed drinks cocktails umbrella drinks alpha du centaure

Spirits Tasting Party:  Nothing is more fun than getting your girlfriends together for great food and drinks.  At your spirits tasting party, you can pick out some of your favorite ideas for your signature drink at your wedding reception and get feed back from your girls.  Have them bring some of their favorite recipes or check for some of our favorite cocktail recipes, because you know we’d never steer you wrong. 

Photo by :: alpha du centaure








These are just a few ideas to get you started on bringing some of your favorite people together.  Do you have something special planned?  Tell us about it!

More Lies: “Ssshhhh….Don’t Tell Them It’s A Wedding!”

Somebody’s going to be mad.

I’ve heard it all at this point.  There are a lot of “arrognorant” (the lethal mix of arrogance and ignorance plaguing the world) advice going around now that it is wedding season.  Once again, I feel it is prevalent because of the horrible economic tides we are trying to tame as well as the overall lack of public trust in any practically any business (Thanks, AIG, Freddie, Fannie, Madoff and countless others!  You’re a swell bunch).

What’s (the lie) going around now is that it’s smarter to tell your vendors that you are planning a “big party!”  rather than a wedding, because everyone knows that entertainment/event vendors are out to rip everyone off the minute they say “The W word”.  So to combat that, and to make sure you protect what’s left of your 401K, you decide to lie to everyone.

It’s like going to the doctor, tell the staff that you have a terrible stomach ache.  Once you’ve been whisked back into the doctor’s examining room, you reveal “Just kidding. I’m really pregnant and in labor right now. I know when you guys hear the word ‘maternity’,  the prices double”.

Great way to start a relationship. (That was sarcasm)

Trust is a two way street.   Your wedding vendors are trusting that you will pay them on time.  So that, in turn, they can pay their staff, mortgages and gas and electric bills on time. They are also trusting that you will keep your date and follow-through with an actual event.  More likely than not,they have turned down other events so that they could show you exemplary client service and attention.  When you lie to them from the beginning (because they will find out that it’s an actual wedding, and not some “big party”), they have no incentive to trust you, let alone like you.  It will make your vendor feel as if you questioned their integrity without communicating any concerns, and decided to deceive them for your own benefit (a little pot calling the kettle black, eh?).

In case this piece of info isn’t printed in anyone’s wedding magazine or allowed to run rampant on a wedding message board, I’ll say it here:  wedding vendors are a tight community. If you feel the need to try to get over on any of your wedding vendors with lies and deception, you had better believe that other wedding vendors will hear about it, too.  It could  make it a lot harder for you to find other vendors that will want to work with you once they have heard about your antics.   A wedding is not just a big party.  It’s your wedding. Don’t take anything away from that by calling it something that it isn’t. If it were really just “one big party”, then why not go to the courthouse and rock out at Chuck E. Cheese?  There very well may be some unscrupulous vendors out there who mark their prices up because it’s a wedding, and some may feel warranted in doing so due to the expectations and other details they will have to deal with.   For the rest of us that run our businesses honestly, we have set our prices for the amount of work we do.  As a wedding planner, it is my job to make sure that brides and grooms get what they are looking for and that any wedding day related charges are services are legitimate.  If you run into several mark ups with venues or vendors that you have dreamt of using, it may be time to find vendors you can actually afford to use. If you find someone who is less than honest about their fees—do not book them!

But remember, a stomach ache is not the same thing as being in labor 😉

I’m sure my other wedding planner and vendor friends will be able to offer so much more insight, so let’s keep the conversation going.

:: Photo ~ Bjorn de Leeuw ::

Wine Pairings for Dummies

Are you just not that keen on the types of wines that should go with food for your next cocktail or dinner party?

Have no fear! The Amazing Food Wine Company is about to make life a whole lot simpler.

It can’t get any easier than finding a bottle of wine with a big picture of its complementary food on it.

What makes it even better is that it has the cutest names like “Wine that Loves Chicken” or “Wine that Loves Tomato Sauce”. Others include “Wine that Loves Grilled Steak” or “Wine that Loves Pizza”.

Wine That Loves, $12.99, available from

{AP Photo/Larry Crowe}

Karl Lagerfeld Knows How To Party!

“Arch your back!” he yelled, slamming his foot on the floor.


“Now, stick out your hip”


Sighing, he says ” Ok, flex your abs, elongate your torso”

Done. I felt like I was in a body cast.

“Now, take your first step…cross your feet. Don’t look at the floor! No! No! No!”

That was a scene from my late night sessions with my agent, Christian with Nova Models. I loved my sessions with Christian and Michael because I learned so much. But squeezing your butt cheeks so that they can hold a dime while walking is not something I can put on a resume. So, you can imagine my utter shock and amazement with Lagerfeld’s models did a show on the Great Wall of China in stiletto heels. MY GOD.

The Lagerfeld/Fendi show from all accounts, was amazing. I mean really– the man put on a show on one of the 7 wonders of the world. (guests were advised to wear flats because of the steep elevation…hardly any did. Gotta love fashion! I broke my neck, but dammit, look at my shoes!) I love him!

Karl’s line was amazing– 88 looks, including a mini collection that served as a tribute to the host city itself, were very simple in color but the cut and design were tres luxe.


Then the gorgeous Du Juan came out in the pièce de résistance a gorgeous black empress styled cheongsam gown. BEAUTIFUL! As Liene has told us several times, if you want to see the trends in wedding “culture”, you should follow the trends in fashion.  Just look at this black and white wedding dress.   I’ve seen it all that I think are going to be big hits– from the baroque gilded makeup cases from M.A.C., the jewel tones by Sephora to these simple black and white elements with a dash of red to make it HOT….I think we will see these next year.

Each guest was given fur handwarmers and sat on heated seats. Hint hint to those of you who want chilly outdoor weddings. After the show, Karl had his guests given stylish hot chocolate or brandy. (What would you pick?) He then bused his guests to the Beijing Mall For the party, he enlisted the help of a laser graffiti artist and dancer.

Aahhh the life.

Oh and Christian, I still think you’re the best– especially since you never made me do a show on the Great Wall of China in stilettos.