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Neil Lane Bridal Collection

neil lane bridal jewelry collection with kay jewelers


As a fan of everything sparkly, I will admit that I was completely enamored with the new Neil Lane Bridal Collection from Kay Jewelers.  From celebrity weddings to Hollywood red carpets, over the past twenty years Neil Lane has become one of the most celebrated jewelry designers in the world.  As perhaps the first celebrity jewelry designer to partner with a major retailer and launch a bridal collection for the general public, he offers a very unique perspective.

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The designs are so extraordinary and timeless that they will stand the test of time as you celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary.  The collection features 36 vintage-inspired engagement and wedding rings.  Priced between $2,599 and $7,799, the rings are grouped in the following themes:  Energy, Timeless, Essence and Harmony.  The collection is available in select markets and on