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Karl Lagerfeld Knows How To Party!

“Arch your back!” he yelled, slamming his foot on the floor.


“Now, stick out your hip”


Sighing, he says ” Ok, flex your abs, elongate your torso”

Done. I felt like I was in a body cast.

“Now, take your first step…cross your feet. Don’t look at the floor! No! No! No!”

That was a scene from my late night sessions with my agent, Christian with Nova Models. I loved my sessions with Christian and Michael because I learned so much. But squeezing your butt cheeks so that they can hold a dime while walking is not something I can put on a resume. So, you can imagine my utter shock and amazement with Lagerfeld’s models did a show on the Great Wall of China in stiletto heels. MY GOD.

The Lagerfeld/Fendi show from all accounts, was amazing. I mean really– the man put on a show on one of the 7 wonders of the world. (guests were advised to wear flats because of the steep elevation…hardly any did. Gotta love fashion! I broke my neck, but dammit, look at my shoes!) I love him!

Karl’s line was amazing– 88 looks, including a mini collection that served as a tribute to the host city itself, were very simple in color but the cut and design were tres luxe.


Then the gorgeous Du Juan came out in the pièce de résistance a gorgeous black empress styled cheongsam gown. BEAUTIFUL! As Liene has told us several times, if you want to see the trends in wedding “culture”, you should follow the trends in fashion.  Just look at this black and white wedding dress.   I’ve seen it all that I think are going to be big hits– from the baroque gilded makeup cases from M.A.C., the jewel tones by Sephora to these simple black and white elements with a dash of red to make it HOT….I think we will see these next year.

Each guest was given fur handwarmers and sat on heated seats. Hint hint to those of you who want chilly outdoor weddings. After the show, Karl had his guests given stylish hot chocolate or brandy. (What would you pick?) He then bused his guests to the Beijing Mall For the party, he enlisted the help of a laser graffiti artist and dancer.

Aahhh the life.

Oh and Christian, I still think you’re the best– especially since you never made me do a show on the Great Wall of China in stilettos.