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We Likey: weddinggawker

wedding gawker website wedding pictures ideas inspiration


Completely in love with weddinggawker this week! 

If you’ve been familiar with foodgawker, you will not be able to contain your joy over the new weddinggawker website.  With weddinggawker, anyone can submit wedding related photos to share for inspiration and ideas.  I know— FABULOUS!  Enjoy!

We Likey: Nesting Newbies

Online magazine Nesting Newbies Issue  Winter 2010


Looking for inspiration and ideas for your home registry?  You will absolutely love Nesting Newbies.  Not only is the magazine fabulous, but their website is equally fabulous being full of great pictures, articles and more.  The magazine’s issue features delicious recipes such as the Pineapple Teriyaki Meatballs and the Smoky Sweet Jalapeno Pork….

Nesting for Newbies


I think what I fell in love with the most are the tablescaping ideas.  Sitting down?  Good.

tablescaping for newbies nesting for newbies

modern vintage nesting for newbies tablescaping winter 2010

urban femme decor inspiration idea nesting newbies winter 2010

nesting for newbies tablescaping

If you are looking for more ideas, check out some past issues (here is Fall 2009…the garage transformation is amazing!)

We Likey: Mochatini

Mochatini decor style photography and travel blog



I am simply enamored by the Mochatini blog!  All of the posts are invigorating when it comes to style and culture and are infused with chic concepts and composition.  Don’t believe me?  Look…


From the tropical bliss guest post by Charlotta at Space for Inspiration


tropical bliss inspiration guest post by Charlotta at Space for Inspiration


Or the gorgeous shades in this strawberry lemonade post:



I and absolutely adore the nautical lines and shades here:




If you are looking for depth and inspiration, definitely check out Mochatini!

Event Vision 101: Color


Color is life.


Color is life’s method of non-verbal communication, with symbolism and meaning.


You could choose colors because they have a deep meaning for you or just because they are pretty.  However, choosing colors for your wedding will be a very important choice and will dictate the design of the event vision.  Color means different things to different people and cultures.  If you plan on incorporating traditions that reflect your heritage, take notice as to what colors are prominent and meaningful.


Let’s discuss color basics:


 color wheel


Contrasting/Clashing Colors—despite the name, working with these colors doesn’t necessarily cause an eyesore.  They are called this because they sit across from each other on the color wheel.  This can create a very dynamic color combination with depth and contrast.

Complementary Colors—On the color wheel, these colors are separated by another color.  When paired together, it is said that they can cause an undesired “visual vibration”, however when integrated with another color, they can complement each other well…hence the name.

Adjacent/Harmonizing Colors—These colors lie right next to each other on the color wheel. Even though they harmonize well together, there may appear washed out as there is not be enough contrast. 



Because of the varying shades and tints of all the colors on the wheel, you can achieve a very personal look.  Pick your colors from something you love already—a dress, photography, floral arrangement, etc.  Select three colors—light, medium and dark.  These colors could be found in anything and doesn’t necessarily be something that you introduce, but something to play off of in your design.  Just remember—light recedes, darker draws in.  Be sure to distribute the color evenly—this can be done with centerpieces, linens, lighting, present colors at your venue or in nature.  In design, using contrasting/clashing colors creates a more formal feel, while using adjacent/harmonizing colors can create a casual feel. On that same token, you are more likely to have more dimension and depth when using contrasting colors.  For easier selection, go to stores like Home Depot or Sherwin Williams for paint samples, where you can play with various colors.  To stay up with colors that are hot and in season, check out the Pantone color trends.  Be sure not to go overboard with “trendy” colors; it can cause your design to look very dated in years to come.


Remember that you want your color to invoke a feeling that is congruent to the event experience you want to create.  Will your vision be alluring and seductive or playful and demure?  Do you want your colors to be energizing or tranquil?

Inspiration ::Crème Brûlée::

Creme Brulee with berries

It is no secret that I absolutely L-O-V-E crème brûlée.  (Seriously, it’s unnatural)

When checking my stats, I noticed a lot of people were looking for crème brûlée inspiration boards.  I figured that a lot were attracted because of my fake crème brûlée recipe and our moodboard section.  I decided to take a stab at it, focusing on all of the things that crème brûlée represents to me.


I based this board’s shades around the colors in crème brûlée– the soft ivories of the custard, the golden brown of the carmelized sugar, the bright white of  the whipped cream and the rich red of berries that accompanies most servings.  The linen samples are from BBJButtercup Lamour (the custard), Antique Gold Sparkle Sheer and Espresso Bichon Runner (the carmelized sugar).  When I think of crème brûlée, I think of very rich and full flavors.  It was only fitting that flowers like red ranunculus and ivory mystique roses would be incorporated into the centerpieces.  When paired with this gorgeous fluted vase from Country Living, the look is simple, yet elegant.  The low vase resembled ramekins used when cooking this decadent dessert.  Its coloring will pop against the warmth of the linens.  Those same warm colors are incorporated into the textured invitations and the pillar candles which produce an amber glow for the event.  The gorgeous bridesmaid’s dress from Dillards also ties in those colors and textures.

Très delish!