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Great Guestbook Ideas and Alternatives

Guestbook Wine Bottle for Weddings

Ready to ditch the traditional “sign in” type guestbooks for your wedding?  Looking for something more meaningful and aesthetic for your home?  Here are some outstanding options!

In addition to the wine guestbook bottles featured above or vintage postcards in an antique suitcase, where guests sign their name to specifically numbered bottles to be opened on your anniversaries, there are other many non-traditional (read: boring) ways of commemorating your guests’ attendance and affection for you on your special day.

Notes and Polaroids

polaroid and notes for guestbook wedding

Create a scrapbook with small envelopes, where guests can leave notes on cards for you to open after your honeymoon.  Another fun way is to have your guests take polaroid pictures where they can snap a photo at a designated area, leave a sweet message and post it in your book.

wedding monogram and thumbprint trees for guestbook at weddings

Looking for something to display in your home?  These beautiful wooden monograms and guestbook trees are amazing conversation and decor pieces for your home.  Other great home decor ideas are the jars of stones where guests can write their names or messages on them.  Signed paper with decal numbers of your wedding day would look beautiful framed in your foyer or hallways.  If you’re the rustic type, a wooden slab  will look great perched on a shelf or on your mantle.

guestbook alternatives

Have a favorite hobby you love to do together?  Get a commemorative piece that guests can sign for you to display in your home.  This always makes a welcome addition to your home and will be far more revered than a book that will collect dust.
Unique Guestbook Ideas for Weddings

Hopefully these great ideas will inspire you to do something truly unique for your guestbook!

Wine Bottle Guest Book for Your Wedding Idea

wine bottle guestbook for wedding idea


I am so excited to see this in action at our wedding this weekend!  Our bride wanted something fun, different but completely useful and functional as their wedding guestbook. We toyed around with some great concepts and ideas, and I really love the one she settled upon:  Wine Bottle Guestbook!

Your wine bottles are displayed upon a table where your guests can sign a bottle of their choice.  Your wine is then stored in your new home, to be opened on your 1st, 5th, 10th, 20th wedding anniversaries!  I love this uber sweet concept and hope that it picks up more for other weddings.

You can select your choice of wines (be sure to pick ones that are sure to cure and improve over the years) and purchase your labels and sign on Etsy!

One-of-a-Kind Guestbook (You Will Love It!)


If you are looking for something unique to counteract boring, traditional guestbooks, the One-of-a-Kind Guestbook is a great idea.  This testimonial style guestbook, allows guests to be come interactive storytellers.  Guests are invited to sketch pictures of themselves, which I think is adorable. However, this might make a great addition to a photo booth where guests can take pictures.  If you want to be ultra-nostalgic, ask guests to bring copies of their favorite photos of you together.  Overall, this turns out to be a fun, sentimental keepsake that will always be touching to look back on.

Your guestbook is completely customizable with covers coming in different colors, patterns and finishes.  You may also add pages to make it more personal, as well as archival pens and more. 

What way will you save memories from your guests?