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13 Knock ‘Em Dead Dapper Boutonnieres

Tradition has typically called for the groom’s boutonniere to be a bloom “plucked” right from the bride’s bouquet. The sentiment of that tradition is great, but here are some other inspirational designs to add to your consideration:

White Gardenia Boutonniere

Photo :: Dawn E. Roscoe

purple ranunculus wedding boutonniere

Succulent Wedding Boutonniere

Photo :: Maile Lani

white ranunculus boutonniere

Photo :: Millie Holloman

steampunk wedding

Steam Punk Boutonniere :: Etsy

succulent and purple boutonniere

Photo :: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Rustic Billy Ball Boutonniere

Boutonnieres by Blooms by the Box

Hot Pink and navy dusty miller boutonniere

Photo :: m three studio

rustic boutonniere with burlap buttons and feathers

Photo :: pobke photography  (DIY instructions burlap boutonniere at green wedding shoes

Tangerine Hot Pink orchid boutonniere

Etsy :: Kate Said Yes

Yellow Boutonniere

Hypericum Berry Boutonniere

curly willow boutonniere

For more boutonniere inspiration, visit us on Pinterest!

Give the Man What He Wants! Groomsmen Gift Ideas

Getty Images

His brother. His college roommate. His friend since 9th grade. These are his go-to guys and naturally you’ve decided to include them in your wedding. They will travel from all over, bear blistering colds and sweltering heat in uncomfortable tuxedos and help create memories that will last forever. When you thank them for their participation, not only in your wedding, but in your life– what will you choose?

Have no fear, luxeling! We’re here to help! When you choose your gifts, they don’t have to be typical assembly line, cookie cutter gifts. Make it something that they will love and treasure for a long time.  Choose something unique about each recipient that fits their personality, style and is meaningful.





The Gentleman

Stunning Mother of Pearl Cufflinks + Studs 

Black Garment Bag

Stylish Tie Hanger Set

The Traveling Man

Leather Excursion Case

TravelMate(R) Memory Foam Travel Neck Pillow

Black Leather Passport Cover

The Sportsman

Monogrammed Golf Club Links

Engraved Baseball and Holder

Personalized Poker Set

The Music Man

Beats Studio by Dr. Dre – Hi-Def Noise-Canceling Over-Ear Headphones

Apple iPod touch 8 GB (4th Generation)

Bose 161 Bookshelf Speaker System (Black)

The Food Man

Mr. Beer Deluxe Edition Home Microbrewery System

The Ultimate Grilling Rub Collection

Sipping Stones – Set of 9 Grey Whisky Chilling Rocks – Made of 100% Pure Soapstone

Overheard At Your Wedding “I Hate the Head Table”



It doesn’t matter how gorgeous your head table or wedding is, as seen above, you risk isolating many of your guests and close friends by obligating them to a head table.  I am so happy when I see couples opt out of the antiquated tradition, and look to sweetheart tables instead.  At a recent wedding,  I was pulled aside by a guest who asked to speak with me about the seating arrangements.  The first words out of her mouth were, “I hate the head table”.  As we talked more, I learned that she was the fiancée of one of the groomsmen, and she was seated at a table far from him with a group of gentleman that she didn’t know. “It was so uncomfortable”, she said.  “They all knew each other, but I knew no one there”.  Her fiancé later joined the conversation and agreed that he, too, felt bad that she was alone and he couldn’t be with her.  I was given specific instructions to tell all my brides to “ditch the head table”. 

No one likes to fee that way—isolated, uncomfortable and far from those that you have a connection with or know.  This is what you risk doing with a head table, as well as a “bridesmaids’/groomsmen’s” table.  Your bridal party will have been together all day with getting dressed, as well as extended pictures before and after the ceremony.  Is there really need to have them away from their significant others an additional hour during dinner?

Of course, ultimately my suggestion would be to avoid the head table altogether and have a gorgeous sweetheart table that you can embellish and adorn for you and your new Mr.  Just like your bridal party needs this time to “come down” and reunite with their wives, husbands, boyfriends, girlfriends and children—you will need this time, too.  The rest of your evening, albeit fun, will be filled with structure and activities.  Having a semi-intimate dinner with your new spouse will allow you a private moment to take it all in and slow down to get a bite to eat.

If you are absolutely dead-set on having a head table, then you need to include the significant others of the bridal party at the table. This, in turn will make your head table larger and possibly distort your optimal design for your reception.  You could opt for separate bridesmaids?? and groomsmen’s tables, but again—be sure to include their significant others. 


Remember, your wedding is a celebration of your day, but should not be a sore note for your guests and bridal party.


Photo :: Michael Steighner

Would You Get Him a Mirdle?

You know, a male girdle?



Ok, gents—I apologize.  It is a “core precision undershirt,” and does for men what Spanx did for women. 

It’s rather smart, if you think about it.  His Luxeness is not under any less pressure than his fiancee when it comes to looking (and feeling) fabulous on his wedding day.  He will probably change his eating habits and go to the gym a lot more during the week to prep for the day.  Pile that on top of the several things he is expected to know and do in life in general—and it’s stressful!

Equmen now offer a subtle bodyshaping undershirt that pulls in and gently shapes where he will need it most…on the day he will need it most!  I think it’s a great idea and there is no shame in it at all!



:: Source ::

Hot 5 Under $75 : Groomsmen Gifts



Looking for some great gifts for your guys?  Fear not, oh fab one—here are some great ideas to get you started.  Below are some hot picks that could cater to every type of groomsmen—the metro, the lover, the geek and the renaissance man. 


Brushed Nickel Accessories Box from Red Envelope

Small box retails for $49.95 + $9.95 for engraving

Large box retails for $69.95



  Multipoint Bluetooth® Headset from Brookstone

Retails for $59.95

The Art of Shaving Carry On Kit from Art of Shaving

Retails for $50

Nice Collective Nico card holder from Nice Collective

Retails for $75

Gucci Por Homme II 
Retails for $65

Why is Your Groomsman Wearing an Extra Medium?

image This happens more often than you think.  One of your groomsmen, or Heaven forbid, your groom, has an athletic build and cannot find a proper fit for his clothing, let alone his tuxedo.  When this happens, you have full, irrevocable veto power on anything they choose that makes them look like stuffed sausage.  So what’s a girl to do?

Well, don’t worry– I feel your pain. Captain America is 5’10, 200 lbs and has 4% body fat.  That alone makes me want to throw up.  Typical conversations in our house go like this…

Him: “I’m going to work out. Are you coming?”

Me:  “I am going to work out…just later.”

Him: “Later?  You’re watching a Law & Order marathon…again.”

Me: “Ok. Well, watch me work this spoon out of this ice cream container and into my mouth.”

That is typically followed by some snarky comment on his end about me working twice as hard on the bag when I do work out, which is then succeeded by me rolling my eyes and having a carbfest.

Wow, I’ve digressed again, haven’t I?

The point I’m trying to make is that if your man works hard on his body, he should be proud of it (as should you, which I know you are).  However, men can have fashion faux pas as well, and one of the most deadly ones is what the Captain and I call “The Smedium”.

Main Entry: 1sme·di·um
Pronunciation: ?sm?-d?-?m
Function: adjective
Inflected Form(s): plural smediums
Etymology: Fabuluxe, from neuter of medius middle — and Middle English smal
Date: 2007
1 a a combination of small and medium, used to describe an item of clothing that is extremely ill-fitting for the wearer, which the  wearer believes accentuates his or her features but really makes them look like they are wearing something that should be worn by a fetus. Also known as “extra medium”.
Now that you understand our terminology, don’t let your groomsmen fall victim.  It’s sad though, because as hard as these guys work on their bodies, they are the most overlooked when it comes to formal wear. And if they aren’t overlooked (too badly), they have limited selections and/or can expect to pay for their physique.

The problem lies in that most men with these builds have the triangular shape– broad shoulders and slim waist.  For this, an athletic fit (also known as a European cut, seen above on former Light Heavyweight UFC Champ Liddell above) is needed– a larger, tapered jacket and regular sized pants.  Most gents, rather than to risk wearing a suit that is too big or too small, will buy their own tuxedos, so that they can get them altered to their sizes.

Just some pointers…because I would really hate for you to go ballistic when one of the groomsmen looks like someone airbrushed his tux on, so let’s just spare everyone the pain…

  • Make sure there is a 7″ or more drop; in other words, the chest area needs to be 7″ or more than the waist.
  • Different designers make different cuts, so trying on several is key– all are not created equal or the same. Avoid anything that brings too much attention to an already broad/protruding chest.
  • Comfort and movement is key– he should be able to move fluidly and raise his arms above his head comfortably
  • Size MATTERS. Nothing screams cheap tuxedo than a jacket that does not lay flush with the shirt. It is far easier to take in the waist of a jacket than to increase the shoulder or chest size.
  • Go with quality designers, like DKNY, Jones NY, Calvin Klein and Hugo Boss Red Label.

For other great tips in dressing your groomsmen of all sizes, check out this post from Haute Concept.  And death to the Smedium!