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Getting “All Jarred Up” with Your Wedding Favors


When I saw these delicious jarred confections, I just knew that they what they would be perfect for!  We’ve already talked about planning your Southern wedding as well as choosing a down home Southern Menu and cocktails, and now you can add “All Jarred Up” to your Southern wedding favors!  If you’d like to share your comfort food with family and friends, yet don’t have the time (or inclination) to bake in small portions, this is perfect for you.  “All Jarred Up,” the new pie and dessert company, delivers bakery freshness and convenience in a jar – just for you – or two, three to four and many more.

pie in a jar wedding favor for southern wedding Pear-ed Together (large) pie a jar by all jarred up

All Jarred Up company founder and baking maven, Teri Hiles explains, “I wanted to create something that was a common comfort food, but in a unique single serving design with incredible quality ingredients. The best part about the pies is that they are ready to eat right out of the jar. We ship them to your house already baked. Warming the pie is so easy. You place it in the oven, and in a few minutes you have a perfectly warmed, homemade pie in a convenient size. The half pint pie is the perfect amount for one or two people.”

All Jarred Up currently carries five baked goodies, traditional favorites including mixed berry pie, apple pie, pear pie, banana bread, and chocolate chip cookies. They also make two homemade dessert sauces, caramel and chocolate, that can be served on the side or over your favorite ice cream.  Small on price and big on flavor, All Jarred Up uses only fresh, in season ingredients, and as many all-natural and organic ingredients as possible. All Jarred Up baked goods are freshly prepared, sealed, decorated and retail on with prices ranging from $6 to $13 dollars. Most of their sweet treats come in two convenient sizes: The half pint, perfect for one or two, and the pint, just enough for two or three people. Teri plans to introduce her popular peach pie and pecan pie for the upcoming holiday season. I had an opportunity to try the apple jar and it was ridiculously delicious!  Can’t wait to send as gifts!

We Likey: Edward Marc Chocolatier


chocolate menu for wedding by edward marc

There is something sweet on the menu—no, wait…it is the menu! If you are looking for fashion meets function at your wedding, these chocolate menus are perfect to double as menus and favors!  Edward Marc Chocolatier, the 95 year-old family-owned company, specializes in creative and custom packages for weddings.

personalized chocolate medallions by edward marc chocolatierr

Key products from Edward Marc’s wedding lineup include customized chocolate menus ($12, available in milk, dark or white chocolate) or personalized medallions ($13); the must-have cordial cups ($15, available in milk, dark or white chocolate), or the Chocolate truffles,in Raspberry, Amaretto, Champagne and Espresso (available in a wide variety of sizes and combinations).

Another reason to heart them:  20% of each sale via can be donated to the partner charity of the new couple’s choice. Current options include the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project, The Children’s Institute, the Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund and the Touch A Life Foundation.

Details: Cloth Wine Bags

wine bags


These super cute cloth wine bags would make perfect favors for your vineyard inspired wedding.  Imagine them all dolled up with personalized bottles of your favorite vintage! 


Acts of Kindness Wine Jute Bags, $19 for 4;

Planning a Modern Southern Wedding

Scarlett O'Hara at her wedding in Gone With the Wind

The quintessential Southern wedding—Gone With the Wind via Boxwish

Being in transplanted in the South, especially in Coastal Georgia, it is so nice to see the different traditions in place for weddings. Even those who are not from our area and come for destination weddings still want to include a southern tradition into their wedding ceremony or reception.  With great locations like plantation houses, low country mansions or the regal playgrounds of the rich, like the Jekyll Club, there are so many places that can lend themselves to create a nostalgic event experience.  Moreover, you could allow them to continue to influence the flow and concept of the rest of the event. Get inspired by the grounds, decor colors, etc. and tie them in with your invitations, linens and other parts of your wedding


But what if you want to kick it up a notch? What if you want glitz and tradition, or contemporary design and classic heritage?  Let’s look at a few well-known traditions and see how we can have “you” written all over it.



Video Game System 360 Grooms  Cake

Groom’s Cake—This was once only a southern tradition but has spread across the country as another way to include the groom and his personality (like the one above).  Any excuse for more cake works for me. Southern brides would “gift” their grooms with a single layer cake at the wedding.  The grooms cake is typically chocolate or frosted chocolate, but as you can see, it has gone into a work of art itself.  While the wedding cake has been for the bride (in an unspoken understanding), the groom has an opportunity to represent during the wedding.  It is not restricted to being chocolate either—designs vary from different cake flavors to cupcakes and even fondant covered rice krispy treats!  Surprise him by making it something that reflects his interests and present it at the rehearsal dinner or at a scheduled time during the  wedding.   See the Top 5 Groomscakes of 2008 at Pink Cake Box

Liquid Refreshment—Sweet Iced Tea (seen here from Southern Living)  is a staple here in Georgia. It makes it appearance at every meal,so be sure to include it in your wedding, along with other Southern fail safes:  lemonade, mint juleps, bourbon and whiskey.  We previously talked about Southern Cocktails and Signature Drinks and making them more modern.  What other things can you add?  Try changing up the way you present them: opt for lucite trays, oddly shaped glasses or even mason jars,  as well as “props”.  For example, add a magnolia or gardenia bloom to the trays of passed drinks.  If you want to go for a non-alcoholic bar for your southern wedding, offer sweet tea, lemonade, Arnold Palmers (a mixture of the two) and dress them up—rim the glasses for your drinks with colored sugar.  Or really spice things up by adding different flavors like mango, strawberry or blueberry.  Peach is a hit in Georgia (go figure!).  Include lots of fresh fruit as garnish.




butternut squash casserole

All in the family—Believe it or not, it was once tradition for members of the family to bring a “covered dish” to the wedding.  While you don’t want to necessarily go pot luck for your wedding, you can add an interesting twist.  Prior to your wedding, ask all bridal shower guests to send in or bring their favorite recipes and a picture of themselves.  Have a family member compile them all and put them in a photobook from places like Blurb or PhotoWorks, as a gift to you and your new husband.  This family cookbook will be a great heirloom filled with the loving memories and aromas of kitchens past.  If you or your fiance have a special dish that your parents, grandparents or other family members make, give it to your caterer!  See how they can create a more modern version with killer presentation.


When in Rome… Another great way to tie in your Southern location is to share the experience with your guests.  A great way to do this is through your favors. If you are opting for a candy bar, check out southern favorites like pralines, toffees, caramels, brittles, etc.  Don’t forget to add your pecans and peanuts if you’d like to add a twist.  Southern Candymakers is a great resource!  Another idea for favors is to incorporate your Southern wedding location.  For example, if you are having your wedding in Georgia, offer personalized peach preserves (like those featured above from Dewey’s) as a favor or personalized hot sauce for Louisiana weddings and painted Valencia oranges for those in Florida. 




Southern Weddings Blog 


Other great modern resources for your wedding in the South are Southern Weddings—the blog is full  of inspirational pictures and ideas of weddings in the South.  Also check out the queen of weddings in the South as well:  Tara Guerard, and her book, Southern Weddings: New Looks from the Old South.  Remember, two of the greatest Southern wedding traditions are grace and family.  Be a good hostess for your guests and work creatively and fervently to bring your two families together.

{Papier Tuesdays} :: Stephita ::

Stephita offers beautiful, couture invitations that both complement and enhance any theme. They also offer beautiful menu and place cards, favor boxes and tags, as well as programs and fans.

Invitation #605 from the Japanese Collection (see the entire Japanese collection)

Invitation #512 of the Classic collection (view the entire Classic collection)

Invitation #702 of the Photo Collection (view the entire Photo collection)

Save the Date #4 of the Save the Date collection (view the entire Save the Date collection)

Weddings in Toile-light

Toile is becoming the next wedding sensation in the upcoming seasons. With the Baroque Marie Antoinette trend still going strong, toile is making one heck of a comeback. It is everywhere: your invitations, your linens, even your dress! What’s great about it is that it can be done in a sophisticated, yet modern way.

Modern Toile wedding invitation by Wedding Paper Divas
Galvanized Toile Planter Centerpiece by Ideal Favors
Toile Wedding Cake by Tiers of Joy in Shreveport, Louisiana
Personalized Mint Tins by My Wedding Favors
Toile CD Covers by Bliss Weddings
Apple Garden Toile by BBJ Linen

As you can see, it comes in different colors (black, blue, red, pink, and green) and several designs. Some toile is elaborate with its scenery and detail, while others consist of flourishes and floral design. With toile, the only thing that limits you is your imagination.