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A Gentleman Walks Down the Aisle: The Guy’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Day Etiquette



This book has been dubbed as “The Guy’s Ultimate Guide to Wedding Day Etiquette”, we call it pure genius.
A Gentleman Walks Down the Aisle: A Complete Guide to the Perfect Wedding Day (available both in Hardcover and on the Kindle, so your man has absolutely no excuse for not reading it!) is the perfect gift for your new husband to be. More grooms are ditching the “I just have to show up” approach and are taking active roles in wedding planning.  John Bridges, the ultimate etiquette expert, releases the next title in the popular GentleManners series of books to address this very important issue.

John’s guide will help the groom-to-be understand how important his role really is. With this comprehensive handbook, the groom can add to the joy, rather than the jitters, as the big day approaches.

Key Points include:
• 10 Wedding day disasters and how to avoid them.
• How to propose.
• Who should cover the financial costs involved with the big day?
• Dressing for the day – what to wear, when to wear it, and how to wear it.
• Duties of the father of the bride and father of the groom.
• Rules for the best man, groomsmen, and ushers.
• The role of a Gentleman who’s been invited to a wedding.

This book is extremely valuable for the groom himself, the fathers of the bride and groom, the best man, the groom’s other attendants, and even the gentleman who participates in the celebration merely as a guest. This book explains what to do, where to stand, what to wear, and what to say. So even if you are married, it makes a great gift for any guy in your life.



john bridges gentlemanners

John Bridges is the ultimate etiquette expert– especially for the modern man who wants to know how to behave himself, every day, and even in the most challenging situations. He is the coauthor, with Bryan Curtis, of the Gentle Manners series, which includes the bestselling book, How To Be A Gentleman, today’s most popular guide to etiquette for the modern man. He is a frequent guest on television and radio news programs, always championing gentlemanly behavior in modern society. Bridges has appeared on the Today Show, the Discovery Channel, and CBS Sunday Morning, and has been profiled in People magazine and the New York Times. The GentleManners series is a worldwide publishing phenomenon, having sold more than 1.25 million volumes and translated into more than 20 foreign languages. More information on John Bridges can be found at

“Let’s Just Be Friends”



There are all sorts of etiquette issues to deal with when you’re planning your wedding.  From proper wording on invitations, who should sit with whom, who can wear what color…it truly never ends.


Not even while you’re planning.


Vendors spend a lot of time courting potential clients through gifts, marketing, email and phone follow-up.  With the time that each vendor has invested in introducing themselves to you and showing you their product/service, it is only kind that you respond that you are no longer in search of a  (insert vendor here).  I equate about 90% of the way this business operates like a dating relationship.  So, if you were dating someone with the understanding you would date other people, it’s only proper that you tell that person that you have decided to marry someone else. 

You have a lot of vendors vying for your attention as you shop for the best service that fits your budget and your wedding’s personality.  In the midst of those phone calls and emails, you will find the right match for you.  Since there can only be one winner, what do you do with the other vendors you were considering?  It’s only courteous to let the other vendors that courted you know that you have decided to go with another vendor.  Some vendors may provide you with an “exit survey” so to speak, to find out why you chose another vendor and some thank you for your consideration.  In either case, to avoid frustration on your part from receiving multiple emails and causing a vendor to waste their time, be sure to handle it nicely.