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Getting Ruffled

Ruffles are all the rage this season, and I can’t think of a better design concept to throw into your wedding.  Let’s mosey along some beautiful details, shall we?


baby pink ruffled bridesmaids dress Lela Rose Style  LR123halter ruffle bridesmaids dress lela Rose LR125 in ivorydestination wedding dress Dessy Group Style 1026 One shoulder white gown Destination wedding dress white Dessy group Style 1006 ruffle bodice with cap sleeves

Styles by Dessy Group:  Lela Rose bridesmaids in styles LR123 & LR125
Destination wedding gowns by Dessy  in styles 1026 & 1006

These ruffled bridesmaids dresses and wedding gowns are perfect because they do not border on “cutesy”—they allow the allure and sophistication of being a bride shine completely through.  As you can see with the last picture, even adding a gorgeous flower to your hair accents the gown instead of detracting from it.  However, if you have a flair for the dramatic…


Speaking of wedding flowers with a little ruffle—this would be a perfect way to incorporate the trend if you do not want to show it in the attire of your bridal party.  Look for extremely lush flowers such as ranunculus, peonies


pink and purple bridesmaids bouquet with peonies, orchids and roses bridesmaids bouquet of peonies ranunculus tuberoses, tulips in green and  yellow with blue ribbon
            white wedding centerpiece with roses and peonies white wedding centerpiece of ranunculus and sweet peas
All photos courtesy of


What about accessories and other areas of the wedding? surely there has to be room for ruffles with shoes, bridal purses and cakes!


Christian Louboutin ruffled heel ivory Martino Valero Letty Heel in Ivory


Shoes by Christian Louboutin ($875) and Martinez Valero ($130)


 white and yellow ruffled round wedding cake with roses rosettes ruffled wedding cake 


Let’s not this perfect going away dress from Nordstom:



Remember, ruffles can add a very romantic and classic touch to your wedding if they are not overdone.  Enjoy and embrace the romance of ruffles!

Fashion Monday: The Littlest Attendant

Finding the perfect dress for your flower girl is just as hard as finding your own wedding dress.  You have to walk a delicate balance of being cute but not chintzy, beautiful, but not brash.  Similar to your bridesmaids, you want to select a dress that the little girl can wear again, as some dresses can be an investment.


Here are some cute ideas:


apple green shantung Watters WaWa             ice blue tulle flower girl dress with sequins and satin blue ribbon


I love these dresses by Watters, as they deviate from the typical overly tulled white dress that most little girls drown in and allow you to express her personality and the personality of your event with these fun dresses. By incorporating color, you increase the probability of your little friend to wear it again.



ivory champagne organza flower girl dress with beaded waistband

ivory lace bodice with satin bow and tulle skirt flower girl dress by david's bridal

rhinestone bodice white dress faux fur flower girl dress jessica lyn for emerald bridal organza flower girl dress with flower satin bow waistband jessica lyn emerald bridal

If you are looking for an ivory or white flower girl dress, but want to kick it up with more style, look for adornments and embellishments, like these (clockwise Us Angels, David’s Bridal and Jessica Lyn for Emerald Bridal).  Simple additions like a beaded bodice or waistband, ribbons and flowers are a good way to help her stand out and feel like a princess.


white flower girl dress with scalloped hem andblue satin waistband ivory lace flower girl dress with beige flower

flower girl white layered organza dress with ruffled hem by pink princess ivory flower girl dress with organza overlay by winnie couture


If you are looking for something that is gentile and whimsical, but offers a simple elegance for your flower girl, then these dresses by Joan Calabrese for Mon Cheri, Us Angels, Pink Princess and Winnie Couture should  appeal for you. (How adorable is the last little girl with the wreath in her hair!)  Their clean lines and light textures do not add a lot of fuss, but instead enhance delicate details. These would be perfect to wear again, especially for holidays such as Easter or  Mother’s Day.

Norma Kamali and Skype Offer Front Row Access to Her Fashion Week Show!

norma kamali designer wedding dress


Norma Kamali will choose one lucky fan to virtually attend her spring 2010 Fashion Week runway presentation in New York City, for the ‘OMO’ collection, via a Skype video call. The winner will also be able to ask the designer a question about the collection following the presentation and will receive a famous Norma Kamali “all-in-one” garment prior to the show.

Now through September 12, 2009 at 3 p.m. ET, fans can enter to win the virtual seat at her Fashion Week show, which will be held on Thursday, September 17 at 11:10 a.m. ET at the Apple Store in New York City.

Fashion lovers can enter to win the contest by becoming a friend of Norma Kamali on her Facebook page and sending her a message explaining why they want to be front row at her fashion show.  This contest is a continuation of Norma Kamali’s commitment to making high-fashion accessible to all. The designer stated, “I believe in the democratization of fashion and technology is accelerating this process. I am grateful that I can utilize Skype, the Internet communications software that connects millions of people around the world, to bring one fan into my show and let them experience the excitement that is Fashion Week in NYC.”

Miss Fix It: Hollister Medical Adhesive



Hollister’s is typically used to adhere prosthetics to the body, but it has so many other glorious uses in the world of beauty and fashion. 



Remember this dress?



Yeah, well it wasn’t staying on by the grace of God, that’s for sure.


Now, while I can’t say for sure that J.Lo used Hollister’s specifically, I will say her stylists used something similar.  Use for extra security for strapless pads, halter dresses, or when you want straps to stay put.  My tips? Spray on to you—not your clothing.  Wait for it to dry and apply your clothing carefully.   For those heavy duty jobs, spray into a small cup and let it thicken.  Apply with Q-Tip or old makeup brush and follow the instructions above.  Whatever you do, just don’t think you’ll master it on the first try.  Be sure to give yourself practice.


When double sided tape isn’t enough—choose Hollister’s!

Amsale Wants to Hear Your Disaster Story!


The “Do Your Friends a Favor” campaign asks women to share their dress disaster stories; whether it was a horrible bridesmaid’s dress or just a major fashion faux pas, Amsale wants to know all about it!  It’s easy to enter; your readers can simply follow a few easy steps.  Here are the details:

  • Entrants upload photos of their dress disasters
  • Entrants then select an Amsale dress they would’ve rather worn
  • Entrants can even use the "Anonymator" tool to make their worst dress moments anonymous
  • Entrants then share their entries with each other via social media to get votes and reviews
  • Entrants can also make their entries go viral by sharing across the Internet with friends and peers via their social networks


  • Grand Prize: One winner, selected by Amsale from the top 250 highest scoring entries, will win a trip for 2 to New York City for two nights including roundtrip airfare and hotel. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet with Amsale and enjoy a $2,500 shopping spree at the Amsale Flagship Salon.
  • Runner-Up: One winner, selected by Amsale from the top 250 highest scoring entries, will receive a $1,500 shopping spree to the Amsale Flagship Salon in NYC.
  • Most Viral: One winner, selected by Amsale from the top 250 Most Viral entries, will receive a $1,500 shopping spree to the Amsale Flagship Salon in NYC.
  • Sign-Up Sweepstakes: Six winners, who sign-up for the sweepstakes by filling out the form in the Campaign Highlights area of the Amsale “Do Your Friends A Favor” Campaign or who opt-in from the Submit Entry tab, will be randomly selected to win an Amsale dress, valued up to $400, plus a DVD copy of the movie "27 Dresses."  Find out how lead actor Katherine Heigl ends up in an Amsale gown after 27 ugly bridesmaid dresses!

Here’s an example of an entrant who’s fashion faux pas was wearing a gigantic girl scout cookie!:

You can see all the campaign details here:

(thank you to Ashley for sharing this with us!)

Jackets! Jackets! Jackets!

One of the hottest trends hitting the runways this fall are jackets!  Personally, I love a good jacket, especially one that is tailored to fit and can complement almost any outfit from pencil skirts to jeans.  But, what about bridal wear? 


Enter the bolero. 











Shawls are great, but can be a tad bit worrisome.  You have to actually hold it or let it hang;  just keeping up with it can add an additional task to an already harried day.  Boleros can add additional style to your bridal look as well as serve its function of keeping you warm.  For example, you’ll look a lot more stunning in your bridal bolero than your new husband’s tuxedo jacket at your outdoor reception.  With the entrance of winter and fall weddings, we see the influx of many bridal jackets, boleros and cover ups.  Because there are so many options, you want to be sure you are picking one that is right for your style of dress and the season of your wedding.


Some designers create boleros to go with a few collections in their lines, while some bridal salons will make a bolero for you if you bring in or purchase the lace or desired fabric of your choice.  Another great perk of wearing a bolero is the ability to maintain your shape while still adding  a bit of style.  It’s not bulky like some bridal jackets, so you are sure to stay along the same lines for your look as you do without it. 




Row 1:  Rina di Montella Bridal Style No. RB2800S :: Destinations by Mon Cheri Style No. 28100 :: Le Spose di Giò Style No. E50 ::

Row 2: Renella De Fina Style No. Mia :: Alvina Valenta Style No. 9851 :: Rina di Montella Bridal Style No. RB2802S ::

Row 3: JCH CollectionStyle No. J2082 :: Essense of Australia Style No. DJ852 :: La Sposa Style No. Ferida ::

Hot Color Combos: Purple and Marigold

pm I think grown women should have grown women colors, don’t you?  I’ve seen some demure things that are gorgeous, but I really do love it when a bride gets a little "risque" with color.  It just says so much about her personality and where she is going with her event when she experiments with vibrant colors.  Color just makes you feel sexy, alive, mysterious, daring, beautiful…. It can be kind of hard to feel that way when you are dressed up like a Disney Princess.



Ever since Michelle Obama wore her fist bumping purple dress, more people are falling in love with the shade.  Some of us who closely follow the Pantone Color Trends saw it coming.  Even though we’re seeing the standard influx of Tiffany Blue and Yellow, more bolder and richer colors are making their presence known.  (FYI, this really makes you look like the rockstar bride when you choose a color that is hot an can be worn again successfully without looking like a young maiden that interacts with talking candlesticks and clocks, while being courted by a beast).  On the fair side, Trends are fleeting– but guess what, so is your wedding. It’s not going to happen at the same time every year– it represents where you are at that particular moment.  No, you shouldn’t pick a color just because it’s "trendy".  "Trendy" will look dated in a few months or years.  When it is reflective of who you are, that my friends, is what stands the test of time.



Bouquet, drink, and centerpiece photos {}, boutonniere {The Knot}, Black linen tablescape {Shawna Herring :: Flickr}, Bridesmaid Dress {Jordan Fashions :: 536 in Raspberry}

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Moodboard by Once Upon Your Wedding

 Moodboard by Once Upon Your Wedding // Click for larger picture

Winter is coming!  Here is a modest moodboard that was part of a picture challenge over at iWED .  The challenge was to use the middle picture to inspire the rest of the board.  I liked the idea of two things for this winter board:  varying shades of blue and ice.  I chose the concept of going cool and warm for the cocktail  hour (you can see the signature drink and hors d’oeuvres by the cake…), by choosing a “not-so-hot chocolate”– cool mocha enhanced by Kahlua and warmed by cinnamon sugar garnish, and a pumpkin soup shooter.  At a glance, the cake looks rather simple, however, it’s frosting is an iridescent color and ornamented with snowflakes.  The crystal tree brings the reminiscence of walking through an icy forest with icicles falling from its branches.  To take the ice concept a bit further, the champagne chiller is exactly that: made of ice.  The centerpieces again, use crystals to mimic ice reflective of the theme.  I always love candlelight at winter weddings, but it plays so well with this theme because the light bounces of the crystals, subsequently doubling the effect.

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Gitchi Gitchi Ya Ya Da Da…

No, I’m not practicing my baby talk.  After the Soprano’s disappointing finale, my unborn child has already heard a few choice words.  I’m singing the lyrics to the super sultry and suggestive, Lady Marmalade.  It is also the inspiration for this week’s storyboard, Lady Marmalade.  Painted in red in black and shrouded in mystery and romance, this is a great starting point for your Moulin Rouge themed wedding.  Inspired by the movie and Cirque du Soleil , we bring a culmination of elements to appeal to the senses.  Though there are some key things we would change to make this more dynamic for the client, we hope it inspires you! See you next week, when our new storyboard will be….(LOL you’ll have to come back to find out!)


Click for larger picture