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Could You…Would You… With a Mouse?



I sooooo would. Every day of the week and twice on Sunday. And when I say “a mouse”, I mean “THE MOUSE”.

I, personally, tried to talk my sister in to having her wedding at Walt Disney World, but my new brother-in-law said that was a no go.  I think there is a major misconception about what a Disney Wedding would look like.  Even some brides have been less than enamored with the Disney Wedding Couture line that debuted recently.  I’m not quite sure as to why, as the collection is really well thought out and beautiful. They have even recently expanded in to bridesmaids and special occasion dresses as well as gorgeous accessories.   Some die-hard Disney fans said that the dresses looked nothing like the characters that were said to inspire the pieces, while other brides had a lackluster reception to them, professing “I would never tell anyone I wore a Disney dress”.  But overall, it was met with great excitement and positive feedback.


Quell your fears, luxelings. I don’t believe Disney is seeking to disfranchise your wedding or add it to its conglomerate.  I was really surprised (in a “Wow that is awesome!” thought versus the “Wow I can’t believe they came up with something this good” thought) at all of the offerings they make available to their clients.  The packages are really well thought out and designed with the each individual client in mind.  For example, let’s say you want something intimate and elegant– you can choose the Escape Collection and host the party of a lifetime for up to 18 people for an all inclusive price. If  you would like something larger and on a grander scale, the Couture Collection is for you.  I’ve heard a lot of brides and grooms say with a bit of snark, “I don’t want Mickey Mouse at my wedding” Come on! Do you think that Disney would sell out like that?  This isn’t Chuck E. Cheese….it’s Disney.  Remember these are the people that taught you about romance and made you want to get married. Granted, you were only five, but you get my point.  To further debunk this mode of thought, Disney has teamed up with David Tutera.  The magic doesn’t stop there either; you can do this on the Disney Cruise or even do a vow renewal there (Captain America is somewhere cringing at the thought tat I might ask, I am quite sure).   So in the event that I have opened your mind up a bit more, you can check out all of the different options and let me live vicariously through you.  At any rate there are many Disney fan sites where you can get first hand knowledge from other brides and grooms who decided to take the leap.  In addition to your research, be sure to visit those as well.