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Details: Faisselle Popsicles from Tartlette

Faisselle Ice Cream & Raspberry Popsicles

To say that I adore these sumptuous faisselle ice cream and raspberries popsicles from My Tartlette would be quite the understatement.  It is not that I feel like I can taste the delicious frozen treat through the images, but I love the presentation as well.  The story behind her love for faiselle was just as provoking as her description:

A few raspberries mulled with honey dropped at the bottom of a shot glass and topped with faisselle ice cream and there you have the perfect mix of tangy, creamy and refreshing.

Note the simple platter and delicate handkerchief upon which the ice cream sits.  It evokes charm, memories of home and a warm invitation, therefore all the more perfect to be served during your cocktail hour at your summer wedding. 

See the recipe and more beautiful images.

Definition: Ganache


Milk chocolate ganache tart by Dorothy Lane
   White Belgian chocolate ganache by Serendipity Cakes

ganache (uncountable)

  1. A rich creamy chocolate filling made of chocolate and cream, used for confections such as the filling of truffles.
  2. Heaven.


Ok, so I added #2, but it’s still true.  Ganache, while rich and not for the faint of heart, offers a delectable taste to your desserts. It can be used as a filling or or as a gloss like glaze for a cake.  Less cream means a firmer ganache which allows for more creative uses.  It really does complement other flavors like orange, strawberry and raspberry.

Fabuluxe and Delicious: Sorbet Trios



As much as I am a fan of any creme brulee, my next favorite is sorbet.  While Yum Sugar says she tires of sorbet trios, I for one, cannot get enough.  Texture and flavor, as well as temperature make sorbet the fabulousness that it is.  Sorbet trios would make great welcoming treats at a cocktail hour or wonderful way to cool down after hot evening wedding.  As you can see above in the picture from Cannelle et Vanille , the colors are exquisite—all reflective of the hot colors of the season. 


Incorporating the delicious flavors of your trios into your menu can be a wonderful way to enhance other flavors.  Think about expanding beyond the typical berry flavors—mix, garnish, add, and create frozen perfection of your own.  Here are some ideas to get your tastebuds going:


Cannelle et Vanille’s Blood Orange, Key Lime and Kumquat trios

Mr. Lou’s Lemon Mint, Tangerine Basil and Pineapple Raspberry trios courtesy of Emeril Live

Banana, Apricot and Kiwi with Raspberry Coulis courtesy of Epicurious


Think of different ways you can serve your trios:  all in the same cup or separately, as seen above.  Will you garnish with mint, edible flowers or sliced fruit?  The possibilities are not only endless, but also extremely delicious!



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