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Yes, Decor Matters.

outdoor wedding ceremony with chiavari chairs and sculpted petal aisle

This can be a touchy subject.  Nevertheless, it needs to be said.

Sometimes, brides are stuck between the hard place of having great decor or some other vital portion of their menu.  After pouring hour upon hour on Pinterest, message boards and bridal magazines, they become inspired, depressed, agitated and resigned… in that order.  The rationalization from friends who are uber crafty and older relatives who “just got married at the church and were happy” is that “No one really notices the flowers or the linens”.

Honestly, that’s not true.

There is a huge difference between this:

white wedding wedding receptionand this:

elegant ethereal wedding with uplighting linens and florals

What if I said picture one is at a seaside luxury resort and the second picture is at a local VFW.  As a guest, how would you feel walking into picture one?  What about picture two? Granted, those are vastly different existing on separate ends of the spectrum, but you get my point: Decor Matters.  The worst thing in the world is to have a world class venue, DJ or band, five star food and the details to tie the wedding together are nonexistent. Having this type of lopsided event gives the impression that the money ran out for the decor.

Glam Iridescent Table Decor with Rhinestones and Centerpieces

Your environment sets your mood.  

Picture this:  you move into a new, stylish apartment.  To celebrate, you decide to throw a dinner party for your nearest and dearest friends.  The apartment is the talk of the town with the sleekest architecture and views.  However, like most apartments, it’s painted the standard, generic white.  No matter how beautiful the building is, it’s the personal details and decor that makes it stand out.

Tall and Low centerpieces on estate tables

Your centerpieces, when done by a talented, professional designer  can add depth and warmth to your room.  They can guide you into perfecting your color palette to create an enchanting look for your venue.  Decor only looks small and incompetent when it has to compete against your venue.  Work with your venue and you can create something amazing.  Here are some tips:

  • If your venue has ugly walls, chairs or floors,  find out how much it will be to rent chairs or chair covers to eliminate the problem.  Find colors that don’t compete with the floors or walls.
  • Lighting can change everything.  Simple uplighting around a room will give you a soft wash of color over the entire room.  This creates a beautiful canvas to enhance your tables and centerpieces.
  • If the budget is limited, avoid white polyester linens for your tables.  These should only be reserved for your food tables.   While these can be the cheapest linens to acquire, they will also swallow and dwarf any plans you have for your centerpieces if you do not fill the table. If your centerpiece budget is limited having only one centerpiece on an expansive white six foot table will only compound your decor issues. Instead, opt for color to add vibrancy or texture (pintuck, bichon, taffeta, etc.) to add depth.
  • Runners and overlays are a great way to add variety to the table.  Make sure your runners are actual runners– not chair sashes.  This isn’t for what they were intended, so their impact isn’t as fluid as a true runner.  Additionally, runners and overlays look best when they are paired with complementary liners (the base linen).  A colored overlay over a white tablecloth has a “restaurant” feel to it.  Look to add depth and texture with a runner or overlay atop of a liner of the same color or in the same shade family. If you want to go bolder, use the colors in your palette.
  • Just as we have to consider the width of a table, when planning your centerpieces, also consider the height of the ceiling.   Centerpieces that are too low will also make your room look larger and your tablescape very minimal.
  • Napkins are ways to add pops of color from other shades in your palette.  Creatively folded or presented, it can add more depth to your table, filling it more with a functional necessity.  Consider having your tables completely set, even for a buffet to avoid your tables looking too empty.

Color, texture and florals set the tone and enhance the experience for your guests. It can transport and transform them.  Who doesn’t like to get dressed up  and go somewhere nice for a special occasion?  Dining and dancing in a beautiful room truly adds to their experience and participation level.  All things being equal, not all weddings can afford an expansive decor budget.  All weddings, though, can and should be beautiful.


Beach Chic :: Luxury Poolside Tents

blue poolside tent for weddings and events with shell chandelier
Raj Tents have come up with some of the most divine designs to turn your poolside party into a gorgeous, upscale affair.  With exclusive tenting and décor to bring out the essence of themes such as – Moroccan, Indian, Beach Chic and Classic White Wedding, Raj Tents has become a nationally recognized brand in luxury tenting for the special events industry.
Their tents are delicately detailed and made of sumptuous fabrics that give other tents a run for their money.  Due to popular demand, Raj Tents have developed their new beach chic line of smaller, self supported tents.
These popular pergola and pavilion tents are adorned with sea-spray or turquoise exteriors with a myriad of blue shades for the valance.  Their size makes it possible to enjoy the view of the tent, but still offer some beautiful color and decor to your event, while protecting food, seating and/or bars.
poolside tent over jacuzzi weddings event
I love the look of this tent over the jacuzzi.  It makes such a beautiful focal point. I would love to float lotus blossoms in it or a waterproof platform for a couple to stand on for a beautiful illusion that they are standing water.

For more information on securing a Raj Tent, visit their website,!

I Dare You: Shake Up Your Wedding Lounge




I absolutely adore lounges at wedding.  Even for the cocktail hour and times after, it serves as a cool respite for guests to get away or discover other areas of your wedding reception. What is becoming unloved is redundant white furniture. While I love the chic Miami look— I am finding that it is becoming overdone.  I am SO glad to see some new options out there for creating a one of a kind lounge area.




beige lounge furniture with roses and hydrangea centerpiecs in brown vases and brown coffee tables Pillar candles with flower base in cylinders

Beige halfmoon seating with brown copper vases, hydrangea and pillar candle arrangements

Lounge ideas for your wedding reception or event
Lounge ideas for decor inspiration


Cort Luna lounge funiture for weddings parties and events Light up


Perhaps you’d like to go a little futuristic, with several elements of your furniture serving as lit décor. Talk about fashion meeting function! 


black and white damask print swirl lounge furniture by cort essex collection

I love this black and white patterned sofa from Cort, which also has a matching chair set, which is now available for rent.  This is from their Essex collection.



I really love this martini circle bar. it almost has a futuristic Jetsons look to it, but what I love the most is that it isn’t the standard six foot table with risers on it that is seen at so many weddings.  Just a note—people will spend more time at your bar than your cake table or other areas, so make it lively, fun and part of the event.  Cort also has some great pieces like the Luna light furniture (above) with a bar to match!


Which are your favorite pieces to use for a lounge?

The Right Tuft

For whatever reason, I am madly smitten with tufts. I’m not really sure, but it is just one of the facets of glamour for me.


 ivory beige tufted headboard for wedding decor seating inspiration idea


This tufted head board would make a great backdrop against walls paired with bench seating.  Instant glamour!  Something like this:

Glamorous wedding with ivory flowers and candelabra lampshades, mirage chairs, mirrored table tops and tufted bench seating







These beautiful jewel toned pillows would make a great contrast against any lounge furniture or auxiliary seating. – Wal-Mart, $11




Shake up some options for your sweetheart table seating with these beautiful chairs which can later be placed in your home.—Next Tag and CasaSugar




Also, this is a wonderful look for your lounge.  Doesn’t this just scream “Come splay across me”?  —



What are your favorite tufted décor ideas?

Event Vision: New Orleans Cocktail Hour Part II


New Orleans inspiration board for weddings and events



We talked about food and drinks in Part I of our Event Vision: New Orleans Inspiration Series.  Today, we’ll focus on décor.  Since your cocktail hour will be a less structured and traditional part of your wedding reception, you can really embellish with details and color.  Unfortunately many people believe that the only thing available for New Orleans inspiration is Mardi Gras—which can quickly turn your event from a stylish fete into an instant cheesefest.  There is so much more to New Orleans than Mardi Gras and food—however, the same principals can apply to your décor:  go big and bold…with no apologies. 



Hanging Parasols for decor unusual unique wedding inspiration ideas Hanging parasols for wedding decor ideas lighting


One thing New Orleans is known for is parasols.  You can opt to use them as props for your pictures or photo booth, but definitely consider having them become an integral part of your décor.  Don’t confuse them with the oriental parasols, but seek out colorful and ornate Victorian parasols and hang them from the ceiling of your tent or reception venue.  They make a great entrance or lighting fixtures!




French Quarter in New Orleans


If your wedding is outside, you can still have your bit of New Orleans. One of my favorite things is the French Quarter’s wrought iron balconies.  You can have your own variation by bringing in your own iron elements such as arches, gates and fences and hanging lush ferns from them. 





Tufted bench for weddings lounge furniture 
Purple Baroque mirror frame for weddiing decor Tufted bench sofa seating Lounge furniture for weddings parties and events




New Orleans is an old city—full of rich history and culture.  Many of its architecture and design influences come from baroque periods and designers.  You can bring the old world into the new world by  incorporating modern pieces like these tufted benches for seating and baroque mirrors and frames.


Roses, ranunculus, peonies stock centerpiece bouquet arrangement elizabeth anne designs melissa schollaert

Photo:  Melissa Schollaert via featured wedding on Elizabeth Anne Designs



I really do love this arrangement of lush flowers on this antique gold stand.  Its fullness makes up for its size but provides soft colors (but feel free to go bolder!) which will look great on cocktail tables and bistro sets. 


image image


Speaking of bistro sets, toss a few around in your cocktail hour if it is outside, along with some vintage street lamps.  Both are a part of the New Orleans experience and can easily transport your guests. 



Don’t forget your décor for your reception either—small touches like naming your tables after New Orleans’ famous streets, making your food buffet look like it’s part of a Mardi Gras float can bring so much authenticity to your event.  Don’t forget about the music, either (you’d better not!):  Play songs from natives like Louis Armstrong, the Marsalis brothers, etc. to get people in the spirit.  If you really  want to get people moving—when it is time to get your guests to move on to the reception, do it Mardi Gras style with a trumpet player playing “When the Saints Go Marching In” taking them into the reception pied piper style.  If this doesn’t work for your event, you could always do it for your wedding reception entrance or send off, where guests can toss feathers and beads.


I hope this inspires you for your New Orleans’ themed wedding! 


*Garnish*: for more inspiration, check out these links:•-married/

We Likey: Zainido Decor

unique modern rentals for weddings ceremony and reception

There are times I truly miss being in California.  Earthquakes and mudslides notwithstanding, I had great times there.  In addition to the memories, I now miss CA because of Zainido Décor.  I stumbled upon them when I noticed they were following me on Twitter (if you’re not, you should. It will change your life).  File me under:  INSTANT FAN.

Part of making your wedding or event memorable are food, drinks and décor (hence the name of my company—I believe cocktails + details are the essentials of a fabulous party, yet I digress…). People play a role in that, too—but one way to make sure that the people at your event are at their happiest is to create a unique event.  The rentals from Zainido help you pull off just that.

White Lounge Furniture for Wedding Reception Blue velvet chair for wedding lounge untraditional

Fun options for a lounge atmosphere for your cocktail hour or after party

Blue jug vase for wedding reception centerpieceBlue handblown vase centerpiece wedding reception Blue Vase for Wedding centerpiece

Ditch the traditional square vases and tall cylinders, and opt for beautiful colored hand blown vases.  Picture it with white phalaenopsis orchids trailing out of them….DIVINITY!

vintage skeleton key marie antoinette wedding decor Marie Antoinette Wedding Decor Baroque Damask Mirror Marie Antoinnette green and gold wedding reception decor chair sofa

Going vintage?  I dare you not to fall in love with the skeleton keys, baroque mirror and sofas.

I love this from their bio:

A love of color is something which also drives the founder and owner of Zainido Décor, Dana Lewis. Dana has over ten years of experience in Interior Design, Set Design and Event Design. Her love of vintage pieces, retro and all things old and beautiful, is apparent in her stock of unique décor. Dana pulls inspiration from vintage films of the 60’s, architecture and modern art. This is especially helpful for those who are looking to create an authentic set for a photography shoot, wedding or set design.

We also consider ourselves a green company, because we refurbish and reuse furniture while using eco-friendly material. We aspire to limit our ecological footprint and are always seeking out ways to do so.

Visit their website and blog for more info!

Sheer Beauty

01016 Curly Willow Blush 01015 Organza Solid Pink  05109 Curly Willow Mink

With Fashion Week being full of beautiful designs, I love looking back to one of my favorite trends this year, and of course, transferring it over to my industry: weddings and events.  Designers like Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta,  Max Azria and Michael Kors have created some of the most alluring fashions based around the trend.  I’ve loved everything about this look:  from gauzy, light fabrics to beautiful translucent makeup.  This of course plays off the Minimalist trend that was also hanging around.

The “sheer face” is perfect for the fresh, dewy, ingénue look that some brides seek to capture with their wedding day makeup:

3.1 Phillip Lim Beauty Looks Spring Summer 2009 photo Derek Lam Make-up Look Spring Summer 2009 Derek Lam Natural Look Runway Photo Erin Fetherston Sheer Makeup Look Spring Photo

Model images courtesy of Flights of Fab Fashion Fancy

Beautiful sheer decor from Wildflower Linens


blue and purple linens wedding decor wildflower linens

 orange and yellow linens with chiavari chair covers wildflower linens

Brown and neutral sheer chair cover chiavari chair Ivory & Champagne sheer chiavari chair cover treatment details

Ivory & Champagne wedding linens tables chiavari chair ties

What’s your favorite look to incorporate from the runway?

Guest Blogger: Saying “I Do” with a Charitable Heart

Letterpress wedding favor card - Amazon Conservation Association - printed by Smock  by Smock Letterpress.

  • Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. You’re surrounded by family, friends and, of course, love. Why not spread some of it around by incorporating a little charity into the occasion? Here are some ways for you to marry in style and with a giving heart.

  • Floral decor: Look to your florist to see if they donate any of their sales to charity. If you’re unable to find one or are short on time, visit The site donates 10% of each purchase to the charity of your choice and the beautiful floral arrangements (below) would make great centerpieces.
  • Photobucket


  • Wedding Favors: Instead of the traditional wedding favors (i.e., chocolates, matches, a mix CD), many couples are making charitable donations in their guests’ name. Check with your charity of choice to see if they will provide you with favor donation cards, otherwise you can find chic options online!
  • idtt_donationcd


  • Hotels: When booking rooms for out-of-town guests, consider Kimpton Hotels. The company, which operates boutique hotels across the country, is a big supporter of both local and national nonprofit organizations. You can get in on the act by using a discount code that donates 10% of each night’s stay to various charities AND gives you $10-$15 off each night of your stay!
  • Hotel EPIC - Miami

  • Wedding Gifts: Do you really think that you’ll use that apple corer or crystal stemware set? Why not ask guests to make a donation in your name to your favorite charity? If you actually do want (or need) the gifts, there’s nothing wrong with that either! Head on over to the I Do Foundation‘s website and register your wedding gifts with one of the partner stores, including Target. Participating retailers will donate a percentage of your registry sales to the charity of your choice.
  • Catering: As nonprofits look to social enterprise to raise funds outside of donations, more and more organizations are starting business operations, including catering operations. NYC’s Housing Works, an organization fighting homelessness and AIDS in the city, operates The Works Catering as one of its many social enterprises. The Works Catering is operated by a four star chef and prepares seasonal cuisine for many events, including weddings.
    • phpThumb_generated_thumbnail.jpeg phpThumb_generated_thumbnail2.jpeg

      Of course, the options don’t end here! There are many ways to incorporate charitable elements into your ceremony and reception. Ask your wedding planner if they know of any businesses or vendors who are involved in charitable organizations. If you’re really set on spreading the love, they will definitely make sure that happens!

      Karyn Brianne Watkins