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How to Work Well with Your Wedding Coordinator

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So, the day is finally here!

All the hard work, preparation, planning and hard work is about to pay off.  You’ve, in your infinite wisdom, hired a wedding coordinator to protect your investment and allow you to actually enjoy  your wedding day.  Here are some tips if you decide to work with a personal wedding coordinator:

 Assume s/he knows nothing!  If your wedding coordinator is coming in about a month prior to your wedding (as most should), s/he hasn’t been with you throughout your planning process and doesn’t know the details of your wedding. Take this time to bring them up to speed and leave nothing out:  share your vendor contracts, disputes, ideas and changes so that they are able take everyone’s needs into consideration when building the timeline and coordinating other vendors.  For example, a typical mishap that occurs when  couples forget that their vendors have requested a meal for the wedding day (hot or otherwise).  Believe it or not, this can change the entire course of the day, but could’ve been easily prevented with earlier preparation.

Tell the family secrets.  The same thing applies to any important family history your coordinator needs to be aware of. If your parents do not get along, it would be highly problematic to seat them together.  If your sister is prone to dramatic displays or your maid of honor has a peanut allergy, again—let your coordinator know as far in advance as possible.  What may seem little to you could ultimately disrupt well-laid plans that have been set.

Get your stuff together.  If you are incorporating many DIY projects or personal items into your decor, you need to have them assembled, labeled, numbered, etc.  at least one week prior to the wedding.  It’s not really fair to dump a box of various pieces on your coordinator and her staff expecting them to turn your mess into fabulous.  Here are some great examples:

  • If you are utilizing escort cards, have them alphabetized and boxed, ready to be laid out.  If you are offering different meal selections, use a colored place card (as opposed to a card that holds a graphic of the meal choice). This makes it easier for the caterer’s staff to visually see who gets what at the table.  Be sure to  provide your coordinator with a list of the table assignments for each person.  This helps her work with your guests quickly if they become lost or there is a question as to table settings.
  • There are some decorative items that can be scored from retailers to add a personal, unique touch to your wedding.  Remember to use Goo Gone to remove any stickers/adhesive, scuff marks, etc. We typically keep some in our kit for emergencies, but it works best when it has a chance to sit on whatever is going to be removed. 
  • If you are particular as to how some elements should be pieced together, provide an image of what it is you want as well as detailed instructions.  Otherwise, you may be disappointed with what the staff comes up with.


Decide who will have the last word.  When your coordinator works with you to build your timeline and event preparation documents, it will be assumed the details are final.  It can be extremely frustrating to arrive and begin working on what has been decided and agreed upon to have someone come along (your mother, bridesmaids, etc.) change the entire flow of things because they feel their way is better.  These unauthorized changes have the potential of throwing off several other vendors who are relying on your coordinator’s information (timelines, setup docs, etc.).  What may seem like a small change can affect several other vendors.  Make sure that you give your coordinator or someone else who knows the entire scope of the wedding final authority. 


I know I have lots of other wedding planner/coordinator friends out there—what are some of your tips for working well with your coordinating team?

A Good Wedding Planner is Like….



I was looking to find a foundation to replicate the stunning coverage I received when I spoke at Eventology earlier this month.  I was uber excited to find that one of my favorite makeup artists, Kevyn Aucoin, had a new liquid airbrush foundation line out. I love everything Kevyn, but did not want to drop $45 online since I don’t have a local Sephora in my area to actually test the shade I thought I needed. But, it did spark a very thoughtful moment.

A good wedding planner is like foundation.

A great foundation helps you cover imperfections, hide flaws, enhances what you already have and makes you look better.  A wedding planner can do the same things.  S/he can help you cover all of the things that aren’t quite perfect or unexpected mistakes (at times without you knowing!).  But additionally, instead of recreating your event vision, s/he will take what you want and have, enhance it and make it better.

On that same token, it’s imperative that you find the right match.  Your foundation has to be the right match for your skin type, skin tone and does what it wants to you to do (matte finish, medium coverage, etc.). If you don’t—it makes you look bad, can cast that ghastly makeup shadow or mask and can work against what you already have (skin type, shade, etc.).  The same thing goes for your wedding planner.  A planner’s lack of experience or work process can make you and your event look disorganized and poorly designed.  It can also take away from everything you have planned and make what was to be a focal point or special attraction, an eyesore.

Let’s talk money, now.  Look at the above, we have the Kevyn Aucoin liquid foundation which retails for $45. The Cover Girl retails for $11.49.  Sometimes the 11.49 will carry you over, but on your wedding day, you don’t want to be just “carried over”. You want to be flawless.  There are also times when the $11.49 is all you can afford, because $45 is a lot of money to pay if a.) it’s not what you want  or b.) it doesn’t work the way you want or how you need it to.  However, with the $45 foundation, you are getting premium ingredients that will work in a system to provide premium results.  Sometimes you have to know and see the difference in value and service between someone providing, let’s say a day-of-coordination for $300 and another providing it for  $1000.

Think about it 🙂

My Fabuluxe Wedding Giveaway!




Is your wedding in Savannah, St. Simons Island, Jekyll Island or Jacksonville?  We would LOVE to work with you, and have you appear in our new promo video!


To celebrate our fabulous start to 2009, we are offering a free month of coordination package to a lucky couple getting married in our service area.  This isn’t your mother’s day of coordination! We will work with you four to six weeks prior to your wedding:  obtaining information that is vital to the successful execution of your day.  We will begin to confirm your vendors, create your event blueprints and go over any (and every!) detail that is pertinent to your event.  Our team of lifestyle event designers will work to keep your bridal party, family and vendors updated and prepared with the latest information on your wedding day itineraries and plans.  Your team will also be there for you at your rehearsal, setup on the day of the wedding and complete coordination.  You can focus on being beautiful, in love and fabulous, while we handle the logistics and coordination of the day.


Are you excited?  Ready to enter?  Fabulous!


Send an email to  with the subject “My Fabuluxe Wedding”, and tell us all about you and why your wedding is fabuluxe in 400 words or less (remember, we love details!)!  Be sure to include your wedding date and location.  You are more than welcome to send us pictures of the two of you or of some of your ideas—we want to get to know you!  Not in our area, but know someone who is?  Be sure to spread the word! 


Entries are due Februrary 7th, so don’t wait!  We will announce our winner on Valentine’s Day, so stay tuned!


The rules:

*One entry per fabulous couple, who do not have a coordinator

*Entries are limited to 400 words or less and may be accompanied by pictures to help us get to know you

*Weddings must be in April or May 2009, per our availability.



Good luck!