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I Want A Wedding Like…Rebecca Romijn


Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O’Connell celebrated their wedding with a surprise ceremony in July of 2007. The intimate ceremony was followed by a beautifully casual reception with friends and family.

What she did…


Rebecca was married at her own home, a ranch in LA, surrounded by gorgeous trees. When the sun went down the trees lit up the reception as lanterns hung from them.

What you can do…


Beautiful outdoor locations, such as this one at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel, are the perfect place to have the intimate celebration you’ve always wanted. The romantic lighting and tree cover only enhance the beauty of your wedding.

What she did…

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The bride wore a beautiful Ralph Lauren gown the whole evening. This dress what perfect for her. Rebecca’s day was about celebrating and this dress was gorgeous and comfortable, which allowed her to dance and celebrate all night.

What you can do…


Find a dress that you love. This Alice Padrul gown is amazing! It is absolutely gorgeous and it is perfect for celebrating all night on the dance floor.


Choose a bouquet that pops. The deep red of the berries in this bouquet with the addition of the yellow and the soft greens are amazing! Instead of berries you could add jewels for opulence.

What she did…


Rebecca decided that instead of a wedding cake, she would serve two different kinds of cupcake. This spread looks delicious.

What you can do…


Two words: crème brûlée! These mini crème brûlée with the addition of fresh blueberries and a sprig of mint are to die for. This dessert will be a true hit. If you aren’t willing to give up the traditional cake this dish can be a delicious addition to your dessert table.

What she did…


Late in the evening, the sparklers started to light up the reception as guests had them at each table. I love how the trees have been used for lighting with the paper lanterns strung between them allowing the trees to create a natural shadow effect.

What you can do…


Floating lanterns started at celebrations as a way to make a wish and watch it float up into the sky. These lanterns create an amazing visual effect in the sky if they are all released at the same time. Lanterns are a fun thing for guests as well as a great alternative to fireworks. My favorite thing about these lanterns is that they are 100% biodegradable and safe.

Inspiration ::Crème Brûlée::

Creme Brulee with berries

It is no secret that I absolutely L-O-V-E crème brûlée.  (Seriously, it’s unnatural)

When checking my stats, I noticed a lot of people were looking for crème brûlée inspiration boards.  I figured that a lot were attracted because of my fake crème brûlée recipe and our moodboard section.  I decided to take a stab at it, focusing on all of the things that crème brûlée represents to me.


I based this board’s shades around the colors in crème brûlée– the soft ivories of the custard, the golden brown of the carmelized sugar, the bright white of  the whipped cream and the rich red of berries that accompanies most servings.  The linen samples are from BBJButtercup Lamour (the custard), Antique Gold Sparkle Sheer and Espresso Bichon Runner (the carmelized sugar).  When I think of crème brûlée, I think of very rich and full flavors.  It was only fitting that flowers like red ranunculus and ivory mystique roses would be incorporated into the centerpieces.  When paired with this gorgeous fluted vase from Country Living, the look is simple, yet elegant.  The low vase resembled ramekins used when cooking this decadent dessert.  Its coloring will pop against the warmth of the linens.  Those same warm colors are incorporated into the textured invitations and the pillar candles which produce an amber glow for the event.  The gorgeous bridesmaid’s dress from Dillards also ties in those colors and textures.

Très delish!