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Jackets! Jackets! Jackets!

One of the hottest trends hitting the runways this fall are jackets!  Personally, I love a good jacket, especially one that is tailored to fit and can complement almost any outfit from pencil skirts to jeans.  But, what about bridal wear? 


Enter the bolero. 











Shawls are great, but can be a tad bit worrisome.  You have to actually hold it or let it hang;  just keeping up with it can add an additional task to an already harried day.  Boleros can add additional style to your bridal look as well as serve its function of keeping you warm.  For example, you’ll look a lot more stunning in your bridal bolero than your new husband’s tuxedo jacket at your outdoor reception.  With the entrance of winter and fall weddings, we see the influx of many bridal jackets, boleros and cover ups.  Because there are so many options, you want to be sure you are picking one that is right for your style of dress and the season of your wedding.


Some designers create boleros to go with a few collections in their lines, while some bridal salons will make a bolero for you if you bring in or purchase the lace or desired fabric of your choice.  Another great perk of wearing a bolero is the ability to maintain your shape while still adding  a bit of style.  It’s not bulky like some bridal jackets, so you are sure to stay along the same lines for your look as you do without it. 




Row 1:  Rina di Montella Bridal Style No. RB2800S :: Destinations by Mon Cheri Style No. 28100 :: Le Spose di Giò Style No. E50 ::

Row 2: Renella De Fina Style No. Mia :: Alvina Valenta Style No. 9851 :: Rina di Montella Bridal Style No. RB2802S ::

Row 3: JCH CollectionStyle No. J2082 :: Essense of Australia Style No. DJ852 :: La Sposa Style No. Ferida ::

We Were Here.

We had a fantabulous time at the wedding show, yesterday at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. Half the fun was had in the set up and break down of the booth. I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun on a Sunday– but my girlfriends are awesome!

Abby, Lindsay and Streater– Thank YOU for a fantastic show, your hard work and fabulousness. You are exactly what fabuluxe is 🙂

Getting ready for show time

This is Lindsay ALL day long. She is just hilarious. We forbade her from making ANY predictions for the show. Linds has the ability to say “What if…” or “Wouldn’t it be funny if…” at the rehearsal or setup during the day of the wedding…and it actually happens. Lindsay is uber creative. Just ask her about the bucket of flowers she got during a wedding we had.

Abby Setting Up the Cocktail Tables

Abby is also hilarious. I can’t publicly post what she said on Sunday that made me fall out on the floor laughing…but she is awesome. I can explain an idea to Abby and she makes it happen.

Streater Setting Up the Main Table

This is our new intern, Streater. Cutest name ever. I think we’ve officially found our “sweet one” (because Lord knows it wasn’t me). Streater was great at the show and was able to keep up with us. Prayerfully, we haven’t scared the poor girl.

Fabuluxe Bridal Show Setup

Here we are….all done and ready for show time!

Fabuluxe Bridal Show Setup

Another view of our booth. You couldn’t miss us– as soon as you walked in the convention center, you had our wedding sexy in your face colors right before your eyes. It was great because so many brides said, “We just KNEW it was you because your booth looked just like your ad!”

Our Cocktail Table

One of our cocktail tables, beautiful matching guestbook (a gift from my most special girlfriend, Precious. I owe Precious everything. She listened to me pine and moan over this setup!)

Fabuluxe Setup

Our main table… That candelabra is another sweetie from Precious. It rocks to have friends with awesome taste! Our brochures sat in a tray of crystals 🙂

Fabuluxe Setup

Another view of our main table.

Straton Hall's Booth

This is Straton Hall‘s setup. UBER gorgeous. The food was actually presented BEAUTIFULLY– suspended from their booth. So weddingsexy 🙂

Another view of Straton Hall

Another view of Straton Hall‘s set up.

Straton's Fabulous Food

Here is one of the suspended areas of their booth– this was the best pecan chicken salad ever. How cute are the little bowls?

Jay, Stacy and Terrica

This is me with Jay and Stacy, owners of Straton Hall. Angel of The Beachview Club caught us midlaugh because Stacy was talking MUCH trash.

Stacey and Terrica

My super girlfriend, Stacey, of the Jekyll Island Authority. They handle the rentals for weddings at Faith Chapel, Villa Mariana, The Convention Center, Morgans, and the Beach Deck.

Streater, Fabuluxe Intern

Streater picking the winner of our Fabuluxe Wedding Giveaway.

Lindsay, Assistant Event Coordinator with Fabuluxe

Lindsay doing the “OMG I won!” look.

The Fab Ones

My fabbies. How cute are they!?

James and me

Me with the fabulous James Grella of Image Artisans, Inc. You have heard me talk about how wonderful James is. But here is the sad but true part…James didn’t even recognize me when I was all dressed up. He’s so used to seeing me in “prep mode” for weddings, that he doesn’t see the rockstar come show time.

The Fab Ones

Us playing with the camera.


This picture did not come out the way I wanted it to, but still had to post it for sentimental reasons…it’s our “Destination Wedding” picture, right, Lindsay?

Wendy B and Terrica

Me with Wendy of Sea Palms Resort. She is an absolute sweetheart and knows my affinity for good cake.

The Fab Ones

And here we are– the Fabuluxe Family 🙂