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We Likey: Brandy J Bags

brandy j collection handbags


I am a huge fan and stalker of photographer Brandy J and the other half of her dynamic duo, husband Sticky Rammel.  Not only are they beautiful and talented, they are also very wonderful people.  When I stumbled across Brandy J’s collection of handbags and more, I was thisclose to needing to be resuscitated.  I simply adore a good bag—bookbag, overnight bag, handbag, tea bag—whatever.  And to see one of my favorite photographers delving into this market was fabulous for me!






Be sure to check out  the upcoming catalog and become a fan and get more information on the Brandy J Collection fan page on Facebook.  Also be sure to check out their their awesome photography work and follow along on their blog.  I completely love this photo, because after silently (and not so silently) watching them from afar at Engage 09! Conference in Grand Cayman, this sums up their fabulous personalities:


brandy j photography