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Fab Finds Friday: Miyu Beauty


Totally in love with MIYU Beauty!

Bridesmaids Gift

wedding favor ideas

MIYU is a beauty brand that pairs the tea with their innovative skin care, infusing beauty from the inside out. MIYU Beauty is offering our delicious and skin-enhancing hydrate mi beauty tea as a gorgeous wedding favor.  Not only that, their  ‘a prettea little quartet’ introductory kits are perfect as bridesmaids gifts – or for all occasions, as wella s some other great options for favors. With two different lines to hydrate or destress, there is something for everyone who wants to be pampered.


Expert Tips from a Celebrity Stylist for Your Wedding


We had an opportunity to pitch some questions to celebrity stylist Lindsay Hillyard-Driscoll for wedding day tips to keep you looking your best.  Lindsay, a recent bride herself, has worked with numerous stars including Kimora Lee Simmons, Chrisette Michelle, Cher, Cyndi Lauper, The Dixie Chicks, and Prince.  She offered tips and tricks that are regularly used by her celebrity clients to plan for the unexpected during big events to help brides look flawless from the time they put their veil on all the way through dancing the night away at their reception.

C+D:  What tips should brides remember in choosing their products for outdoor weddings?

Lindsay:  It’s just as important to feel good as it is to look good.  In fact, I believe the two are very closely related, so I always counsel my clients to choose a look that they can be comfortable in.  For outdoor weddings, that means choosing shoes that work in grass – no spiky heels – and a dress that works with the season – you don’t want a complicated, tiered dress in the middle of summer. 

C+D:  We work with a lot of clients that choose to have destination weddings—mostly outside.  What sort of things should they consider for their beauty game plan?

Lindsay:  To plan for an outdoor event – whether a red carpet walk or a wedding – think about how you’ll be moving.  If you will be walking a lot on uneven ground, I’d suggestion searching out a dress that isn’t too tight, and allows you to walk with long enough strides so you can make it down the aisle, whether in a cornfield or cabana. I also recommend that brides “blow rather than blot” – I always pack a hand-held travel fan that you can use to blow away perspiration beads on the face rather than blotting papers or tissues, which can remove or smudge make up. 

C+D:  What about the gentlemen?  Sometimes they have it just as bad as the ladies with their tuxedos and suits…

Lindsay: Grooms are often the most overdressed, if they are wearing a suit in the middle of summer.  So, to help them out, I suggest using a panty liner in their undershirt.  I know it sounds strange – but it works!  Just call them ‘sweat guards’ if your man is squeamish about feminine products. 

C+D:  That is amazing…I never would’ve thought of that. I will have to make a note to add “sweat guards” to our emergency kits!  Also with weddings, one thing that I notice that is really important is the endurance of a bride’s hair and makeup for her wedding.  Any tips there?

Lindsay:  To keep you and your look fresh all day, I say take fewer trips to the bathroom – you don’t want to over-do the touch-ups.  To keep yourself focused on the big day rather than bee lining for the bathroom, even if you are having your period, I suggest to my clients to use a menstrual cup.  I know lots of women haven’t heard of them, but they are safe to wear for 12 hours – fewer trips to the bathroom and less hassle!

C+D:  Any favorite simple accessible items for fast fixes?

Lindsay:  A white out pen can fix a French manicure or shoe scuff, a few bobby pins can keep falling hair away from your face, and a roll of electrical tape might be just the fix for a split in the groom’s pants or a loose cuff. 

C+D:  I know a lot of brides worry about being “too overdone” on their wedding day.  It can be really easy to fall into a trap of too much when planning for a big event.  What is your take?

Lindsay:  Stay as close to your natural look as possible – you can still look special but keep your look aligned with your overall style, that way you’ll know how to touch up your make up and hair more easily – it won’t be so foreign. 

C+D: Any other tips brides should keep in mind?

Lindsay:  Lots of good styling is about layering.  For your clothes, it’s about finding the right undergarments and most importantly for your wedding is the right bra.  Make sure your first layer fits well and is comfortable.  For your make up, there are lots of techniques where you can layer your look with a powder application in between the layers.  And even for your hair, layering in the right products (such as volumizer a few times with hairspray on top) can help preserve your style.


imageAfter earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from Iowa State University, Lindsay Hillyard-Driscoll  was asked to join Prince’s ‘Musicology’ tour, where she dressed Prince and his band.  After the ‘Musicology’ tour, she joined Jay-Z and R. Kelly for the Best of Both Worlds tour.  She has since styled T.I., Ciara, Ne-Yo, Young Jeezy and became the lead stylist for recording artist Chrisette Michelle. She was also the in-house stylist at Black Entertainment Television, responsible for styling all VJs and news anchors.

Visit Lindsay’s website: Style Me Haute

Guest Blogger: ABC’s of choosing your wedding day beauty professionals by Tiffony Simpson

You met Jules de Jesus with in our beauty segment on Tuesday, now meet the other half of the dynamic duo—Tiffony Simpson of Ony Salon!

Congratulations!  You are getting married and I know you are excited to begin planning your big day.  You have hired your wedding planner and now it is time to choose the people who will help you look and feel your personal best on your wedding day!  As a licensed cosmetologist and beauty professional with over 12 years of experience, I have been blessed to be a part of countless weddings with the majority being destination brides. Destination weddings are my favorite!  What a great way to share such a wonderful memory in a location where friends and family can come for rest and relaxation while they celebrate with you and the love of your life.  In my experiences with brides, I have learned several tips that I want to share with you to make your wedding day hair/makeup flawless and chic.



  1. Always hire a hair/makeup professional.  Someone who is professionally trained and licensed/certified in their craft.  I have had several brides call me last minute because their family friend who thought they could do her hair was found to be incapable of recreating what she wanted or at the last minute could not come to the wedding.  Hiring a professional will diminish the chance of something like this happening.  On a side note, always ask your beauty professional to see recent pictures of their work, especially if there aren’t portfolio pictures on their website.  Portfolio pictures will allow you to see the range of work that they can do.  Even if there is not a picture similar to what you may want, you should be able to see if their “style” matches yours.  You should see something in there you like even if you don’t like it for yourself.


  1. Be sure to book a trial run!  Do not just trust your wedding day hair to chance.  A trial run serves as a chance to get to know the professional better and vice versa.  A wedding hair/makeup professional should have a contract ready for you.  Be leery of any wedding professional who does not draw up a contract. A contract protects you from a no show on your wedding day; it also gives a detailed layout of pricing information, so there will not be any surprises or misunderstandings.


  1. Consider the weather and your surroundings.  If you are having a beach or garden wedding in Coastal Georgia, you will want to keep in mind that your hair may have an adverse reaction to the style you have chosen.  That is also another reason why choosing a stylist from the area where you plan to get married is a good idea.  They will be better able to guide you on appropriate style choices.  For example, if you are from a low humidity climate coming to Coastal Georgia. your hair may require the use of different products than you are use to to get the same or similar results that you get at home.  In other words, if you have naturally curly hair and you normally wear it straight, special considerations will need to be made.
  2. Decide on a beauty professional who will not only make you look gorgeous, but who will also provide a calming and enjoyable experience!  As the owner of Ony Salon, it is always our goal to create an atmosphere that is fun and light.  We want you to feel your personal best inside and out.  We love to work with the professionals of Dollface by Jules who do fabulous job making your face flawless and glowing as well as making your cheeks tired from laughter.  In other words your wedding day should be your day to sit back, relax, and let your glam team bring out the beauty that already lies within. 
  3. Congratulations!!!


Tiffony Simpson is a Savannah native but trained for and received her cosmetology license over 12 years ago in Connecticut at one of the Northeast’s top cosmetology schools.  Afterward, she remained at the school as a beauty educator for over five years.  Tiffony is passionate about the beauty industry and believes being in a fun, relaxed atmosphere is essential to making sure that every client feels chic, sophisticated, and confident about themselves and the way they look.  She specializes in bridal and special event hair design.  She says her favorite part of the job is being a part of the memories that come with these special occasions.  Tiffony owns Ony Salon.  For more information, please visit .






Guest Blogger: Take His Breath Away Bridal Looks by Jules de Jesus

Beautiful Bridal Shoot by Allison Reisz  Makeup by Dollface by Jules in Savannah Georgia


When thinking of your wedding day, most think of how they will look.  Being timeless, flawless, and gorgeous is all a must for any bride.  But what exactly does that mean?  I’ll try to explain and hopefully help you with your makeup concerns.  Who am I?  My name is Jules De Jesus.  I’m a Professional Makeup Artist and Founder of Dollface by Jules.  I have well over 13 years of pro experience specializing in bridal makeup.  I have had the honor of being apart of so many weddings.  I simply love what I do!  Enough about me, let’s talk wedding day makeup.

Bridal Beauty Makeup in Savannah by Dollface by Jules and Photography by Allison Reisz

So what does being “timeless” mean?  Basically, you don’t want to follow trends for your special day.  If you don’t normally wear red lipstick, don’t try it on your big day.  Stay true to your self by looking like you on your day.  Your fiancé already thinks you are the most beautiful girl in the world, so try to concentrate on being a flawless version of yourself.  So with that being said, let’s move to being flawless.

Dollface by Jules Makeup by Jules de Jesus Savannah Georgia Wedding Make up Artist

How does one look flawless?  I’ll tackle this in two parts.  First, start with some sort of beauty routine before your wedding day.  Make sure to exfoliate, moisturize, & use SPF 30+ every day for beautiful skin. This way your skin will look great and less “covering up” will be needed. Also, always have a trial run.  It’s best for you and your makeup artist (MUA). Your MUA will need to see your skin in person to make proper recommendations. For my brides, I often give personalized skin care tips during the trial. Have your trial as close to the wedding day as possible. Your skin will be almost exactly what it will be on the big day.

Second, hire a professional.  A Pro MUA will apply the same techniques and tricks they use on models for photo shoots. This means you won’t need to panic over dark circles or pesky blemishes. While models may look amazing in magazines, you can be sure they don’t show up on set looking picture perfect. Makeup artists are trained to use cosmetics to create the illusion of flawless skin.

Not only will you look flawless, but you will feel gorgeous.  Take time out for you, being pampered and letting pros do what they do goes along way in taking away extra stress.  My partner in beauty, Tiffony Simpson of Ony Salon, and I work very hard on creating the best experience for our brides.  We are always honored to be a part of every special day and wedding. We will try our very best to make the experience with us as memorable, professional, & as fun as possible.

Be timeless, flawless, and feel gorgeous.  It’s your day to be the belle of the ball, so do it right!




Jules De Jesus, the founder of Dollface by Jules, is an accomplished and innovative professional makeup artist and beauty expert with over a decade of experience “Making Over the World – One Face at a Time! ™”.  After inspiring true beauty in countless brides, perfecting the fiercest looks in print and capturing period looks on film, she is extremely proud to be counted among Savannah’s finest wedding vendors and to able to live her dream by being a part of someone else’s big day!  To learn more about Jules, visit

We Likey: Troy Jensen

troy jensen makeup beach

Troy is one word: fabulous.


Working everything from fashion to beauty and makeup to photography, his talent is truly limitless.  He creates awesome looks for celebrities and breaks it down product by product, giving you a recipe for gorgeousness. I’ve been so impressed by his skill and even have a list of new looks and brands to try out soon.  What is even better is that Troy interacts with his readers—so don’t be surprised if you see him in the comments section!


Visit Troy Jensen’s blog!

Miss Fix It: Hollister Medical Adhesive



Hollister’s is typically used to adhere prosthetics to the body, but it has so many other glorious uses in the world of beauty and fashion. 



Remember this dress?



Yeah, well it wasn’t staying on by the grace of God, that’s for sure.


Now, while I can’t say for sure that J.Lo used Hollister’s specifically, I will say her stylists used something similar.  Use for extra security for strapless pads, halter dresses, or when you want straps to stay put.  My tips? Spray on to you—not your clothing.  Wait for it to dry and apply your clothing carefully.   For those heavy duty jobs, spray into a small cup and let it thicken.  Apply with Q-Tip or old makeup brush and follow the instructions above.  Whatever you do, just don’t think you’ll master it on the first try.  Be sure to give yourself practice.


When double sided tape isn’t enough—choose Hollister’s!