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how much alcohol do i need for my wedding?
Apr 19 2016

Stocking Your Bar for Your Wedding

Many couples ask, “How much alcohol do I need for my wedding?”  If you are providing alcohol for your own wedding, this questions plagues and scares you not knowing how much alcohol to purchase.  If your venue provides your alcohol, this guide will help you gauge how much alcohol you may use.

These are some great starting points for your bar. We are estimating one drink per person, per hour. Dependent upon your preferences, or that of your guests, you may have to increase or decrease some bottles.  This is especially the case if you are having a signature drink that uses one or more of the spirits listed. For each bottle of spirits, you need three containers of mixers — club soda, tonic, juice, etc. Warm weather outdoor weddings call for more clear liquors (for vodka gimlets and gin and tonics).  Martinis are popular for cocktail parties and wine makes a perfect accompaniment to multi-course plated meals.

Select the size of your guest list and the type of bar you would like to provide

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Want a printable copy for your planning? Download the guide here.

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How Much Alcohol Do You Need for Your Wedding?

My answer: Lots.

The truth:  It depends.



Real Simple has developed a wonderful online wine and liquor calculator for your wedding to help you figure out how much alcohol you should buy for your wedding.  By selecting choices that pertain to your wedding such as full bar or wine, beer and champagne only, the calculator will help you determine how many bottles you should purchase.  These numbers will vary depending on your number of guests as well as the time of day of your reception. 

Look at some of my favorite signature drinks or these Southern Cocktails as you make your decision for your bar. 

From My Bar to Yours…

imageI was reading YumSugar, as always, and loved how they blogged about the new Food and Wine Cocktail Book for 2008.  This is perfect if you are looking for the signature drink to kick off your reception or event. 



This made me think about my other favorites, Hip Sips:  Modern Cocktails to Raise Your Spirits and The Art of the Bar: Cocktails Inspired by the Classics.  I think that food is only good if your chef has had a glass of wine while they have been cooking, and a party ain’t a party unless the cocktails are flowing! (FYI, if you’re coming to my house…you’re leaving “happy“)


Here are some of my favorites:





Peanut Butter & Jelly

I know you don’t believe me, but you really do have to try it. It smells and tastes just like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich! 

.5 oz Chambord

.5 oz Frangelico

Some people take it as a shot, but when it was first given to me, I had it in a martini glass and that’s how it should be.  Completely divine. 


Crazy in Love

This one is strong, but oooohhhhh so good!  Don’t drink it if you have to drive….anywhere for the next two days.

3 oz Apple Cider (Not a lot of people have this on hand, so you can mix it with apple juice instead)

1 oz Gin

2 oz Rum

2 oz Tequila

2 oz Vodka


Perfect Set

Perfect for your sweet tooth!

5 oz Apple Cider (you can sub apple juice here, but the cider is definitely worth it!)

3 oz Apple Schnapps

.5oz Cinnamon Schnapps

1 oz Ice

1 oz Vodka

Rim the glass with caramel. Add an apple slice on the side or a thin slice on the top to garnish. 


I will stop here, because I’m pretty sure we’ll have to check your blood-alcohol level from just reading this.  But don’t worry…I’ll be back with more 🙂