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The Best Places to Propose in the Golden Isles

There are a lot of gorgeous places around here in the Golden Isles. What makes it wonderful is that there is so much romance here that it is hard for it not to be contagious! If you want a quick getaway, and are thinking of popping the question, I’ll let you in on some fantastic spots, guys (and gals)!

tower.jpgOne of our beautiful brides captured by the fabulous Eric Delaforce The Tower of the Presidential Suite, Jekyll Club Hotel–When having a wedding at the Jekyll Club, many of our clients choose to have the Presidential Suite for their honeymoon. The room is absolutely gorgeous with its old world decor, and access to the property’s signature tower. The tower gives an exquisite view of the entire property as well as other areas of the island. You can also take your beloved on a beautiful carriage ride to see other parts of the natural island.
The Village Pier at St. Simons Island–If that sunset doesn’t get you, then I don’t know what will! The beautiful pier is a great place to people watch or spot a dolphin or two. This is only a hop, skip and a jump away from one of our favorite restaurants, Georgia Sea Grill
Historic Old City Hall— Totaly refurbished and renovated, it is now open for special events, and is a must see. Many people walk the streets of Historic downtown (very easily, I might add!) and make this a priority to see. A great visit that would be only made perfect after a glorious visit to my favorite downtown restaurant– Pearl.
Driftwood Beach on Jekyll Island— Jekyll Island has one of the best beaches of the area, because a majority of the island is all natural. You may even be lucky enough to see dolphins!
Picture courtesy of Brunswick Wedding Vendors The Gazebo at the St. Simons Lighthouse— This gives you gorgeous views of the beach and the nearby lighthouse. A lot of wedding ceremonies are held here, and both (the gazebo and lighthouse) are great for photo ops.

These are just a few of my favorite places around town– there are TONS more! If you need help trying to find the perfect place, just give me a call! We’d be glad to help!

Hear Terrica on the Wedding Planning Audiocast

I was a featured guest on The Wedding Planning Audiocast. I had an opportunity to sit and talk with Ralph Mucci, the show’s host, and let him in on a little known secret– our great little islands!

Their guests to date have been some of the biggest names in the wedding world such as Colin Cowie, Marcy Blum, Jennifer Brisman, Michelle Rago, Ron-Ben Israel, Sylvia Weinstock, The Bridal Bar, & The Wedding Gown Specialists to name a few. These professionals have all offered such fantastic advice, tips, & secrets on wedding planning topics & issues, which is a wonderful asset to both professionals and brides.

They’ve also had on some of the biggest gown designers such as Watter & Watters, & Adele Wechsler, along with many many more. Their “You Look Marvelous” show segment which addresses hair, makeup, & skincare is awesome, because it doesn’t just reach out to brides but to all women, and being a women myself I love any beauty tips & advice that I can obtain. They’ve also had on some of the biggest names in the celebrity makeup world on such as Carmindy from the Learning Channel’s #1 hit show “What Not to Wear”, Sephora, Benefit Cosmetics, Mally Roncal, Elke Von Freudenberg, Billy B., & Shalini Vadhera. They just don’t seem to leave any stone unturned. Their shows are straightforward and right to the point, which is what I really enjoy about them, and they have some of the coolest music throughout their shows.

I recently had the pleasure to appear on their “Destination Wedding” show segment to inform their listeners about The Golden Isles of Georgia. These four islands– Jekyll Island, Sea Island, Little St. Simons, & St. Simons are all beautiful places if one is considering a destination wedding. I have orchestrated many destination weddings to these islands and all have been spectacular & memorable events. However most people aren’t aware of these islands and have been pretty much a well-kept secret up until now. On the show we inform the listener & cover all the elements and ingredients one needs to know if their considering a destination wedding one of these 4 emeralds. Without giving to much away about the show listeners will be very surprised to learn that one of the islands can be your very own if you choose.

Have a listen to the show! I had a great time, and Ralph even read a few of the New Rules!Have a listen to the show!
Be sure to subscribe, because like I said The Wedding Planning Audiocast has some great topics and wonderful guests on there!
Thank you, Ralph!

Gorgeous Kellie and Colin are Getting Married

Ok, so nevermind the fact that Kellie is super beautiful.  You know, one of those girls that you can’t stand because she has on no makeup and looks like a doll. LOL  I am so glad that I have the opportunity to work with this uber-bride! She’s creative, talented and has great style.

They are using that AWESOME photographer, Scarlett Lillian, who will also shoot their wedding at the Crane Cottage at the Jekyll Island Club. These shots were taken during Georgia-Florida Weekend while Kellie and Colin were vacationing on Amelia Island.  Scarlett is amazing!






View the rest of their fantastic photos over at Scarlett’s blog!

Real King and Prince Wedding :: Amy and Izaak

Amy and Izaak, you may remember were married at the gorgeous King and Prince Resort, and their pro pics are in! Let’s take a gander 🙂

We had superbad weather that day, so we had to move the ceremony inside. We were holding out, but everyone was in good spirits. After all, people come here for the beach!
But the Retreat Room overlooked the ocean, so you can’t be that.
After being pronounced Mr. and Mrs., it was off to the beach.
This is an awesome shot. Ben rocks!
Gorgeous cake by Mary Ann Daniels
More of the cake with the flowers
Cute wish in a bottle favors
Amy works at Nike, so this groom’s cake was a great surprise for Izaak!
Decor on the fireplaces. The flowers and decor are by Edward on St. Simons. He is PHENOMENAL.
Great shot of the King and Prince
I love this shot– this is Amy’s brother and his fiancee.  Amy’s brother, wrote and recorded a song for Amy and Izaak that was played during the reception. It was so beautiful.
Amy represented her company well! She wore Nikes with her wedding dress.
More of the great flowers by Edward
Then it was time to say goodnight!

These great pictures were taken by Ben Powers in Oregon.

Congratulations, Matt and Zuleida!

Uber-gorgeous super couple, Matt and Zuleida were married along the sunkissed waters on the Riverfront Lawn at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel on Saturday.  For our last wedding of the year, it went fabulously (if I may say so myself 🙂 )!  It was a six month long process, but we seemed to have tied all the details together to create an event that would be completely expressive of both Matt and Zuleida’s cultures, personalities and love for one another.

Zuleida’s ladies donned gorgeous cafe colored satin gowns with chocolate sashes, while the bride totally captivated everyone in her Judd Waddell dress– she was absolutely breathtaking. We designed the concept of the reception to reflect Zuleida’s Dominican heritage, with roses and lilies in passionate colors: hot pinks, romantic reds and sultry ambers.

Look for pictures of their event soon in our gallery!

Congratulations, Marlena and Carl!

fun-010.JPGPardon the picture, but this is the gorgeous intimate reception that we assisted with for Marlena and Carl in the most beautiful city in the world– Savannah.

The exposed brick at Belford’s provided a wondeful backdrop for the romantic fall theme on a stunning fall day.  The ceremony took place at Lafayette Square, in front of a candlelit fountain.  Guests were brought to the ceremony in a horse drawn carriage, as a  classical trio played.  Afterwards the guests were taken to the reception by another horse drawn carriage– giving them a tour of the historic district.  Once they arrived, they were greeted by their choice of cocktails from the bar and smooth standards playing in the private room.

Marlena was a beautiful bride– it was so touching to see how much the day meant to her and Carl. The O’s Lindsay M.  did a fabulous job setting up the location, while Abby W.  assisted with setting up the ceremony with theatre seating. This small, yet intimate affair, made a BIG impact for everyone involved.

And I finally had an opportunity to meet the fabulous George Gill. I have been a fan of his work since last year, when Marlena and I were looking for a photographer for her.  His work makes you feel like you were actually there at the wedding. Plus he has an iPhone.

He rules just for that. 🙂

Congratulations, Carl and Marlena (who are now honeymooning in Antigua!)!

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Got Hair? Got a Face? Get James.

I think everyone knows how much I love James Grella. Any man whose hair is longer than mine is a keeper in the Diva Squad.  (FYI, the Diva Squad is a group of professionals that work tirelessly to pull Miss Thang, yours truly, together.  Other great members of the Diva Squad would also be the Crayola People for makeup LOL)

James, featured here by the awesome Scarlett Lillian with our diva bride, Tara is with Indulgence Salon on St. Simons Island.  He and his team specialize in hair and makeup for special events.  An awesome professional, James brings so much to the table– exploring different looks, colors and styles to compliment each bride’s face shape, complexion and personality.  Event better, they come on location!  Having worked with several celebrities and being a star in his field and world renowned, any bride would lucky to have him!

 Give James a call at the salon at 912.638.4045 or visit them at 2463 Demere Road, Suite 106 on St. Simons Island.    Tell him, Terrica, his biggest fan sent you!

Congratulations, Tara and Robbie!

 Photo by Scarlett Lillian

Ok, how much do I heart Tara and Robbie?  They were an uber-fab couple to work with.  Tara wanted a very intimate gathering of family and friends at the Jekyll Island Club Hotel.  Tara’s ceremony was at the gorgeous Faith Chapel with about 64 family and friends– some who came all the way over from Ireland! 

 After a beautiful ceremony, the wedding guests were treated to a gorgeous cocktail hour at the reflecting pool and then dined inside the Courtyard at Crane Cottage.  Soonafter, it was time to cut a delicious five tier key lime cheesecake that was ornamented with amber jeweled brooches and roses courtesy of the uber-fabulous Heidi of Rosalee’s Flower Boutique.  (She’s my new girlfriend 🙂 ) 

The night moved on to the garden of Crane Cottage, where the Andy Cooney Band played some traditional Irish tunes, where guests danced and “jigged” on Tara and Robbie’s monogrammed dance floor.  BUT, not before Tara and Robbie showed off their signature first dance tango to Carlos Gardel’s Por Una Cabesa.   For a surprise for the evening, a gorgeous firework display erupted from over the Riverfront Lawn. 

 Tara and Robbie were phenomenal clients– so creative and SO in love. I can remember remarking to Tara as I watched them practice their tango before the reception, “Wow, look at how he looks at you. He is so in love with you!”, to which Robbie responded, “Yes, I am!  I married the love of my life.”

 I know.  Swoon.

 Check out more beautiful pictures and see the slideshow from their wedding over at the other wedding diva’s site– Scarlett Lillian, formerly of Captivating Studios.  Scarlett was awesome to work with (finally!). I can seriously say that she was professional and ALWAYS went the extra mile to get the perfect shot while remaining invisible. (Another quote I remember making that night to Scarlett was: “I’ve seen you in more positions than I’ve ever seen in yoga class”)  She definitely  did what she had to do to get the perfect, creative shot.  I heart you, Scarlett!  Until we meet again…either at another wedding or over creme brulee at the Ritz Carlton again!

Congratulations, Amy and Izaak!

 Photo by Ben Powers of Powers Studios

Superfun couple Amy and Izaak were wed on yet another rainy day on St. Simons Island at the King and Prince Resort on September 1st.  Even though we moved the ceremony inside, the wonderful florist, Edward of Edward’s on St. Simons, transformed the oceanview ball room. In addition to their wonderful family, Amy and Izaak were supported by great friends with larger than life personalities.  Amy, who works at Nike, even brought in a little of her personality:  wearing a pair of custom made Nike’s under her dress. (They were sooooooooo cute! Amy!  Hook a planner up!)

During cocktail hour, guests were treated to an awesome slideshow of the couple and during dinner were able to view a tape of Izaak’s uber-sweet proposal to Amy atop of a mountain. 

Amy’s brother, Brian, composed and sang a song that was played while the couple danced–a  phenomenal song that I just KNOW will be on the top of the charts if he will allow us to sneak it to some record executive!  Amy’s dad surprised her during their F/D dance by phasing in Dean Martin’s “Always in Love with Amy”, a song that his father used to play for his mother (whose name was also Amy). 

Amy and Izaak, who honeymooned in St. Lucia, were an a great couple to work with and we wish them all the best! 

Congratulations, Edwina and Nabil!

 Photo by Susan Morrison of Ehance Photo

Beautiful Edwina married her true love Nabil at a very intimate ceremony of family and friends at the Sea Palms resort on St. Simons Island, Georgia on August 25th.  Edwina and I had been working together for a full year prior to her wedding, and she was an awesome bride! (Of course, I’m a bit biased since a majority of her family is from Baltimore 🙂 ) 

Even though we were rained out for this ceremony, it was definitely an awesome experience.  Edwina and Nabil wrote their vows that had everyone in tears.   (See, it wasn’t just me coming off of an post-pregnancy hormonal binge).  Nabil and his brother (who came all the way from Amsterdam!) performed an Arabic dance called the Dabkeh, which incorporated all of the guests.  It was a great time had by all!

This was my first time working with the wonderful Susan Morrison of Enhance Photo and Ed Kinney of Disc Jockeys to Go.  They were great professionals who added to the success of the day!