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Jacksonville’s Been Captivated!


If you haven’t noticed by now, I love Scarlett  of Captivating Studios.  She’s beautiful, she’s an uber-talent and the girl can dress!  She also has great taste in desserts, but I digress. 

I have always been in awe of Scarlett’s great gift ever since she started as a videographer. I am so very happy to see that the rest of Jacksonville (and the world) is getting a chance to see her work!  Scarlett was recently featured in the Florida Times Union for her gorgeous work of “Dress Trashing”.    You may have even seen her as the featured photog at Mark Eric’s Trash the Dress site.

 I am SO very proud of Scarlett and love that my brides love her too and we get to work together! She does come up to our area, so check her out for your St. Simons or Jekyll Island wedding.

Congratulations, Leah and Jason!

I absolutely LOVED this wedding. It was such a pleasure working with Leah’s mom  through out the past year, but seeing Leah and Jason interact, was awesome.  Just the simple things– a quick laugh or secret, dancing, small talk.  You can tell there is such a strong love between them. 

Their beautiful wedding was held on Saturday at the Crane Cottage at the Jekyll Club Hotel.  We all braved the heat (“little” brother Eric included…who swears that  venomous bee attacked him.  One of my favorite go-to-groomsmen ever!) and kept the party going until 1 am to celebrate the union of such a lovely couple.  The only moment that topped the Auburn fan fare at the groom’s cake cutting was the stunningly romantic dance between the Best Man and Groom to “Forever Yours“.  A real tearjerker (and side splitter)! 

Leah and Jason– all the best to you!  We hope that you continue to grow in the love and faith that you share in the many years to come in your marriage. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your very special day.  The uber-fabulous Eric and Adrienne Delaforce were the photographers for this wedding, so stay tuned for pictures! 

Congratulations to Beth and Blake!

Beth has to be one of the most creative brides I’ve come across in a long time. Her ideas for Jekyll Island’s Faith Chapel were absolutely gorgeous!  Going for a hot and baby pink theme, she incorporated some very sentimental and creative elements into her wedding as well (such as charms for the bouquets of her bridal party, a wish tree and a cotton candy machine on the dance floor!)

It was wonderful to see just how many people love and adored both Blake and Beth. Even as the tropical storm loomed in the distance, the festivities went on and on and the guests had a fabulous time.  Thanks Blake and Beth for allowing us to assist with your fabulous day!

GREAT Food AND Service– Georgia Sea Grill

If you are looking for an ab fab place to hold your bridal luncheon, rehearsal dinner or just a delish bite to eat while on the island, please go see my friends at the Georgia Sea Grill!  Not only is the atmosphere just divine, but the service is impeccable.  I have had so many clients and their guests rave about the GSG on all levels.  If you are planning a special event there, just as for Sarah and make sure you tell her that Terrica sent you!

Congratulations, Tara and Kenny!

tara-and-kenny.jpgWe had such a ball with Tara and Kenny, and their families yesterday at the King and Prince.  Their sunset ceremony was beautiful– with Tara’s dad, who officiated the service saying, “Kenny, I remember our first golf outing.  One thing I remember is that you didn’t cheat.  A person who will cheat at golf will cheat at anything.  I knew then that I could trust you.  Not only as  a man but as a husband for my daughter“. 

Mr. Morford and I made a deal that being my fragile hormonal state, that he would do his best not to make me cry– but that came awfully close!  Tara and Kenny’s gathering of intimate friends and family had such a good time dancing and singing.  Within the few months of working with them and their vendors, we really looked forward to their wedding.  We were so very happy and privileged to be a part of the Tara and Kenny’s day!  Thank you guys for sharing it with us!

Congratulations, Harmony and Rob!

We had an awesome time at Harmony and Rob’s wedding yesterday at the King and Prince on St. Simons Island.  As you can see, Harmony was a beautiful bride. Rob and his guys were stunning as well and a lot of fun.  They braved the winds at Epworth by the Sea and partied like it was 1999 at the reception.

 The sweetest moment was when Harmony’s son gave her away.  Harmony had excellent ideas for wedding and they all tied together seamlessly– with gorgeous pink and ivory roses mixed in with a beach theme.

Working with this fantastic couple since September, we thoroughly enjoyed assisting in the planning and prep process.  Thank you Harmony and Rob for letting us share in your special day!

Congratulations, Cheryl and John!

Cheryl and John were married on the Riverfront Lawn at the Jekyll Island Club Saturday morning.  What made Cheryl’s wedding so very unique wasn’t her southern venue, but her southern attire!

Cheryl chose antique Southern garb for her bridal party a la Gone With the Wind.  Ladies were dressed like Scarlett O’Hara and the groomsmen donned “Southern Gentleman” attire. With beautiful white calla lillies and the sound of a beautiful sting trio playing, it was definitely a gorgeous sight into the past!

 Congrats, Cheryl and John! Thank you for allowing us to assist with your special day!

Congratulations, Delaina and Marcus!

Delaina and Marcus were married on March 31, 2007 at the Sea Palms Resort.  They were a fantastic couple.  It was wonderful to see them together and I was just in awe of their love for one another.

During his speech, Marcus thanked Delaina’s parents for having her (ok, everyone say “aww”), but he also thanked his parents for making him a man worthy enough to be with her and appreciate her (ok, double “aawww”). 

Definitely one of the most romantic couples we’ve had here at the O.  We wish you all the best of love and happiness!  Thank you for including us in your special day!

Golden Isles Trends for 2007

Text Box: Once Upon Your WeddingIn an area filled with high-end resorts along the beach or historic hotels that were once the playground for millionaires, The Golden Isles is no different when it comes to wedding trends.  Three beautiful islands tucked away into the coast of Georgia have trends of their own that are popular in the sweet low-country. Sometimes it takes a while for trends to get to us, or we just create our own.

Attending bridal shows gives the bride so much more perspective beyond the typical wooing of wedding vendors.  Wedding vendors are smart—they know that in order to stand out, they have to be the best, have the best or do the best, in order to attract the bride.  This means staying on top of what is hot in their area or observing what has been most popular in their area.  If a bride pays attention closely, she can witness the current trends all in one place.

What’s hot this bridal season in the Golden Isles for 2007:

It’s Hip to Be Square

Square cakes are a big hit here in the area and are becoming the must have.  In addition, having each tier flavored with varying flavors are popular, only with richer tastes. Gone are the simple fruit fillings—instead, white chocolate, caramel, lemon curd, Irish Cream, canoli or Bavarian cream will be a big hit.  Cake flavors, too, are getting an extreme makeover.  Spice, champagne, citrus butter and tiramisu are very rich flavors that complement and excite any menu.  Also new is “cake splashing”.  I haven’t seen much of it here, and am not sure if I will.  Splashing is the concept where a flavor is literally splashed over the cake.??  This works well with complementing flavors. The beach themed cakes we have loved and see constantly are still around.  They have truly become a staple here!

It is easy being green. 

I’m not too sure what Kermit’s beef was, but he would fit in perfectly here!  When chocolate was big last year, we saw a lot of brides pairing it with the turquoises, baby blues and pinks.  Sage green began to work itself in, slowly but surely.  Soon after, the chocolate began phasing out, and the shades of green became lighter.  Now, Golden Isles’ brides are exploring apples and mints in varying textures and fabrics.

Good things.  Small packages.

Caterers are doing their menus in miniature scale. Foods are becoming smaller, but are not losing their quality or taste.  We saw a lot of tiny foods done with huge presentation.  If brides decide to go that route, they should take care to find a culinary designer who can follow through with a “knock ‘em dead” presentation.  Otherwise, you risk having your food display look like it was made for munchkins.

Less Pose. More Action and Motion.

More of our brides are steering completely away from the archaic posed photography and opting only for photojournalism.  I think this is primarily because brides want to remember their special day as it happened—not as it was posed or manipulated.  Additionally, some photojournalists opt for only 15-30 minutes of standard photos: family, bridal party, etc., which frees up more time for the cocktail hour.  Likewise, brides are opting for more dynamic and stimulating videography.  Wanting to relive every moment, it is important that the video does not have the “Uncle Fred’s Camcorder” look. Instead, it should unobtrusively tell the story, while also add a little bit of movie-star flair (titles, transitions, editing, etc.).

Ivory Is the New Black

Several of the bridal boutiques showcased their fabulous dresses, a majority of which were in the ivory family.  Seeing all the models of different complexions and body types, I am convinced that ivory looks good on everyone.  Not only is ivory popular, but dresses with intricate designs and lush fabrics are big here too. These give the gowns a very couture look.  A majority of the dresses were not very “big”—instead, they were form fitting with embellishment. Some had form fitting bodices that extended to the hips that billowed out into mounds of luxurious satins in bustles.  Designer bustle clips are becoming popular as well. We see a lot of Reem Acra and Monique L’huillier here, too.

These are just a few of the hot things that have made an appearance in the Golden Isles.  How long they will be here to stay? Who knows.  All the more reason why it’s important to plan your wedding around you and what you love, than to keep up with trends!