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The 10 Best Wedding Thank You Notes For Every Type of Bride

With the gifts rolling in for this spring’s wedding season, it’s time for brides to tackle that most dreaded of wedding tasks – the thank you note.  But don’t despair!  Luvocracy, a new online shopping site that takes word-of-mouth recommendations online, is here to rescue this year’s June brides!

Luvocracy carries the best, most unique wedding products from every online shop imaginable – all on one convenient, beautiful, and well-curated site.

Below are our Top 10 Thank You Note recommendations, with at least one sure to appeal to every type of bride imaginable!


Morse Code Thank You Card

For The Modernist:  Morse Code

Classic Wedding Thank You Card

For The Traditionalist: White on White Roses

Vintage Library Note Card Thank You Card

For The Vintage Bride: Old School

Modern Thank You Card

For The Minimalist: Small Card. Big Thank You.

Vintage Hipster Wedding Thank You Card

For The Hipster: Stache & A Kiss

Travelers Wedding Thank You Card

For The Destination Bride:  Par Avion

Modern Nautical Thank You Card

For The Preppy Bride:  Anchors Away

Sweet Thank You Card Ideas

For The Busy Bride: Thank You Checklist

Natural Rustic Outdoors Thank You Card

For The Outdoorsy Bride:  Carving Your Thanks

Photo Thank you Card Wedding
For The Bride Who Can’t Wait To Show Off Her Wedding Photos

How To Get Guests to RSVP to Your Wedding or Event

RSVP This has to be one of the most frustrating parts of planning for brides when it comes to their weddings:  handling the RSVPs.  Some guests assume that you know they are coming so they need not send a response in.  Others are procrastinators, cards are misplaced or worst yet, they come back without a name on them. What’s a couple to do?  Your best bet is to make your guests feel like the world will utterly shatter and spontaneously combust if they do not receive your response. Okay, not that bad, but make them feel included!  It has been a staple in planning to know that the wedding invitation sets the tone for the event and prepares your guests for what is ahead.  While this is true, most couples and designers fail to put much forethought into the most important and needed card in the invitation suite:  the RSVP card.  Here are some ideas to help your RSVPs roll in: Photo RSVP Photo RSVP Card Here, your guests can see your personality and excitement, and they’ll “have to say no/yes to your face”.  Get creative enough and your guests will know there is a major party ahead. Themed RSVP Cards Themed RSVP Card Unique RSVP Cards Full Invite with RSVP attached Themed invitations, and by default the RSVP cards get people extremely excited for your wedding and event.  If you’ve put this much thought into the invitation, surely the party will be just as or even more phenomenal, right?  They are fun, clever and make an impression on your guests who will actually stop to respond. Change Up the Wording

RSVP Cards with funny wordingModern RSVP

Fun wording for whimsical RSVP Fun Options/Story on RSVP Card for WEdding Graphic Choices  with Fun wording on RSVP One way to inexpensively shake up the RSVP routine is to add your personality with the responses guests have to choose from. Go Interactive Full Interactive RSVP Card Mad Libs RSVP Cards Interactive RSVP Card Multiple Event RSVP Allow Guests to Doodle or Make Notes on RSVP Special Note to Couple on RSVP Card Let Guests Leave A Note on RSVP Card Mad Libs on RSVP Card Allow Guests to Pick Songs Music Requests on RSVP card Interaction is always fun!  Don’t believe me?  Look at the spike in photo/video booths at weddings. People love to have fun, be heard and make their mark.  Doing something as simple as adding an additional line for guests to add their favorite songs  or leaving empty space for them to leave an endearing note, words of advice or favorite recipe for a future family cookbook, involves your guests in a special way.  Want to really have fun?  Cook up the Mad Libs from your childhood as part of your RSVP and have them on display during your cocktail hour for great laughs.   Other Tips for Handing Your RSVPs Use invisible ink on the back of your RSVPs to track If the unfortunate circumstance happens where your guests forget to put their names, you can write it in invisible ink to track them later.   Another way is to number all of your RSVPs on the back and refer to that number on your master list when tracking responses. RSVP Basket to separate responses Need a way of separating your RSVPs during the process? Have basket for those who will attend and those who will send regrets. Two different RSVP Cards for Yes and No An easier method is to have two different RSVP cards– guests will choose the one with their response and send it back. For more great tips on RSVPs and your wedding, dig into ourdelicious post full of advice.

Papier Tuesday: Oh So Beautiful Paper

oh so beautiful paper wedding invitation save the date blog

If you are a paperphile, you simply must mozy over to Oh So Beautiful Paper.  I love that they call themselves a “Celebration of all things paper”!  They feature some of their favorite designs by the most talented designers.  Everything from save the dates to wedding invitations and paper wedding accessories, this is your go to resource.

Thank you Heather Crabtree of Outstanding Occasions for sharing it!

{Papier Tuesday} Gourmet Invitations

When I was blessed to attend and speak at Eventology, one of the sponsors was Gourmet Invitations. I was so impressed with place cards, escort cards and other materials Tifany contributed, I couldn’t wait to feature her for Papier Tuesday.  While looking for different sets to feature for this blog post, I was really impressed with the many ideas and styles that Gourmet Invitations offers. Be sure to check out the Gourmet Invitations Blog, as you will see that each set has its own individual story.  I loved reading each one, as it became apparent how the story influenced the concept of the design.  It was great to see how Tifany brought that out and truly made those ideas flow into the suites she created.

I love how Tifany’s creativity is never pigeon-holed into one particular design.  She is able to recreate the event vision through paper before your eyes and have it flow through out the entire invitation suite, menus, seating charts and other cards. From vintage to modern, romantic to energetic, there is no limit to what Gourmet Invitations can inspire.

Papier Tuesday :: The Stationery Guides


This week’s feature isn’t necessarily stationery company, but a collection of stationery experts to assist you with your stationery needs.  From showers to invites, the Stationery Guides give practical advice about choosing the right papers, designs, and themes.  Because all of the guides are active paper professionals, you will see a myriad of ideas and concepts that could be easily applied to your wedding or event, like invitation inspired cakes or the difference between custom designed and personalized invitations.  And how could I forget—they share some of their great designs too! 


Here are some of the ones I love:


:: Shakespeare’s Bride ::


:: Feterie ::


:: Shimmer Studios ::


What’s even better is that each day is dedicated to something specific over at the Stationery Guides—so you won’t be overwhelmed with information overload.  Check them out and get inspired!

{Papier Tuesday} Ink Umbrella



Even the name makes me smile 🙂

(Yes, it’s Wednesday, and we’re late…but let’s pretend it’s Tuesday. Thanks. You’re a doll)


When I had a chance to look over Ink Umbrella’s uber cute designs, I knew of several friends, clients, and colleagues that would be perfectly matched with this design company. 

The designs are smart, sassy and just cute!  So what exactly does Ink Umbrella mean?  There are so many awesome services available to clients with the company that they all fall under one “ink umbrella” (I told you—smart!). 




It takes a lot to capture the personality of a client.  Ink Umbrella does not cower at the challenge, and they succeed greatly.  The designs are so fun, elegant and can be completely reflective of your personality—or better yet, your event’s personality.  From the layouts to the color combinations, there is something for everyone (even I found myself just thinking of a reason to get anything on the site!)—they truly make you fall in love. 

Even business owners can take part in the fun, as Ink Umbrella can assist you with branding, marketing, business cards and your logo!


Be sure to visit Ink Umbrella

{Papier Tuesday} Luscious Verde

I am a paperphile. 


When I saw Luscious Verde online, I was so impressed with the designs and concepts of their invitations.  When i was blessed enough to receive samples, well, it was pretty much over for me.  I am in love with Luscious Verde’s work!  Just look at the name—that in itself is pure fabulousness.




The modern elegance is a breath fo fresh air to some of the constantly overplayed designs that have saturated the stationery market as of late.  The heavy stock, classic designs, and handcrafted touches make you feel like you are holding a work of art instead of a mere wedding invitation.  They are all so refined—perfect for the couple who wants their personality to shine through.  Luckily for you, they are carried in several retail outlets across the country for you to see these gorgeous invites in person. But definitely take a moment to get to know the wonderful ladies at LV. As a mom, I loved their story, as well as the way they give back each month to the community.  Moreover, in addition to their recycling and giving back efforts, they have developed HOOT—which creates the most dynamic designs with post-consumer waste paper, which is better for the environment (learn more about HOOT)


They were even sweet enough to send me some handcrafted thank you cards—and a pirate notepad that my little ones have confiscated to leave random ransom demands in my work tote… all signed “Captin Jack Sparro”


Thank you again, Luscious Verde team for sharing your wonderful designs with me and I can’t wait to share them with our brides!


PS—be sure to check out their blog and enter their $5,000 custom stationery giveaway!

Haute off the Press: Haute Papier

I will be the first to say, I think this is absolutely divine!  I love how well thought out and intricate the designs are.  All of the “stock” sets from Le Catalogue are available in flat or letterpress, which allows you to add extra embellishment (or not) to your favorite design.  What is even more thoughtful, is that each set is named after an acclaimed romantic author.  The Couture line takes inspiration from the clients’ wedding themes and creates a wonderful paper experience!  What was even more enthralling than the designs were the awesome bios of the creator and president of the company– Sarah and Erin.



From the Catalogue line:



Browning— A beautiful damask invitation and wedding paper set.



Emerson– A lovely swirl invitation and wedding paper set.


I was so very impressed by their couture lines; I think you will be too!

From the Couture line:

Amy—  made from Thai silk with a “Chinese frog” door handle design


Jessicaa Save the Date made from a vintage postcard from Washington DC. 


MarissaWedding invitation set made from a gorgeous baroque design with papers of various luxurious colors and textures.


Nicole Wedding invitation set made of Thai silk with a design that opens like french doors.  Rich in color, texture and embellishments.

Mimio :: The Artistry of Paper

I stumbled across the fabulous designs of Mimio while reading a magazine the other day.  It was instant romance.  I loved the papers– and the designs were so rich, I felt like I could feel the complex textures through the pictures. 




:: Malaga ::


:: Double Happiness ::


:: Red Blossom ::


:: Modern ::



:: Regal ::


:: Joy ::

:: Archer ::

:: Euclid ::

{Papier Tuesday} Grapevine Paperie

It is Papier Tuesday again, and this week’s company is delicious! 

imageThis gorgeous production is letterpressed on Italian paper,  and even has a matching fan program.  The colors are exquisite and perfect for a luxury, upscale beach wedding.





image This is what my music producer friend would call "fire".  I love love love love (did I mention love) this invitation!  How can you not!? It is sleek, contemporary, glam…just so WeddingSexy!





image In a previous podcast, I had mentioned a few ideas for a fun Save the Date or invitation for a movie buff or Old Hollywood style couple.  These ticket save the dates are absolutely adorable.  Perfect for the performing duo g.k.a. the bride and groom!





image This pocketfold is so gorgeous.  I want to literally reach out and touch the paper.  It’s perfect. 






There are so many wonderful designs and concepts for your wedding at Grapevine Paperie.  They have something that will appeal to the bride who has upscale tastes and want to reflect that taste in her wedding invitations.