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Memoirs of a Reception

Currently, I am reading Memoirs of a Geisha by Authur Golden.  It is a stunningly vivid piece; an eastern Cinderella/Coming of Age story.  Typically, I’m into thrillers and absolutely anything by John Grisham.  Surprisingly enough, this grabbed and kept my attention.  I am almost done (I hate to see the end!), and of course I will then add it to my Netflix Queue.  (BTW?  Do you Netflix?)

 I’m a big Oscar (aka the Academy Awards) buff…don’t ask me who won in what year.  Ask me who wore what in what year ;)  The movie won 3 academy awards for its photography, mixing and costuming. If you are planning a Japanese themed wedding, this would be a great way to grab some inspiration and a good flick! 

 I even went over to the website and got these great recipes for you– perfect for cocktail hour!

 New Style Sashimi

Broiled Cod in Miso Sauce

Mushroom Toban Yaki

I Want Candy!

table_6.jpg…sing it with me now!

 Candy bars are becoming tres chic in the wedding world, even though they have been around for a while.  A lot of our weddings this year have had candy bars– as a matter of fact, more have had them than not!  Here are some tips:

  • Make it cute:  incorporate your colors or theme.  It will really add to the decor without spending more on flowers, linens, etc.
  • Opt for varying shaped containers, like those to the right.  Try places like SaveOnCrafts.
  • Shoot for non-wrapped candies; they can take away from the overall effect, even thoough it will save you on a scoop!
  • Get containers for your guests to take their candy with them:  tins (like above), chinese take out boxes, bags with your names and dates on them. We give several ideas in the WeddingStyle newsletter and show– just take your pick 🙂
  • GO BULK.  You will save so much money by doing it this way! Don’t attempt to try to buy bags of candy from a store. Go to an actual candy store or a wholesaler online.  If you’re going to do it, might as well do it right, right? I heart Groovy Candies.
  • Look for great design/setup ideas. Your job isn’t done once you pick up the candy and toss it in a few containers.  Again, this can add to the overall theme and design of your event.  Start designing the concept of your bar, again, using containers at different heights and shapes, stacking them, creating lollipop trees, etc. 

image9.jpg  47b4df03b3127cce87440c8b68980000001.jpg  47b5dd24b3127cce90cf906e3d860000001.jpg

Why is this taking off you ask?  Well, really….when was the last time you were at a wedding where you couldn’t wait to take home the favor?  Better yet, show me 3 favors from the weddings you went to this year.  Don’t worry…I’ll wait.

Precisely.  I had to console a poor SMOB when the gorgeous seashell favors weren’t taken home by guests.  Guests totally bypass them at times– especially after partying and drinking.  At least this is something you can see being used and it’s fun!

DIY Wedding Flower Decor

How absolutely fabulous is this topiary?

 Can’t you see it at your ceremony/reception or perhaps as a note tree instead of the traditional guestbook?  Two things that are really going to make your day:  those aren’t real and it’s a DIY’er! 

These are by the fabulous Matthew Mead, a floral designer with some of the most innovative designs I’ve seen in a long time.  So what will you  need?

What you’ll need:
10″ or 12″ green styrofoam cone (only green will accept the hot glue)
pedestal to hold the cone
hot glue gun
faux hydrangea blossoms—2 large heads

 Get the rest of the directions

Matthew’s styles are great for inspiration for your hip couture wedding.  Be sure to check it out!

iDo, Do You?

I am the hugest FAN of the wedding planning software for couples, iDo.  The software manages everything for you– your invitees, RSVPs, vendors and so much more!  It literally takes you from compiling your guest list to sending out your thank you cards.  You can manage your budget, stay on track with your planning list, and create your seating charts. 

You can now download the free trial and fall in love too! 

Get Hit By the MAC Truck

If you’re a big fan of M.A.C. cosmetics like I am, you’ll appreciate this offer!  Receive FREE STANDARD SHIPPING with any $60+ purchase. No offer code necessary. Offer is valid through midnight EST 4/30/07 on orders shipped to US addresses only.

Standard – Free when you use the offer.
2nd Day – Only $5.00 when you use the offer.
Overnight – Only $10.00 when you use the offer.

Burn Up, But Don’t Burn Out

That’s an attractive picture, isn’t it :) 

Wedding planning can be fun and it can be stressful.  Imagine doing 15 of them at one time.  It is very important that you keep your wedding in context of the big picture.  Remember, it’s a celebration of a marriage; a new life created from two lives coming together.  What may seem like a big deal now, may not be two weeks or two months from now.  Remember, your fiance should still want to marry you during the planning.

Find an outlet, get a hobby, take a mini-moon, but do something.  Don’t let planning consume you to the point where friends and family take of running the minute they see you coming. Their first immediate thoughts are “Please shut up about your wedding”.  Also, get help if you need it. The biggest factor of bridal burnout is that brides and/or moms do not delegate.  If you can, enlist the help of a professional.  Remember, this may be the only wedding you’ll ever plan. An experienced planner can steer you from costly mistakes and save you time from looking for vendors or products.  If you still opt to not get any help during the process, at least enlist th help of a day of coordinator.  You don’t want to be consumed with the details on the wedding day, nor do you want to burden your family and friends. (You tell me the last time you heard Angelina Jolie concerning herself with props, lighting, sound, etc. when she’s starring in a blockbuster.  Don’t worry. I’ll wait…)

Here are some other ways to avoid Bridal Burn Out:

  • Get a hobby. Seriously, no joking.  Start crocheting, skating, shopping, something that is not related to your wedding.  You need an outlet.
  • Don’t take on more than you’re supposed to.   Stay on track with a timeline– don’t skip ahead, but don’t drag your feet.  Do what you are supposed to in a specified time.  It’s great to gather ideas and research, but don’t go into overdrive and execution.
  • Get some friends.  They have lives too, and surprisingly enough they do not revolve around the dress for your wedding or getting an invitation to your wedding. Show your interest in their lives too.  It will be all about you on your wedding day, and until that day comes…
  • Just go away.  Sometimes you need to get out of Dodge for a breather.  Take a Mini-moon (see our other blog entry about mini-moons).  Make a deal with your fiance that will not discuss anything wedding related for a weekend while you are away enjoying yourselves.  Go back to the original purpose of this wedding:  the two of you. 
  • Join a message board.  If you can’t seem to tear yourself away from the wedding goodness, then join a message board to converse with other brides/moms.  Seeing other people’s ideas, problems, advice, etc. can be very therapeutic.  Sometimes, you’ll see exactly how good you have it.

Go D.I.Y.

Going D.I.Y. for your wedding is not only creative, but smart!  If you have a knack for making beautiful items with your hands, or know someone who does– this is a great time to show your stuff and really wow them!  When isn’t the time for D.I.Y?  When you don’t have the time, ability or resources.  Also consider the formality of your event– don’t skimp if you are having a formal or ultra-formal affair.  D.I.Y doesn’t have to look like you made it.  What are some good projects?

  • Rhinestone monogram cake topper as pictured (yes, that’s a D.I.Y.!)
  • Centerpieces (check the blog for a fabulous example)
  • Programs, invites, menu cards
  • OOT Guest bags
  • Favors

The possibilities are literally endless!  If you’re not too crafty, enlist the help of someone who is. Make sure you allot enough time in your wedding planning to create your masterpieces as last minute jobs will look just like that– last minute jobs!

For more ideas, check out a favorite of mine,

Signature Drink of the Month: Apple Sour

Signature Drink of the Month:  Apple Sour

Pucker up!  This is sure to add some twang to your menu and get your guests talking. 


2 oz of bourbon

1 oz of sour apple schnapps

Splash of apple cider

Pour all ingredients into a shaker and shake rigorously.  Garnish with a thin slice of a Granny Smith apple.  If you want to add a little kick of color, add a lemon peel spiral. 

This is great if you are one of the brides capitalizing on this season’s hottest trend:  green.

Put Your Wedding On the Map!

You’ve got the wedding website by now, right?  Good for you!  Let’s say that your wedding guest list is made up of about 50-80% OOT (out of towners). It may even be more.  Wedding Mapper is a great free site to use in conjunction with your wedding website (or alone) to let your guests where everything is.  Simply answer three easy questions and a map will be generated for you.  Next, you plug in your pertinent locations.  These could be your ceremony and/or reception site, rehearsal dinner, lodging, entertainment, etc. 

 click to view larger image

And voila! You are done– now your guests have accurate info to the Who’s Who and What’s What in your wedding town!

Keeping Up with the Riches

Totally off the wedding subject, I have to tell you how much I love The Riches.  It has definitely curbed my fix for Nip/Tuck while it has been off for a few months.  It’s a dark comedic drama about a family of Irish Travelers who happen upon a car wreck and assume the dead victims’ lives in rich suburbia. Sounds good, right?  Oh, but they are on the run from their family that they have stolen about $40K from, a pregnant sister who is determined that their daughter marry her brother and there’s the ever nagging trouble of Wayne (aka Doug) trying to pass as the hottest lawyer in the town. It’s a hilarious show with some poignant moments and great cliffhangers. 

So yeah, this will definitely feed the drama beast until Nip/Tuck is back.