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St. Simons Island Wedding: Rachael + Jay

st simons wedding planner at villa de suenos :: photo by sarah deshaw

Working with Rachael and Jay was like a dream come true!

These nature and wine enthusiasts traveled all the way from beautiful Wyoming to wed on St. Simons for a relaxed, casual affair at Villa De Suenos. While the winds and clouds threatened outside the beautiful villa,  a warm, sentimental affair awaited inside to celebrate the joining of these two families.

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Rachael was such a stunning bride, we were so very excited about her first look with Jay!  Sarah DeShaw did a wonderful job of capturing their personalities, but also their adoration of one another.

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Wedding Planner Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Island Wedding Planner

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Wedding Photography by Sarah DeShaw

After a tough call due to the adverse weather conditions, we had to move the wedding ceremony inside.  Once the musicians cued up, singing “Crazy Love”, I think we all knew that this was exactly how the ceremony was supposed to be.  It ended up being very intimate, personal and endearing. No amount of sunshine could have given that to us!

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Wedding Planner I loved this exchange between Rachael and her dad. As the youngest and last of his daughters to get married, this really touched her father’s heart.  I love the look on her face as her dad begins to tear up before walking her down the aisle.

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Wedding Photography by Sarah DeShawWedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Wedding Photography by Sarah DeShaw

Wedding at Villa De Suenos :: St. Simons Island Wedding :: St. Simons Wedding Planner :: Wedding Photography by Sarah DeShaw

Event Team

Wedding Planner Cocktails + Details // Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue Villa De Suenos // Wedding Photography Sarah DeShaw //Catering Tasteful Temptations // Florist The Vine // Ceremony Musicians Backbeat Boulevard // DJ All About You Entertainment // Hair and Makeup Image Artisans

We Likey: Capsule

Collect Your Wedding Pictures from Friends with Capsule

I love that new commercial from Samsung where all the friends get to share images they took at a wedding they are currently attending.  You, too, can see your friends’ images from your wedding all in one spot with Capsule.

Yes, there’s an app for that.

It’s super easy to set up and use.  Simply pick your package according to your number of guests or features.  Share your Capsule information with your guests on your wedding website, email, Facebook or on signage at the event.  Your guests can download the free app for both iPhone and Android and the picture taking goodness can begin!

What’s even better– those with digital cameras can upload to your personal link and Instagram fanatics can simply hashtag your code to be included.  After the wedding, you can purchase prints form your favorite photos as well as share them on your favorite networks.

When everyone is connected in today’s high tech society, Capsule provides a perfect opportunity to see your wedding how it unfolded through the eyes of those who love you most.

The Trouble with Head Tables

We’ve talked about this before— to have a head table or not to have a head table?

Increasingly we’re finding more couples looking to do head tables, but are amazed at the blow back from either their budget or from family and friends when they make this choice. I’ve seen some mothers insist things like “You two will have the rest of your life to sit alone. You should sit with your friends who paid all that money to be in your wedding.” Point taken.

Just so you know, I’m completely biased. I am Pro-Sweetheart Table.

There is some truth to the mom’s theory– you will have the rest of your life to sit together alone, and there has been a significant investment your family and friends have expended to participate in your wedding.  Yet, sitting down for the first time after being a bundle of nerves, taking a thousand pictures, making it through your ceremony and sitting down and having a moment together is equally, if not more, important. Besides, how close are you going to get to the person sitting at the end of your head table?


That’s how many hours your groomsmen’s girlfriend spends alone.

That’s the rehearsal, hanging with the guys, getting ready, pre-wedding photos, post wedding photos, etc.  She’ll spend another hour alone during dinner if she doesn’t really know those  with whom you’ve assigned her to sit.  Likewise your groomsmen may want to get back to their significant other after being primped, prodded and posed all day.  And to be fair, the same can be said about your bridesmaid’s boyfriend!

When couples opt not include their bridal party’s significant others in the head table, either by choice or dictation of the budget, it can create an awkward situation for that person.  After being alone all day, they then have to make forced conversation with, at times, people they don’t know while their better half is put on display.

I also hear some brides say “I don’t want every one staring at me” as a refusal of the sweetheart table– to which I make a note to immediately begin researching a private bunker to hold the wedding ceremony.  You’ve already been on display, everyone has already stared at you– remember that whole walking down the aisle thing?  Standing up in front of everyone trading rings? See…it’s not so bad!  Besides, you can get a quick rest, enjoy a bite to eat with your honey and then go from table to table to speak with guests and avoiding the dreadful, antiquated receiving line.

Okay. Still not convinced?

In addition to the consideration factor, also be mindful of cost and size of a head table.  You may take up precious real estate out of your wedding’s floor plan if you have 5 or more in your bridal party on both sides, plus their significant others.  This means more linens and more tables since you can only sit on one side of the table.  Additionally, you’ll also need more centerpieces/decor to perfect the appearance of the table.  Just remember to allocate for these when doing your floor plan and making your orders.  If you can’t, or choose not to have the significant others sit with you, consider having them all at their own special table.  You can even be super nice by planning an activity for them to do pre-wedding to establish a relationship so that they won’t feel so alone.

Fashion Monday: Boutonniere or Pocket Square?

Boutonniere or pocket square for groom groomsmen at wedding

Many grooms and their brides wonder what proper decorum calls for when it comes to the gentlemen’s attire.  Suit or tux?  Match the bridesmaids or complement the bridesmaids?  Most often though, we get questions about the boutonniere and the pocket square.  Aside from the tie (and vest if you are incorporating one), the boutonniere is a great way to add personality, color and texture to the groomsmen’s outfit.

We checked with Glen Antoine Palmer of The Gentlemen’s Standard to help us out with this one when we asked if a man could wear both a boutonniere and pocket square.  He feels there is absolutely no reason to have to choose between the two. “Of course! A stylish gentleman will always be equipped with a trusty & handsome pocket square. The wedding boutonniere is just an added flourish to the wedding ensemble.”

Boutonniere and Pocket Square

Glen also adds, “The wedding boutonniere is just an added flourish to the wedding ensemble. Since your boutonniere will surely complement your wedding colors, the gentleman must ensure that his pocket square is relatively tastefully understated.”  Traditionally, the groom’s boutonniere should be composed of a single bloom plucked directly from the bridal bouquet.  While that is an endearing sentiment, today, the boutonniere is a great form of expression of the wedding or groom’s personality.  You’ve probably picked up on this with the influx of non-floral boutonnieres as well featuring pinwheels, buttons or fabric.  This has to be one of the cutest and creative boutonniere sets I’ve seen (only because I am a mom to a little superhero)! I’m sure each guy picked his favorite:

How do you avoid overdoing it?   Glen has a solution for that, too: “You don’t want too much competition going on to the point where it distracts the eye. Clean and subtle. Now is not the occasion to break out the wildly patterned pocket square. Instead, look for a pocket square that is neutral to its surroundings, yet adds a bit of discrete flavor into the mix.”  Glen is very true to his word– he did both at his own wedding:

Pocket Square and boutonniere for groom and groomsmen at wedding

If you are not familiar with The Gentlemen’s Standard, be sure to check out the blog for some insightful, thought-provoking and witty takes on life, fashion and the art of being a gentlemen.

Fashion Monday: Veluz


Still loving the classic glamour that has been raging this season, I came across Veluz. Veluz Reyes’ custom designs are nothing short of glorious. The intricate details that adorn her gowns– from bodices to trains, are absolutely divine. They are a true homage to the classic, timeless, yet glamorous bride.

wpid-Ina7-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg wpid-Ina3-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg

If you think the beading of this bodice and neckline are amazing, wait until you see the rest of the dress:
wpid-Ina2-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg wpid-404438_10150565424895406_1169762365_n-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg

Bordoy Viterbo

wpid-Maryan10-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg wpid-Maryan4-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg

Oly Ruiz of Metrophoto

wpid-531362_10151501918325442_742552164_n-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg wpid-Abby3-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg

Frances Perez for Pat Dy

wpid-CK_1145-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg wpid-klia3-2012-09-17-09-00.jpg

Pat Dy

For more of Veluz’s exquisite gowns, her inspirations and her take on incorporating your personality into your gown, be sure to visit her website or Facebook page.

We Likey: Wantful


Wantful honestly just saved me a lot of headaches and problems. From new client gifts, vendor appreciation gifts, presents for teachers and relatives, Wantful serves as the ultimate gift finder for those hard to buy for people. Not only that, it helps your recipient find the perfect gift for them, which makes you look amazing!

Check it out:


It really is that easy– just tell the system about your recipient and they will provide you with a set of gift ideas. They’ll print those ideas in a custom gift book which can be sent via post, email or Facebook and your recipient chooses the gift they love! It’s that simple. This is perfect for bridesmaids, in-laws and groomsmen, as well as those couples who are very busy but want to provide their loved ones with quality, thoughtful gifts.

Fashion Monday: Vintage Jewelry for Your Wedding

Classic weddings are making a huge comeback this year. Last year, we saw the natural, rustic and whimsical trends dominate décor and accessories alike. With more classic and glamorous options becoming available, both décor and accessories are becoming more intricate, ornate and beautiful. These vintage pieces from Paula Montgomery are stunning– adding a bit of timeless nostalgia that will make for honored heirlooms for years to come.

Inspired by the bride’s grandmother’s bureau with her vintage silver comb and brush and the lace runner that decorated it, the peach and cream color-toned table is set with depression glass and lace-wrapped vases filled with peonies, ranunculas, spray roses, snapdragons, and hydrangeas.  The bride stands out in her ultra-feminine gown with cap sleeves, lace-bodice, and full veil dazzling with vintage glamour.  But the piece that stands out the most is her grandmother’s locket restrung into a statement piece that oozes with beauty and nostalgia.  Paula Montgomery’s thought is that  as every bride is one of a kind, so should be her best accessory.


These gorgeous pieces are available at the Paula Montgomery website. You can look for inclusion of other vintage details with barrettes, veils and bracelets to round off your look.

Real St. Simons Lighthouse Wedding: Katie and Jordan

st simons lighthouse heritage center wedding :: wedding planner/coordinator

Katie and Jordan’s wedding was an absolute blast.  I’ve never seen the entire male population of the guest list ditch their ties, surround the bride on the dance floor and serenade her to the Doobey Brothers.  It was a great party– filled with beautiful sentiment, great food and of course great music.

st simons wedding dress lighthouse heritage center

One of my most favorite things of the day was Katie’s wedding dress. It was amazing!  The cut was perfect for her silhouette, and had these beautiful organza and silk flowers along the skirt.  On top of that, it was embellished with a beaded belt on the sweetheart neckline. It was absolutely delicious.

st simons wedding florist flowers decorations st simons lighthouse wedding Two of the best kisses during the ceremony:
st simons lighthouse wedding heritage center

st simons wedding cake and florals florist decorations designer

st simons wedding reception venue lighthouse heritage center

st simons wedding reception venue lighthouse heritage center

st simons wedding reception venue lighthouse heritage center

 Event Team

Wedding Planner/Producer: Cocktails + Details //Wedding Photographer:  Brooke Roberts Photography // Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue:  St. Simons Lighthouse/A.W. Jones Heritage Center // Catering, Wedding Cake:  Tasteful Temptations // Florist: Edward on St. Simons // DJ: Island Sound 

Honoring Lost Loved Ones at Your Wedding

Losing someone close to you is very hard, and at times, it can cause bittersweet moments during your wedding planning.  There are great ways to honor your lost loved ones at your ceremony and/or your reception to varying degrees according to your preference.  While not wanting to cause a mournful veil upon what should be a happy day, you should most definitely do something that feels comfortable and honorable to you, without overshadowing the festive occasion.

Mention in the Program

This is a nice acknowledgement that doesn’t call a lot of attention to your loss but memorializes those that are no longer with you.

Memorial Candle

These lovely candles can be setup on a table or altar during the ceremony.  These are also great to use during other occasions and holidays, too.

Bouquet Lockets

Locket on Bouquet for lost Loved ones

Florals by Karen Tran :: Photo by Paper White Photography

Having a beautiful locket or pin that includes the image of your lost loved one is a beautiful way to keep them close to you throughout the wedding.

Give Them A Seat

We’ve done both of these at weddings, and  they have proven to be heartfelt gestures and expression of love.  We’ve had grooms walk up the aisle with a small flower in their lapel or long stem rose in their hand to sit on an empty chair for their lost mother (even one did a cigar for his dad!).  With brides, we’ve had them carry a single bloom along with their bouquet down the aisle and leave it on the chair before they reached the altar.  Another great option is to have images of your loved ones in the seats designated for them.  We have also left a reserved seat at the table where that person would have sat, with a place card at their setting.

Memory Table

Memory tables wonderful way to showcase your loved ones as you remember them– their wedding photos, portraits, etc.  You can incorporate your wedding style in colors and textures with this table to make it a congruent part of your event.  An interesting twist on the memory table is to have it dedicated to your loved one.  One bride had images of her and her dad at various stages in her life, with a few candles, her dad’s old Navy hat and his favorite drink.

Here are some very subtle ways to honor and include your loved one:

  • Wear an item belonging to your loved one (jewelry, cufflinks, ties, shirts, etc.) One bride used her father’s silk tie to cut a heart shape out on to the back of her dress as her “something blue”
  • Use your loved one’s favorite flower in your bouquet
  • Have their favorite hymn, song, poem or bible verse performed at the ceremony
  • Serve one of their recipes or favorite dishes at the reception
  • Give their favorite snack/dessert as favors
  • Make a donation to their favorite charity or medical research organization on your guests’ behalf in lieu of favors

It’s important for me to let you know, there is no right or wrong way to honor someone.  If you felt extremely close to the person you lost, then feel free to express this in a respectful way.  If the loss is still fresh, perhaps a more subtle gesture is probably more appropriate and easier to deal with their absence at your event.  If you’d like to see this demonstrated and documented in a very loving and open way, please see Scarlett and Stephen’s wedding for some touching inclusions.


Real King and Prince Wedding: Stacy and Matt | St. Simons Wedding

st simons king and prince wedding  photo by brooke roberts wedding planning and coordinator Cocktails and Details

Stacy and Matt’s wedding was a beautiful,  classic affair held at the King and Prince. Exchanging “I do’s” on the beachfront lawn started the festive evening full of dancing, photo booth excursions, the “crowning” of the Bride and the Maid of Awesome and fully choreographed dance number by the groom and groomsmen.  :).

st simons wedding :: king and princest simons wedding planner and coordinator cocktails and details

st simons island wedding at the king and prince photo by brooke roberts

saint simons king and prince wedding ceremony

st simons wedding cake

Matt proposed to Stacy at the LOVE statue in Philly–this was later showcased as the couple’s cake topper.  Having grown up in Brunswick, Stacy knew she wanted to come home for her wedding after moving to Pennsylvania.  The King and Prince on Saint Simons Island was a dream location with its gorgeous views and opulent ballrooms, not to mention stellar service.  Using traditional colors of black and white, with an accent of red, the event was amazing and timeless.

St. simons wedding flowers florist designer st simons wedding florist flowers designerst simons wedding reception king and prince wedding planner coordinator

Event Team

Wedding Planner/Producer:  Cocktails + Details // Photographer:  Brooke Roberts Photography // Florals: Cottage Flowers  // Wedding Cake:  Addy B’s Cakes // Wedding Ceremony and Reception Venue: King and Prince, St. Simons Island // Hair and Makeup:   Image Artisans // DJ: Island Sound Photobooth:  Partybooths