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We Likey: Luxe Links

This week’s We Likey has sentimental value.  Back home in Baltimore, whenever I went to my favorite salon, there were only two rules: 1.)  Have a good time and 2.) Keep your purse OFF the floor. 

I remember having this conversation with the woman who would shampoo me every week in Spanish. Naturally, I thought something was lost in translation or it was  Dominican superstition.  She swore it was bad luck to leave your purse on the floor…under any circumstances.  Not to mention for the purse’s own security and cleanliness, she had a point.  Enter: Luxe Link.  First, the name is divine.  Secondly, the product is so smart and FABULOUS!  Never worry about where to put your purse with Luxe Link.  With its gorgeous designs ranging from those made with Swarovski crystals, a bridal line and many more, these make for perfect bridesmaids gifts.

Luxe Link® offers a collection of stylish purse holders that wrap around a swanky circular top, adorned with modern, playful designs. No larger than the size of a poker chip, Luxe Link® purse holders are portable, light and easy to use – not to mention adorable. The bridal collection itself has a number of styles perfect to commemorate the important day and the women with whom you’re celebrating.



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